LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 21 to 30

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 29

By : Kebby NG

“Congratulations son,You are going to be a father”The great queen said jolting me back to reality

Ever since Alicia told us about her pregnancy

My mind has been on freeze mode,I just stood there watching them

It wasn’t until the great queen spoke up that I returned to reality

Brian pushed Alicia away from him starring at her

“This can’t be true”He said as he turned to stare at me

“It is,You saw the doctor report yourself”The great queen said

“And besides we did do it you know “Alicia said

“Shut up!”He yelled at Alicia

“You don’t need to be rude to the girl,You went to her on your own,She didn’t make the baby on her own,Aren’t I right Dora?”the great queen asked me suddenly

“Uh?…….Yes …….of course you are right”I replied quickly

“See,Even your wife agrees,All you have to do too is to accept it,Alicia will be giving us the heir that we need, Be happy about that after all that’s the reason why we had brought her to the house” The great queen said

“This calls for a celebration right?”The Great queen added

“I better go and tell the king about it, A party must be organised”She said again and left the room quickly

Long after she left,The three of us stood in the room being silent.

I stood starring at the floor trying to come to terms with what I just found out and Brian stood looking at me while Alicia starred at the both of us

“Stop looking as if You were sentenced to death,Am only pregnant,!”Alicia was the first to break the silence

“Shut up!”Brian said as he gave her a terrible look

“No I won’t,Now that am pregnant,i deserve some respect from you Brian, This might not be what you want but it happened,We both made it happen,So stop being a weakling and just accept the fact that am the one having your heir and not her”She said angrily and I starred at her

“You should also be happy,You also agreed for this right,It had finally happened and there is nothing any one can do about it”She added and walked out of the room

I stayed silent long after Alicia left,A lot of things were going through my head

” Talk to me Emma”He said softly beside me and I realised that Brian have been watching me,Trying to know how I feel

I have to be happy right,After all Alicia was right,This was the reason why we brought her to the palace

Forcing myself to smile,I turned to stare at him.

“Congrats Brian”I said softly

“You don’t mean it”He replied

“How do you know that? Alicia have finally gotten pregnant,It was what we all wanted right?” I said

“Stop trying to cover up your feelings, Tell me how you feel right now!’He said as he held my face

Still putting on that fake smile,I stared up at him

“Am glad Brian,At least one of us will become a parent”I said and he pulled me into his arms

“Am sorry Emma”He whispered softly and I closed my eyes and forced back the tears that threatned to pour

Moving out of his arms,I took his hand and stared at him

“Let’s go and break the news to your father,He has been waiting for a grand child for a long time now” I said walking out of the patio with him.

“where could she be?”I whispered to myself as I went around looking for Dora

Alicia would have done what I asked her to do and as Dora have gone missing,She would surely be crying some where by herself

Just the mere thought of her crying makes me go crazy.

Ever since she was little, She has been crying and even now that she is married she is not happy

How will she ? When destiny had to be so cruel as to push her back into the hands of the people that caused her so much pain

The tower was empty,The garden too showed no sign of her and the construction site where I thought she might be proved to be useless.

I was heading back to the palace when I heard two maids talking

“I wonder why she is there?” One of them said

“Maybe she is sulking after all Lady Alicia is pregnant” another said

“I wonder why she chose to stay in the court house,Couldn’t she sulk some where else”The first voice said again

Knowing where she might be,I quickly went to the court house and there she was occupying one of the empty seats

When I cooked up the plan with Alicia,I knew she would be hurt but I want her to hate Brian, If getting to hate him will work then her unhappiness was worth it all.

“Just give me five more minutes,I promise to let you know when I leave so you can come clean up the court room” She said thinking I was the maid

“Is this your new escape place” I said and she turned to stare at me

“How did you find me?”She asked

“It was quite simple,Where ever you seem to go,you always leave a trail Dora and that makes it easy for me to find you “I said

“I just wanted to be some where I know Brian wouldn’t be”she replied

“And what makes you think he wouldn’t come here to search for you?”I asked

“That’s because he will never have imagined that I will be in the court room,It must have taken you a while before you knew I was here. Right?”She asked

“Well it did took me awhile,Just a while”I replied and saw that her expression had changed once again

“I heard the news,How are you ?”,

“I would be lying if I told you that I was fine”She replied

“But I have to be fine,This was what we wanted from the beginning right! Am just glad that some one else can give Brian the heir he needs” She added softly

“Why do I think that you are lying?”I asked and she stared at me

“What makes you think that am lying?”she asked softly

“Because I can read your thoughts and right now I know that you are not fine with it at all”I said

“You caught me !”she said now having a sad smile on her face

Gently I took her hand and held it tight.

“Don’t try to be strong in front of me,It might work with Brian and the rest but it won’t do with me,When ever you are with me,you can cry,My shoulder will be here for you to lean on”I told her meaning every thing I said

She smiled and pulled her hand out of mine

“Thanks for offering me your shoulder William but I can handle this on my own,You said I can cry and lean on your shoulders,Let’s just wait for the time when some thing drastic will happen,Some thing I doubt ”

“You don’t have to worry about me William,i can take care of myself and this is one of the time that I can do that “She finished

Her rejection got me feeling sad and a bit angry

“Tell me! What did his majesty say about this whole thing?”I asked

“That he was sorry,He was sorry that it happened and was sorry for Alicia being pregnant”

“So! What did you say to that?”

“That I was okay,I took his hand and went to give the news to his father” She replied

“Isn’t that over doing it,I know that you chose this and that you have promise to acknowledge the out come no matter what but you shouldn’t just give in like that”I said

“What do you suggest that I do?”She asked

“Don’t you think it’s time you…… leave him “I said taking a chance,Who knows she might find my idea a good one and if she decides to leave Brian today,I will know that my plan had succeeded and then my revenge on the stone will begin to take place

“I can’t possibly leave him just because of that,You shouldn’t be giving me that sort of advice” She said to me

“Can’t you see that you are hurt, You should call it quit before you get destroyed”I said wanting her to open her eyes.

“You are wrong William,Leaving Brian will certainly destroy me not the other way around”


“I think have heard enough William,Thanks for trying to cheer me up and also thanks for listening to me,I hope that some day I can return the favour”She said interrupting me

“I will hold you up to that”I said softly

“I will be waiting and also it’s best that you stop looking for me first,Your sister needs some one by her side right now”She said and left the court room.

I was still sitting there long after she was gone,Feeling rejected .

“It’s your side that I want to be”I whispered to myself softly,if only I can make that possible as soon as I can,I would

But I have to take things slow,In the end I will have her by my side,Just having that thought got me feeling secured.

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