LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 41 to The End


By : Kebby NG



“Brian I’ve been looking for you everywhere and you were here?”I asked as I walked into the nursery

“I just can’t help it,I keep wanting to see our little Sharon” He said as he stared at the crib where Sharon had been kept.

“Oh is that so,What about seeing Jordan or me”I asked as I walked in to stare at our child.

“Jordan looks so much like me and I’m used to seeing my face all the time and besides Jordan is very naughty while Sharon is just like her mom.”He said as he pulled me into his arms.

I smiled at him and gave him a brief kiss on the lips.

It’s been a year, A year of pain, Love and happiness and am grateful that through it all I still have Brian and our children, Little Jordan and Sharon.

If someone had told me a year ago that I will have this two lovely kids in my life,I would never have believed them.

“A party is being held downstairs, let’s not go too far “I said as I gave him another kss

“But you are too tempting to resist.”He said as he held me tightly

Just then door burst open and Jordan came running in

“Momma, I don’t want it,I don’t want it.”He said as he ran towards me

“What don’t you want ?”I asked as I crouched in front of him

,”It’s granny! She wants me to wear that ugly suit” He said and i smiled

“Which suit exactly?

“The one dad bought for me,Am sorry dad But that suit is way too ugly,Momma tell granny that I don’t want to wear it”He begged

I stared up at Brian and he smiled down at me.

“Jordan where are…..there you are,come now and let me get you dressed” Brian mother said as she came into the room

“No, No I don’t want to wear it granny”He begged

“Jordan the suit I bought you is the latest trend in town, You should be happy and grateful about it because what you have,Others don’t,”Brian said to him and he looked remorseful

“Now let’s go with your granny and get you dressed”He said as he took Jordan hand and left the room with his mom.

I stood back watching the likeness between father and son.

Jordan takes after his dad in Looks and behaviour and am sure that when he is all grown up,he will be like his dad,Stealing the hearts of a lot of girls.

Sharon whimpered and i turned to her, She had woken up and she was starring at me now.

I carried her in my arms and gave her a kss, Being a mother made me think of my mom.

William filled me on what I had to know about her,According to him she was a lovely lady, a lady of virtue,who is honest and kind and also responsible.

Just knowing that my mom possessed those character made me happy and also knowing that she found the man for her and was happy with him made me feel contented.

“My God your Highness,You are meant to be downstairs with the guest, the party is in your honour”Grace said as she came running in.

“I know but Sharon just woke up and I………”

“I will take care of her little highness,You just go to the party”She said as she took Sharon from me.

I left the room and head downstairs,the party was bubbling as ever.

Every one kept on talking while nibbling on the deserts being carried around by the waiter.

Standing beside the bar was William and Alicia.

Ever since Alicia told her parent the truth, She has found happiness once again,Mr and Mrs Baxter now treat her like a treasure that mustn’t be lost.

Alicia realised that Brian could never love her and so she told him the truth About her fake pregnancy.

Though Brian still feels wary of her,I know that she has finally moved on and is now a changed person.

William on the other hand concentrate on building a career for himself, He is now known for his greatness in architecture and though am happy that he has finally moved on from me am also worried that he is now going out with Alicia

She said some thing to him and he laughed,Starring at Alicia with the eyes of a man In love, Alicia was also stealing starring at him in the same manner

These two will certainly make each other happy,I thought.

Then I saw Brian mom with Jordan, though she tries not to show it, am sure that she was keeping an eye on Jordan.

Ever since she found out that I was pregnant with her grandchild, Her attitude towards me changed.

She lives her life caring for her grand children and I hope that she lives long to watch them grow.

I was still watching every one when Brian put his arm around me.

“Why are you here and not in the party”He said as he kissed my cheek

“I was just on my way”I said as we walked down the rest of the way

People noticed us and they began to sing the happy birthday lullaby as I walked down stairs with Brian

A large cake was brought to me with some candles on it.

As fast as I could,I silently prayed for my wish and then blew the candles.

A glass of champagne was taken around to every one

And Brian pulled me into his Arms and began to speak

“Thank you all for being present here today, for coming to celebrate with us, my wife and I really thank you for it”

“And to open up the party,We will be having our very first toast”

“To love and happiness”He said and every one including me chorused the same thing and then we drank the champagne.

A while later Brian came to me and whispered into my ear

“It’s time” Excusing myself from the people I was talking to.

We both walked out of the house and went to our car.

“Do you think it’s right that we are leaving all the guest?”I asked as the car began to drive off.

“Don’t worry, they can take care of themselves before we get back, Just relax and enjoy your time with me, my love” he said as he took my hand in his and kssed it softly.

We both walked into the crematorium hand in hand.

I smiled as I stared down at my wife, Who would have known that with every thing we have been through, we can still be together.

A year ago, every thing had been against our love for each other and I had thought that we will never be together but here we are, still loving each other.

We made a vow to each other that each time some thing good happens to us, we will always come to crematorium to share our good news with Emma parents.

Together we moved towards her parents crematorium.

Even though we never got to see their bodies, We created a crematorium in their memory ,Some where we can come and say hi to them.

“Daddy, mommy we are here again”She said softly

“And just as always we have come to share our good news with you”I added as I held her to me.

While Emma told them about our good news, I listened as I held her close to me.

Just listening to what she said made me remember them and I smiled with every thing she said.

We walked a few paces and got to her step father crematorium.

“Hello daddy”She said softly.

Though she tries to hide,I still know that the death of her step father still hurts her and that’s some thing that I will always feel guilty of because my father killed him.

We payed her respect to him and I turned about to leave but she pulled my hand and said

“We still have one place to go”She said and pulled me to the end of the crematorium.

I was surprised at seeing a crematorium for my father.

When had this be done? I thought starring at Brian.

“Even though you tell me you hate him, I know that you miss him and even though he is no longer here, you can have this place as a reminder to his memory”She said

“You doing this………have you forgiven him for what he did?”I asked

“I have and you should too Brian, he always said some thing, he did it all for you, he did it for his son to have a good life and think about it, if he hadn’t done it, you and I would have practically grew up like sibling and we wouldn’t have had the chance to love each other this much”She said and that got me smiling.

I stared at his crematorium and smiled, Emma is right, no more grudges, if she forgave him , who am I not to, I thought as I smiled down at Her.

One thing am glad of out of all this is that, I got with me the woman I love and as long as we are together, we will be happy.

Together we stood at the sea, throwing in flowers, in respect to our loved ones memory.

“Am glad Emma”Brian said suddenly

“Glad about what?”I asked

“That we met again”He said as he came to stand behind me,hugging me close to him.

“Destiny had made us part when we were little so we could meet again and am happy that we met again only to love each other so much”He said

For a while I stood remembering how we met, how we fell for each other, how we faced every terrible thing together, how our love survive it all and I smiled

“And am also happy”I said as I turned in his arms.

“You are the best thing that have ever happen to me Emma, I don’t regret knowing you”he said as he held my cheeks starring down at me

“I too Brian, I don’t regret knowing you and I love you,I will always love you for the rest of my life”I said and he gave me a kiss and hugged me.

My secrets led me back to where I belong, To the man I love and also to have this joyous life with him.

I don’t regret what I did, though it brought me great saddness at some point, it also brought me happiness at the end and so I don’t regret any of the decision I had to make.

“I love you Emma, I really love you”Brian muttered softly and I nodded.

As long as I have him and my kids, am contented with my life, I thought as I held him tightly.

Till death do us part,I thought…………………


Love conquers it all.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

It happened with Emma and Brian and I hope that you guys have learnt some thing even though it’s just a story😁😁😁


The end is here. It’s been an amazing journey but all good things come to an end, right? I won’t take much time and just want to say thank you to all.


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