LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 21 to 30

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 25

By : Kebby NG


“Your majesty this mail arrived this morning “Peter said bringing in a large envelope

“But have seen all the mail”I said

“Seems like this one arrived late”He said and i took it from him dismissing him

A message popped on my phone and I knew who it was even with out seeing the message

‘Make sure you come back early,I have
a surprise waiting for you’

I smiled as I read the message,Ever since we made up last week

She has been surprising me each time I get back home

From buying me things to taking me out and there were times that she surprises me by being a wild cat in the bed

Life with Emma is never dull,Am always eager to go home cause I know that she will always be there waiting for me.

‘ I will surely come back home early’ I texted back and then dropped my phone

I picked up the envelope and opened it,Expecting it to be a mail but when I saw what was In it I threw it away

The paper was bloody and they had written some thing on it

‘Murderer,You think you can live
Happily Knowing that you ruined the
Life of an innocent girl, What happened
Twenty years ago will surely come back
To hunt you,As long as am alive I will
Surely make that happen’

Its been two years,Two years since this kind of threat occur

First it had been through a call and now this,I thought as I stood up to retrieve the paper

Who is this person and how is he involved with what happen twenty years ago,I thought as I took my seat again

What happened twenty years ago has been haunting me even with out this annonymous person black mailing me

If only i had been more nicer to that little girl,She had only wanted to be a friend but due to my father warning and the threat of him losing the throne,I had to do every thing he asked of me,I was just a seven year old kid and I had no choice.

Slowly my mind drifted off to what happened twenty years ago.

“Is this where we will be living now”The seven year old me had asked

“This will be our new place”My father replied as we took a stroll around the palace

“Back then I had been forced to leave but now it will be our new place”My father said to me

“Yippee,its way better than our former house”I had said happily

Just then I saw the queen,I remembered that back then she had been called queen Sharon

She and her daughter little Helen walked past us

Helen gave me a smile and I returned her smile also waving to her in the process

We were still watching their departure when my father knelt in front of me and held my hand

“Look here son,There are times when you should not to be friendly to some people”He said ruffling my hair

“Do you not want me to be friends with her”I asked

“You can’t be friends with her,remember I told you that I came back to get back my throne”He said

“Yes,You said my uncle stole it from you and that he had sent you away back then”I said gently

“Yes,He took away my throne and had sent me away back then but now am back to get it and you will also help me,You promised to help daddy no matter what! Did you forget?”He asked

“No daddy I didn’t”I replied

“Good boy,So now it’s time that you help me”He said

“What do I have to do?”

“You see that little girl that just walked past us?”He asked

“Yes Daddy”

“Don’t be friends with her,She is just like her parents,Just like her parents doesn’t want me here,She also doesn’t want you here,So can you promise me that you will stay away from her”He asked and I nodded gently

“If she will be bad just like her parents,I don’t want to be her friend”I answered and he pulled me to him hugging me tightly

Some days later, I did my best to avoid the little Helen and I was sure that her parents did the same because she never spoke to me but it all changed when her parents died and she was living with us under the same roof

I had been mean to her,Each time she tried to talk to me,I would always push her away

I still thought of her as the enemy then but every thing changed when My father started to punish her for every little thing I did .

If I lied,She would get punished,If I failed to do some thing right,She will get punished and each time I tell him to punish me instead and that he should leave her,She will still get punished

She practically got punished for every thing that happened to me and that some how made me feel guilty.

There was nothing I could do because I was just a kid,A kid who made mistake,Mistakes that little Helen had to suffer for.

I remembered that there was a day when she had been beaten because I failed to pass an home work

She was always locked up in the storage room and when every one was busy,I went in search of her.

She had been sitting on the floor and she had bruises on her body

“How are you”I had asked and she looked up at me

Through it all she smiled at me “You have finally come,Will you be friends with me now” She asked gently

“No,I just came to see if you need my help”I asked and quickly she stood up and came to hug me

“Please tell your dad not to beat me any more”she had begged

I pulled away from her and move back “you cant touch me!”I said defensively

“Oh! Sorry but you came and I thought it’s because you wanted to be my friend”

“I can never be friends with you,You know that my dad will never allow that “I said and she sat down on the floor crying again

“I miss my dad and mom”She said as she cleaned her face

“Your mom and dad are both dead”I said

“That’s a lie! They told me that they will come back for me,You are mean!”she said crying again

Just then the door opened and a man holding a tray had walked in

“Emma!”he called softly and when he saw me he was scared of coming in at first but he did walked in

Helen ran to him and he hugged her tight “He tells me that my daddy and mummy died”Helen said crying

The man pulled her into his arms hugging her tightly

After she had stopped crying,He sat us both on the floor and began to talk to us

“Emma your dad and mom are some where watching over you, so don’t cry any more”he said

“And what his Highness was trying to say is that your parents are both watching over you”he said

“But my daddy told me that they……..”on seeing the look on the man face,I stopped

The man held my hand and I stared up at him “you see your Highness, there are things that you should say and there are things that you should not say”He said

“And Helen parents is one of them?”I asked

“Yes,You shouldn’t say that to her and don’t call her Helen,She is now Emma”He said

“Emma but her name is Helen”I said

“But my name is now Emma,Just call me Emma” It was little Helen that responded this time and I nodded

I stood up wanting to leave but the man stopped me

“Can you not tell any one that you saw me here!”He said to me

“If some one knows that I come here to see her,She will be beaten,Do you want that”He asked and I Shaked my head

“So it will be our little secret right?”He asked

“Yes,it will”I replied and it had been so,I never told any one that little Helen always had a visitor who helped her in the night.

Not to spite any one but because I felt guilty,Even when It all started I was already feeling guilty

On the day the fire took place,I had remembered that a party had been on and instead of being at the party,I was in the storage room with her because she had been punished for coming out.

“Are you okay Emma”I called her with the name the man had asked me to use

“My hands hurt”She said showing me her little fingers where she had been lashed earlier

“You know daddy gets mad when you disobey him ,Why did you leave?”I asked

“Because I was hungry! I wasn’t given any food last night”She said holding her stomach

“What about that man?”I asked

“He didn’t come last night, Please Brian,get me some food”She begged

“Okay,Just stay here,I will be back soon”I said

I remembered that I had gotten to the kitchen and I had asked for food to be given to me

The maid had given me with out any resistance and I took it back to the storage only to find her gone and a fire had started in the room

I thought she was in the room and so I had began to call her name

I didn’t realise then that the smoke had been too much for me and before I knew it,I had lost consciousness only to wake up in the hospital

And even so her name had been the first thing that came out of my mouth And I was told later on that she didn’t survive the fire.

I didnt believe them then and I still don’t believe them now

I found out through one of my guards that a little girl corspe was never found and that little hope was what I held


I know that she is still out there,Some where ,though I never told my dad about it,I was sure that she was still alive and I will find her and ask for her forgiveness

I thought as I took my phone to call the familiar number of the investigator I had hired two years ago.

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