LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 21 to 30

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 26

By : Kebby NG

I stood admiring the decor of our room,It had taken me hours to get the decoration done but it had been worth it

I know that Brian would love every one of the surprise I had installed for us tonight

Ever since we made up,Have made it some sort of ritual to always surprise him each time he comes back from work

I had read from some where that it strengthened a relationship and it never lets the love between us fade away.

And also wanting the same thing for Brian and I,I began to surprise him every night.

Today wouldn’t be an exception,I thought as I went to take a bath and then to change my clothes into the a very sexy dress I had bought on impulse just a few day ago

He would certainly love it on me,I thought as I went sat on the bed waiting for him to arrive

I had dim the lights giving the room a touch of romantic touch

When the door finally opened and he walked in,I went over to him to give him a hug

“Another surprise!”he asked gently

I frown a bit,His voice sounded different like some thing happened

I wanted to ask but I stopped myself,What ever that thing might be,I have to make him happy first,I thought as I hugged him tightly

“I told you that I would always surprise you each night right?”I said and he held me back and I noticed that it was very tight this time.

Some thing was wrong with him and judging from the expression he had on his face,I knew that he would not want to tell me about it

“Its beautiful,What do You have in store for us tonight”He asked giving me a smile

“A lot,I plan to seduce you tonight”I replied and that made him laugh.

“And how will you do that Mrs stone?” He asked as he held me close

“With the power of romance”I replied and that made him laugh out some more

“Come over here!”I said pulling him to the middle of the room

Going to the music player,I played a very slow music which two lovers could dance to

Going back to him,I bowed in a curtsey saying gently “Can I have this dance” I asked and he laughed again.

“Your really surprising me Emma”He said

“Your suppose to respond with a yes or no,Just answer me Brian, Don’t ruin this romantic atmosphere”I said

“Okay! I would like to have this dance”He replied then I moved into his arms and began to move to the flow of the music

He pulled me to him and continued to move to the slow beat of the sound

“Will you tell me why you feel so down?”I asked

“Uh? Am not feeling down or such”He lied quickly

“Brian,I know all the expression on your face and this Expression you have tells me that you are keeping some thing from me”I said

“You caught me then”He replied

“Would you like to talk about it”I asked

“Not now,I would surely tell you about it but not now,You had put a lot of effort in preparing all this and I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere”I said

“Okay then,Come and eat with me”I said pulling him to where our dinner has been served

‘what happened twenty years ago will
Surely come back to hunt you’

Just remembering those words made me Sigh again

“What is it? Is the food bad?”Emma asked

“No,it’s good”I replied

“Then why did you sigh?”she asked

I don’t want her to be worried but with my attitude she is bound to

I was about to say some thing when my phone rang

It was an unknown number,I excused myself and went out of my room to answer the call

As soon as I answered there was no response at first

“Who is this “I asked

“Did you receive my mail this morning”The voice said

“Who are you?”

“The same person who called you two years ago”

“Why do you keep on calling me?’ who are you and what do you want?”

“To avenge,To get back every thing you and your family stole from the one true heir”He said

“We didnt steal any thing,My father rightful place is the throne”I said

“And you believed that,You never for once wondered how your father became a king after the death of his brother”

“What are you trying to say here?”I asked

“Your father killed his brother just to get the throne”

“Stop saying rubbish,my father will never do that?”

“I don’t care if you don’t believe me but I wonder what your wife will think when she knows what you all did to a poor little girl”

“Don’t you dare mess with my wife”I said

“Now you are scared, You live happily while knowing that you ruined a poor girl life,Why don’t I start ruining you by dealing with your wife first”He said

“Don’t you dare!”

“Just sit back and enjoy,You will really like what have prepared”He said and switched off the phone.

What does he intend to do? I thought as I head back to the room.

As soon as I walked in,I heard the phone ringing and before I could get to it

Emma answered the call,She gave me a smile before she began to speak

“Yes who is this?”she asked

“Hello! Hello! Is any one there”She asked

“You will really like what have prepared”

His words rang into my head and i starred at Emma who was answering the phone

It was him,He is already putting his threat into action

Quickly I went to Emma and cut the call, She stared at me in surprise

“Hey what’s going on?”She asked

“Don’t pick up unknown calls and from today henceforth don’t go out with out your guards,please am begging you”I said holding her by her arms

“Yes I will but why? You are scaring me Brian”She asked

Should I just tell her the truth? Will she hate me if she knew what happened 20 years ago.

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