LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 41 to The End

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 50

By : Kebby NG

“Really, you want the divorce?”I asked as i stared at him

“Thats what’s best” he said

“For who? Your self right? You are taking the easiest way out?”I said

“That’s not what am doing!”

“It’s what you are doing Brian, I am the one who lost my parent, the one who had to live with out ever having my parents with me, the one who was almost killed just because of a darn throne”

“I have no one except you and you choose to leave me too”I asked

“Can’t you see that because of what my father did, we can’t be! I can’t live the rest of my life with you knowing that my father killed your real parent and also your foster father,I can’t”

“So for the good of all us,Let’s just end it here,Have made it known to the public,You can have your place back and as for my father,You don’t have to worry, Once the police get him, he will stay in jail for a very long time”He said as he closed his suit case

“Must you really leave?”I asked again

“As have said,it’s for the best , the lawyer will bring you the divorce papers,Good bye Emma”He said and began to head out.

“You are a coward, you are suppose to be here with me, to face what ever trouble that come our way together but you chose to take the easy path, well I wish you luck and as soon as the lawyer bring the divorce document, I will sign it”

“You may leave now”I said as I faced the window making it known to him that, it’s the end of our conversation

It wasn’t until I heard the door close behind me that i let out the tears have been holding in.


“Welcome home son,how was the interview?” My mom asked I walked into our little apartment.

“It went well,I it will work this time”I said as I went to the kitchen to make myself some tea.

If some one had told me that I will be making tea for myself some day,I would have call them a liar.

But here i am doing it,I thought as I added cream to it.

“How did you spend your day mom?”I asked

“By sitting all day and wondering when your father will surface”She said

Ever since he ran away from the roof top,He has never been found, there were times that I wonder if he was dead but some thing tells me that he is alive and that he is hiding some where.

“Don’t worry about that mom,Just worry about your self,Sooner or later he will be found and once that happen, he will be sent to jail”I said

“I feel so sad hearing you say that about your father”

“It’s what he deserves, karma came for each and every one of us and we will have to accept what it brings to us”I said

Just then the documentary which had been showing on a channel In the Television was cut short by the news.

“Queen Emma Helen Chadwick have finally shown her face to the public, After months t of being cooped up in the palace, She sauntered right into minister James party last night,Along with her was a handsome companion and he is known to be William ray, the great archit……….”My mom didnt let the news caster finish when she switched off the television

“What was that for?”I asked

“You left her five months ago and I know that you haven’t been able to forget her and hearing news about her will surely make you feel sad and i don’t want that”My mom said

“You are right! It’s best that I don’t know a thing about her”I agreed.

Ever since I left Emma five months ago,We haven’t seen or spoken to one another.

The lawyer handled our divorce as silently and quickly as possible.

Though I regret leaving her,I know that she will be very happy with out me in her life, William has been by her side and she has took up back her maiden name and continued with her life just as I did with mine.

I hope that things will continue to work out for her and I also hope that she gets to find the happiness my family denied her years ago.

Just then we heard a knock on the door and I stared at my mom

“Are you expecting some one” she asked

“No are you?”

“Of course not! who would I want to see”She said and quickly I went to the door only to find William there.

“Mind if I come in?”He asked

“What do you want?”I asked

“To talk to you,If it wasn’t urgent, you wouldn’t see me here,believe me”He said and i had no choice than to let him in.

“Have you come to tell us about my husband?”my mother asked him

“No have only come to talk to Brian”William said

“Fine then,I will leave you two alone”She said as she went out of the room.

“Have a seat,What can I offer you?”I asked him

“Nothing,Just take a seat and let me tell you what I have to tell you”He said and I did as he told me

“I tried,I really tried to make her happy but I don’t think she will ever be happy with me”He said

“What are you saying?”

“Emma loves and it will only be you, the past five months have been hard for her, Emma needs you but her pride won’t let her come to you, after all you left her and chose the easiest way out”,

“It’s been hard for me too,I had to see the woman i love from afar, I couldn’t go near her,neither could I talk to her because of what my father did, as long as I am with her, I will always remember how my father destroyed her life and am sure that some day she will think of me and tell herself that it was a good idea to get a divorce from me”I said

“It’s been a bad idea, a real bad one, she waited and when the only response from you was a divorce,She was heart broken and since she had no other option,She signed it, you need to go back to her before its too late”He said

“Why are you telling me this! This should be an opportunity for you to have her,You have always been in love with her”He said

“Yes have always been Inlove with her and am still in love with her but she will never love me the way I love her”

“It has always been you and it will always be you and before I forget this important fact”

“Emma is pregnant with your child”He said and I stared at him in shock

“What? Emma can’t have kids”

“But she is pregnant with your child, now don’t give me that look,Emma and I have never sleep with each other and that’s because she loves you,You won’t be a jerk and say the child is not yours”

“It’s not that,Am just still reeling from the shock of knowing that I am going to be a father soon”I answered and he smiled

“Why don’t you go and tell Emma that”He said

“Will she accept me back?”I asked unsure

“Of course,Have watched her longed for you and so she will surely welcome you into her life again”He said

Just then his phone rang and he smiled as he showed me the caller.

“Hello Emma”he said and suddenly his expression changed

“Who is this?”He asked

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on her,Tell me where you are and I will come to you”

“What? Isnt that too much?” He yelled into his phone

“Fine,I will bring you the money,Just don’t hurt her”He said and cut the call.

“What happen?”

“Emma has been taken by your father”

“What? But how?”

“That’s what I will like to find out,He is asking for a large sum of money”He replied as he went out of the house.

Quickly I went after him and got into his car.

“You don’t have to come”

“This concerns the woman I love and our unborn child, I won’t let any one,Not even my father hurt her”I said .

I woke up to find myself on a chair, tied to it like a caged dog.

What happened,how did I get here,I thought as I looked around me.

“Finally the queen has woken up”On hearing the voice of Brian father I remembered what happened

I was going to an auction feast when our car was ambushed.

I remember that some one had put some thing on my nose and then I had slept off only to wake up here.

“Did you miss me?”He asked as he took out his gun

On seeing that gun,I remembered that he had used the same gun to kill my father.

“You ba$tard! You murderer”I yelled at him

“Whatever ,I thought you would be over it already”He said

“First you killed my real parent and then you killed my foster father,You should be lucky that am tied down like this,if I hadn’t been tied down,I would have killed you with my own hands”I said and he laughed

“Wow such brave words,You won’t get to fulfil your wish because I will kill you and this time I will succeed”he said

“Have called William and he is bringing me the money in exchange for you,If only he knows that you will die,Even with out me getting the money”He said

“Until when will you stop all this? When?”

“Till you meet your family”He said and just then a man walked in

“William is here with the money and he brought company”He said

“Who?”he asked

“Your son?”

“What? Brian is here ?”He asked .

If Brian is here,then he came for me,I thought as I smiled.

“Do whatever you can to keep my son out side,I only want William here”He said

“Too late father”Brian said through the door way and immediately his father brought out his gun pointing it towards them.

“Just stop this father!”Brian yelled out angrily

“Shut up you stupid boy, After every thing I did for you, you decide to support her instead of me your father, she is going to die and you will watch me kill her”He said as he moved towards me with the gun

” No dad stop!”I yelled

“I have your money so just leave her alone”William yelled

“To heck with the money, Seeing my betrayer of a son have made me change my mind and so I will kill her”He said pointing the gun to my head

“For God sake she is pregnant with your grand child”William yelled at him

“What? Pregnant! Don’t make me laugh,She is nothing but a barren Lady, Alicia is the only one with my grand child and am sure that when I kill her,You will certainly go back to her”He said

“Sorry to inform you dad,Alicia was never pregnant, She lied to decieve every one and so don’t count on her to give you a grand childd because am getting back with my wife “Brian said

“Well let’s see how you do that when I kill her, if she dies,then your child dies too,that will be a great way of punishing you”He said as he pressed the gun to my head

“It’s time for you to say goodbye my dear”He said to me and I closed my eyes waiting for the gun to be shot and when it was shot,I wasn’t the one who got hurt .

I saw Brian father lying on the floor,Dead.

I turned to see who the shooter was and it was the police, They came right on time, I thought.

Brian and William came to untie me and as soon as I was free,Brian pulled me into a tight hug.

I held him tight,Breathing in his fragrance and enjoying his embrace.

“Thank God you are safe”He muttered

“Promise me you will never leave me again”I said

“Never ever,I love you”He said and i returned his words with a tight hug.

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