LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 21 to 30

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 23

By : Kebby NG

I sat in a room which felt like being in a cell,Both my hands was covered in bruises,Seems like I was beaten.

And as a punishment,I was locked up in the room and when I heard the door open,I scrambled to the one side of the room feeling scared.

That man! That man have returned to beat me,To cause more pain,I thought as I closed my eyes and wished with all my heart that he was gone

“Emma! Emma my dear”on hearing that voice I opened my eyes

Only that man calls me Emma,He is the only one who look out for me,I thought as I saw him standing in front of me with a tray

I got up and hugged him tight “I thought you weren’t going to come daddy”I said crying

“Sorry that I came late my child,I was bringing in your dinner and also some ointment to help treat your wounds”He said patting my back

“That evil man had beat me again”I cried into his shoulders

“I know dear but you have to endure it some more,I can assure you that we will leave here very soon,Just you and me,How would you like that?”He asked starring down at me and I gave him a smile in return…………………….

I woke up with a start,It’s the same dream again,I thought as I starred around me and saw that I was in my room in the palace, Brian side is empty,Seems like he woke up quite early to go to work again.

Why am having this dream,Why do I see myself beaten and hurt and father coming to take care of me.

And who is this mysterious man who hurt me,I thought as I got up to freshen up

Just then my phone began to ring and when I saw the caller I answered quickly

“Hello doctor,What’s wrong? You only call when there is some sort of emergency with my father”I said

“Yes, Am afraid that it’s bad news”He said

“What happen to my father ?”I asked

“The new drugs which arrived recently and thought that it would work with him didn’t do a thing,In other words it left him more worst”He said

“How worst”I asked feeling scared

“We are still not sure your Highness but Right now he is under observation but I don’t know what more will happen in the next Twenty four hours”He said

“Am coming over and please doctor do your best for him okay,Do all you can to keep him alive”I said as I cut the call

Quickly I dashed into the room and changed quickly

Have always hoped that given time,he will wake up and get well and once again be the man I knew,to be the father who had always given me advice and had always taken care of me but with the doctor news,is that going to be possible,I thought as I left the room in a rush.

I didn’t bother taking grace or the guards with me,I just got into a car and let the chauffeur drive me to the hospital.

I went straight to his ward and I found the doctor there with him

“You are here your highness” The doctor said bowing

“How is he?”I asked

“Still under observation your Highness,We can only pray that things doesn’t become worse in the next Twenty four hours”He replied

“Do your best,Do all you can to keep him alive,I beg you”I said begging him

“Don’t worry your Highness,I will certainly do my best”He said holding my hand and then he left

Quickly I drew a chair and sat down on it and then I took his hand and held it tightly

“You have to get well father”I said as the tears fall off my face.

Is it because he was getting this worse that I had that dream,It can’t be that he wants to leave me,I thought as I began to pray silently

Just then the door opened and a nurse walked in

“Sorry to intrude your Highness but there are some drugs that just arrived and we have to put down your father name in other to get the drug for him “She said

“Its just for some drugs right!”I asked to be sure

“Yes your Highness”she replied

“Okay then, it’s Peter,Peter Chadwick”I said and she wrote it down and left the room.

just as that man Peter Chadwick had promised me,He had watched over little Helen while I worked hard and made money

There were times when I wish I was a grown up already,Being a grown up made you do a lot of things,it gave you access in ending some one life and it also enables you to be able to protect and take care of some one.

But I am not a grown up yet and I certainly can’t do all those things,I thought.

I was working my night shift when I saw the news that night.

A fire had taken place in the palace and though some people were found and rescued some were still trapped inside.

A party had been on,Held by the new king who was celebrating his wedding anniversary.

Knowing that Helen might be in danger,I went to the palace.

The fire fighters and ambulance were there already and others who were being treated and looked after and Helen hadn’t been one of them

I began to call Peter but he didn’t pick and no matter how hard I try,I could not find him any where.

I was heading back to the little place where I live when my phone began to ring,On seeing the caller I picked quickly

“Where were you? How is Helen? Is she okay?”I asked

“She is fine,I got her out of the fire safely”He said

“That’s a relief, Tell me where you are,I will come to you”I said

“That won’t be necessary,I called to tell you not to worry about Her again, Emma is now my daughter and I will always protect her”He said

“What rubbish are you saying and why are you calling her Emma”I asked

“That will be her new identity now,She has suffered a lot ,It’s time she live in peace and having you in her life will only torment her more,They all think she is dead and so I will prefer it stays that way and you should also pretend that she is dead too”

“You can’t do this Peter,Helen is my family Not yours,Just tell me where you are and I will come an……….”

“Forget it,You won’t be able to find me even if you try,Don’t call this number again cause as soon as I end the call,the phone will be sold,Good bye Ivan”He said and cut the call.

I held the phone starring at it,I was so shocked that I fell down on the floor and before I knew it I lost consciousness.

I woke up only to find myself in a well furnished room.

Where am I,I thought as I stood up from the bed

Just then the door opened and a man in his fifties walked in

‘”who are you and how did I get here”I asked

“You were found right in front of my gate,You had been Unconscious and so my men had brought you in”He said

Just then I remembered what happened last night and quickly I began to put on my old and battered sneakers

“Where are you in a rush to, You are still not that well”He said

“Have got to find some one,I have to”I said as I finish buckling

“You can’t leave,You are still sick”He said

“I don’t care,The person am going to look for is very important to me”I said wanting to pass him but he stopped me

“How will you be able to take care of the person when you yourself is sick,Just stay and I will help you search for the person,Who is she?”He asked

“My sister daughter her name is Helen,I have to find her”I said

“If you want me to have any lead on this,You have to tell me the whole story and let me introduce myself first,Am Christopher ray”He said

And soon I began to tell him about all the ordeal have gone through, Starting from the killing of Sharon and Gilbert to the fire incident

“For now I will put out my best into searching for your sister daughter and then I will help you in getting back at the king”He said

“You will? But why?”I asked

“Because I also have a score with let’s say the king himself,just don’t worry,You are now safe with me”He said and that’s how it was for years.

I was safe with Christopher ray and during the years, he adopted me and gave me a new name and identity (William ray), END OF FLASH BACK.

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