LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 21 to 30

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 30

By : Kebby NG

I got back to my room,Feeling a bit sad.

“You should call it quit before you get destroyed” William words drifted back to me.

Am I really causing destruction for myself,I thought as I layed on the bed

Should I just call it quit and leave,I thought again and I knew that that was an impossible thought

No matter what! I love Brian and I won’t leave him just because some else is pregnant for him

What matter is the love between us and besides have promised to accept what ever out come that night led to

It led to her being pregnant and that was why she was here in the first place.

Just then the door opened and Alicia her self walked in

“What do you want?”I said as I sat up

“Just wanted to see how you are?”She said plastering a fake smile on her face

“Just get to the point Alicia cause I don’t believe that you are here to see how I am “I said

“How accurate”She said softly

“Well I just came to tell you that since am now having his majesty child,It’s best that you give him up”She added

“Give up what?”I asked

“Give his majesty up,You know that between. The two of us,I need him now more than ever “She said

“Am sure that the baby will come out as strong as his father and to be able to achieve that I need his father by my side”She said

“Where are you trying to get by saying all this ?”I asked

“It’s simple,I want you to leave him,Leave him for me,Am the pregnant one here,Am more useful to him than you will ever be”She said

“What is it with today,First your brother tells me to leave my husband and now you too?”I asked

“Seems like my brother also wants the best for me,If he asked you to leave Brian then he is only doing it for me”

“Well you and your brother will be very disappointed because I won’t be leaving my husband,You might be pregnant,you might be what the great king and queen need but you will never be what Brian need because am the one he loves,So wake up from your damn dream and quit being a nuisance”I said snapping my fingers

“Well said my child,Well said”My mom (Dora mom) walked into the room.

“Apart from daring to have his child,You dare come in here to provoke my daughter,do you really want me to……….”

“No mom,please,She is pregnant!”I said holding her back

“A pregnancy which I doubt would last and you should thank your stars that you are pregnant,My daughter is the one holding back but I won’t stop myself from beating some sense into that head of yours”She yelled at Alicia

It was odd though,I was expecting Alicia to say some thing but she just stood there taking every thing in

“What are you still waiting for, Get lost!”My mom yelled at her and quickly she left the room

After seeing the way she left the room,I couldn’t stop myself from. Laughing

“How can you laugh in this kind of situation,Don’t you see what danger you are in with that girl here”she asked

“I know and that’s why you are here for me “I said as I went to hug her

For the past two years,Have learnt to think of her as my mother.

Though I know that some day the truth that am not their child will be out still I want to show her some love

If the real Dora had been alive she will be the one making them happy but she is not alive and it’s only fair that I make her parents happy just as they have made me happy.

“You foolish girl,We are talking about some thing serious and here you are being sentimental”She said smiling

“Just let me be today,Let’s not talk about Alicia,Brian or the pregnancy,Just hug me mom,Your hug is all I need”I said as I hugged her tight

I would have given any thing to be held by my dad,i wonder when he would wake up.

Long after my mom left ,I got a call and it was from the hospital

“What happen?”I asked

Each time I get a call from the hospital,Am always scared, Scared that they are calling to give me a bad news

“You need to come to the hospital “The nurse who is in charge of my father said

” But why? Is some thing wrong with my father ?”I asked

“I can’t tell you on the phone your highness,it will be best if you just come to the hospital”She said

“I will be there soon”I said as I switch off the phone.

“What did you just say?”I asked as I stared at both the guards who stood in front of me

“We have been ordered to keep you out of the palace,Your job is out there,Not in the palace”one of the guard replied

“His majesty asked you to do this right?”I asked

“That is some thing you should not concern yourself with,Just go back to the site”He said again

Brian has pulled a fast one on me,I thought as I began to walk off

He is trying to keep me away from Dora ,Well then if he thinks that I will just let it end that way,Then he is in for a surprise.

Just then a car stopped in front of me and he came out of it,Having a smile on his face

“You wanted to get into the palace right?”He asked as he walked towards me

“I couldn’t,After all you have put those guard dogs there to prevent me from doing so” I replied

“Poor you!”He replied smirking

“Instead of wasting your time on me, You should be concentrating on my sister and the child she is expecting”I said and that destroyed the smile on his face

“I will deal with that later,You don’t have to meddle”He said

“I will meddle after all my sister is the pregnant one here and your wife is some one have learned to care for,I would hate to see them both suffer”I added the last part to taunt him

“I already told you to stay away from my wife”

“Am sorry your majesty but you aren’t doing a perfect job,So I will just have to stay close to her”I said and I was sure that he would have hit me if Dora hadn’t run out at that time

“Brian!”She called as she ran towards us

“What’s wrong?”Brian asked

“It’s my father,They just called me saying I should come to the hospital”

“What did they say happen?”He asked

“I don’t know yet,They won’t tell me,could it be that he ………”

“No don’t think that way,first let’s go to the hospital”Brian said as he pulled her back to the car and then they drove off

What could have possibly happen to Peter Chadwick,I thought as I stood starring after the car

He shouldn’t even think of dying,I still need him in my plan,I better go and check what’s happening,I thought as I head to my car.

As soon as we got to the hospital,We were ushered into the doctor office

“What happen doctor,What happen to my father”I asked as soon as I walked into the office

“I didn’t want to tell you over the phone am sorry that I made you come all the way here your majesty”He said bowing gently

“You are getting me scared,please tell me what’s wrong?”I said again

“You have nothing to be scared of your Highness,your father is finally awake”He said

“What?”I asked

“He is finally up,I was also surprised when the nurse came to give me the news,I thought the treatment wasn’t going well as planned but it did work and………..”I didn’t wait for the doctor to finish what he was saying because I ran out heading to my father ward

I opened the door and saw him laying on the bed,The nurse was examining him

“Daddy “I called softly and he looked at me

“E……Emma”He called softly and quickly I ran to him and held his hand

“Daddy oh how have missed you”I cried softly

“My child”He said softly

“Have missed hearing that”I said as I kssed his hand

“Thank God you are finally awake”I said as I layed my head on his chest.

“Are you sure of what you are saying?”I asked the nurse who I had bribed to get some information

And she had come back only to tell me that the patient who Dora and Brian had always come to meet is finally awake

“Of course am sure,I saw and heard it myself,Now that have told you,I better go back to my post”She said and left me standing there

Finally! Finally Peter Chadwick is awake,I thought.


I think the time has come for Me to take further steps in my revenge and now that he is awake am sure that he will be willing to help me,After all he owes Helen and I.



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