LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 21 to 30

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 22


By : Kebby NG

(Five years after the fight in the study)
“Helen,Ivan leave the garden and come in,It’s enough play for now”Sharon called the both of us and taking Helen little hand,I ran in with her

“The maids will take Helen to her room and as for you Ivan,We have to talk”Sharon said pulling me into the living room

Its been five years,Five years since Sharon married the king

Its been a good marriage and Helen is the proof of their love

Ever since she was born we have all loved her and though am just a fifteen year old boy ,I know that am willing to lay my life down for her

“What’s the important thing you have to tell me?”I asked her

“Recently we have been receiving threats from the an unknown source “She said

“What do you mean by that? ” I asked

“Some one has been threatning us, They wants us dead”

“But why? Who is it ”

“We don’t know Ivan and that’s the main reason have brought you here”She said

“No matter what happens to me and His Majesty,You must protect Helen”She said

“Now am getting very scared, Is the threat very serious?”I asked

“It is Ivan and to top it all his majesty wants to accept his brother back”She said worriedly

“What do you mean by accept his brother back,I thought he left here five years ago saying that he will never return” I asked

“That was what I thought too but he called last week saying he wants to come back and Gilbert has no choice than to let him come”she said

“His majesty shouldn’t do that,What about the threat he made that day,I might have been little then but I still remember what he said and i know that he meant it”I said

“I know too and that’s why have asked that you watch over helen for me,No matter what take good care of her”She said

“I don’t like this,Is this some kind of fare well?”I asked sadly

“It isn’t Ivan,Come here”She said pulling me to sit

“Its not a fare well,I just want you to be on alert, As soon as those people arrive be on alert” She said

And that was what I did when they showed up a week later,He along with his wife and also their seven year old son named Brian

While every one tried to tolerate each other,I kept watch on little Helen and Brian, Though Helen tried to get close to him,He kept on pushing her away

And that was how it went for a week until every thing began to turn around

It was a normal day like all day,While Sharon and Gilbert and Helen got ready to go out,I did my early morning walk and that was when I over heard the conversation Gilbert step brother Mark was having with his friend who was known to be A Mr baxter

“Have the brakes been cut” Mark asked

“Done as you requested but am scared,What if it doesn’t work”Baxter asked

“It will,It has to, Have been preparing myself for this day,Gilbert and his family will die in that car today”He said

Still reeling from the shock I didn’t know that they had spotted me there and before I could run or to do a thing,Their guards grabbed me

“So your stupid sister has sent you here to spy right?”He asked starring at me

“What did they do to you? Why do you want them killed,They are your family”I said trying to pull myself free

“Family! Family my foot,If they are not out of the way, Then I won’t be able to get what I want”He said

“And that’s the throne right? You want the throne?”I asked shaking with anger

“Yes,I should have been given that throne but my stupid step parents gave it to their son,Gilbert is a weakling he will never be able to rule like I will and that’s why he has to die”He said

“Please don’t harm them”I begged

“Its way too late now,Put him some where and lock him up until I say other wise”He said and they took me to a room and locked me there.

The palace is a very big place and if you aren’t close to where some one is at a particular time,You won’t hear them.

That was what happened,No matter how hard I screamed and called out for Sharon and Gilbert no one heard me

I went to the window,wanting to find a way to get out and I saw them,Gilbert,Sharon and Helen getting into the car.

Those car brakes had been cut and they will die,Just knowing it and being unable to help made me so frustrated.

As soon as the car drove off, Some thing came into my mind.

Taking a hard brick which laid on the floor,I hit the glass and it broke, Removing the rest of the pieces I gently got out through the window,I did this while I tried to run away in the orphanage home in the past and so it’s nothing new to me.

As soon as I made it on the ground,I ran out of the palace and got a taxi,Telling him to head to the Ball which was being held by one of Gilbert friends

That was where they were going and If I can to them on time,I can stop the accident from happening

But we got stuck in the traffic “seems like an accident has occurred”The driver said and on hearing that I got out of the car and head to the scene

I got there only to see The paramedics carrying away Gilbert and Sharon body

“No! No! No”I yelled as I went towards them

“You can’t go near them,Stay back please”The police officers who had been in charge held me back

“But they are my family!”I yelled at him

“Then just follow us in the patrol car but as of now,You can’t stay go near the deceased”He said

Just hearing Sharon being called a deceased broke my heart and through it all I noticed that some thing was odd

“The little girl,Their daughter,Where is she?”I asked

“No child was found in the car,It’s just the king and the queen”He said

“But that’s impossible,I saw them take Helen with them,Where could she be?”I asked but no answer was given to me

For weeks I tried to find out where Little Helen could be but nothing

I dare not return to the palace, cause I was sure that I was being searched for and if they find me,I would certainly be killed.

So instead I lived in the shadows,Getting all sort of jobs and trying to find out where Helen could be

Months flew by and I got nothing,Mark and his family were given the throne and though I wanted to kill him,I just couldn’t do a thing,What could a poor fifteen year old boy do.

When I thought that all hope was lost of finding Helen,I discovered from some one I knew who was loyal to Gilbert and Sharon that Helen is fine and that she is also living in the palace

But in the worst circumstance as ever, From how the lady explained,She was kept in door all day and would always get punished for little things.

She was practically being abused in the palace and no one dare say any thing because it’s was the king order.

On hearing this,I decided to do some thing about it,So one night I braced myself and sneaked into the palace ready to take Helen with me

Risking my life even knowing that once am spotted by the guards,I would be killed like Gilbert and Sharon

But I didn’t care,I made a promise to Sharon to always protect Helen and that’s what I will do

That night I did get into the palace and I saw her being reprimanded by the king at that precise moment.

I hid in the shadows watching the king lash out at the scared and terrified Helen while his wife and child watched

“You should have never been born but you did and that’s the cross you have to bear until you die,Lock her up in the storage room and don’t you give her food until I say so”He said pushing her and the guard took her away.

At that precise moment I wanted to kill him but I couldn’t,Getting Helen out of the house was the only reason I came and that’s what I will do,I thought

I was heading to the storage when suddenly some one pulled me into a room

The room was dark but when the lights was turned on,I saw that it was one of the palace workers

“Don’t you know that you are being looked for,If they see you they will kill you”He said

“I don’t care ,I have to get little Helen out of here “I said

“Listen to me boy, It’s a very hard thing to do,The security has tighten,Helen is being watched round the clock,The only way to get her out of here is close to nothing”He said

“Have lived here for a long time,I know how to get her out of here and who the hell are you to meddle and try to stop me”I asked

“Believe me when I say that am some one who Hates the injustice being done to that little child, Each time they hurt her,I feel bad for her and I also want to find a way to get her out of this trouble”He said

“Why would you want to do that? You are just a worker here,You aren’t related to her”

“I know but with the little time have gotten close to her,I feel that she is special,I also have a son and I know how I will feel if that boy was being treated the way little Helen is being treated”

“So what do you plan on doing for her?”I asked

“I suggest that you leave her here”

“What do you mean by I should leave her here?”,

“I know it might sound stupid to you but that’s the best solution for now,I promise that while am here,I will always watch out for her until you are well on your feet,ready to claim her back”

“But I….”

“You are still a kid Ivan,Fourteen or fifteen if my guess is not wrong,If you manage to get little Helen out of here,How will you take care of her and your self,Think about it”He said interrupting me

I thought of what he said for a while and I knew that he some how had a point,If I did manage to get Helen out of the palace,How will I take care of her,I barely manage on my own myself,How will a child like her cope.

“Let her stay here,I will watch over her until you are well capable of taking care of your self, I promise that when you can do that I will help you let Helen escape from here”He said

“How can I trust you,For all I know you might be be working with the king “I said

“You only have to trust my word,I already think of that child like my own and I promise you that I will always protect her “He said and some how I felt that I can trust him

“Fine then, You will watch over Helen while I try to make money and when I come back for her you will help me with it”I said

“Fine then”He said

“One more thing,You still haven’t told me your name yet”I asked

“Oh it’s Peter,Peter Chadwick”He said giving me a smile.

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