LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 41 to The End

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 43

By : Kebby NG

I walked into the hospital feeling kind of nervous to see Emma.

After last night display with Alicia,I had returned to the room only to find her pretending to be asleep.

I didn’t bother to say any thing and since she didn’t make a fuss about what she saw,I decided to take my bathe and then I slept on the couch.

The earlier she understands that it’s best that she gives me a divorce,The better it will be for the both of us.

I had woken up early only to find her up,She was dressed and she didn’t speak to me,I was in the shower when I heard the door,She was gone when I returned to the room and she had left a little note for me.

‘ No matter what ever means you use
In pushing me away,I won’t leave you
And I won’t grant you your divorce,Be
Cause I love you and I know that you
Do the same. Have gone to see William
Take care of yourself.
Love Emma’

On reading it,I wanted to go straight after her but I knew that I couldn’t,I shouldn’t even get close to her,It’s all over now and it’s best it stays that way.

She will be far better with William than with me and the sooner I convince her of it,The better.

I got to William ward only to see him wanting to leave,If it weren’t for the male nurses who held him back,He would have left his room.

“You don’t under stand,Have got to find her,Have got to find her!”He said as tried to pass them.

Who is he looking for so desperately ,I thought as I kept walking towards them

“She is being looked for”One of the nurse replied.

“Just let me go out and search,She only had to get me some water at the cafeteria.”William said still trying to force his way past them.

I Walked towards them and if they weren’t so focused on william,They would have noticed my arrival.

“What’s going on? Who are you looking for ?”I asked Starring at them.

William moved out of the nurses hold and came straight to me.

“Your wife! Your wife is the one am looking for!”He said and I stared at him in shock.

“What rubbish! Why would she be missing?”I asked him and he pulled me by my collar

This is all your fault! I told you to leave her alone,I told you to let her go before it’s too late but you wouldn’t listen, Am sure your father is the one behind all this, The attack yesterday and also Her disappearance today”

“You better find her before some thing bad happens,You better find her !?”He yelled at me

Not bothering to listen to any of William warnings,I ran back out side.

“What’s wrong your majesty?”Peter asked as he came towards me.

“My wife is missing!Call for back up,You can track my location right?”I asked and he nodded

“Then do so and please hurry up”I said as I got into the car turning on the tracking device.

It was the same device I had used in tracking her down before and I will be doing the same thing now,I just hope that when I get there it won’t be too late.

I woke up due to the sound I was hearing ,It was the voice of a man and he was speaking on the phone.

He didn’t notice that I was up yet because he was busy with his phone.

I looked around and saw that we were in a little house and judging by the way it looked you can tell that it has been abadoned for a while.

“Yes boss,She is here”On hearing that,I focused on what the man was saying.

” I didn’t make any mistake this time”

“What do you want me to do to her,Scare her more or perhaps should I just finish her off”He said and I gulped down my saliva.

Was he going to kill me? Will I die like this,I thought as I kept on starring at him.

“Oh that! Would that really scare her?”He asked smiling

“Okay then,I will do as you say”He said and cut the call.

Then he turned towards me and gave me a smile

“The queen have finally woken “He said slightly

“Who are you and what do you want with me?”I asked as I sat up moving away from him

“Nothing in particular,I don’t have a problem with you or your husband,Am just doing what my boss have hired me for”He replied

“Who is your boss? What does he want with me” I asked now feeling nervous

“Do you think I will tell you that?” He asked as he began to head to the door

“Where are you going?”I asked

“Leaving you as they instructed me”He answered

” Why would you leave me here!”I asked more frightened than ever.

“Believe me,I would have love to stay here and do other things with you but I can’t,So sweetie just stay here till some one finds you”He said and went out of the room.

Quickly I ran after him “Please,Please don’t leave me here,Am scared,More scared of being here alone”I begged as I banged the door but there was no reply.

I knew I was locked in and that he was gone, I found that my heart was beating fast,Out of fright,This always happens each time am locked in an unfamiliar room.

I don’t know why it happens but I always suffer from attack each time am locked in.

Just then I heard foot step and quickly I ran to the chair to hide from whoever is coming.

I closed my eyes,Wanting to make all of it disappear but it never happened.

I opened my eyes only to see the room filled with lights and there I was,My five year old self playing with some toys on the floor.

I looked so happy and care free but every thing changed when some one walked in.

I saw my little self running to hide behind the washing machine.

Feeling scared and hoping that the person wouldn’t find me but he did.

He pulled me out and began to hit me,The adult face wasn’t clear enough but I could see myself clearly.

I was crying profusely,Begging him to stop because the pain was too much.

What could a five year old child have done to deserve such beating.

He left and I saw my little self on the floor,Crying helplessly,With out no one to comfort or to stay with her

Just then every thing darkened and the house became itself again.

Was I hallucinating,I thought as I held my chest

What I just saw now! Could it be true? Was I abused when I was little? I thought

Why didn’t I remember it before,Why am I just remembering now.

The door opened and when I saw who it was, I ran into his arms, Crying into it.

“Don’t worry love,Am here now”Brian said as he held me tightly.

Those reassuring words were the last thing I heard before I fainted.

“Will she be fine doctor?”I asked as I went to where Emma was sleeping.

“Yes she will be fine,She just needs enough rest”He said and left the room.

I went to her and sat down on the empty chair which was beside the bed.

“This is all your fault! I told you to leave her alone,I told you to let her go before it’s too late but you wouldn’t listen, Am sure your father is the one behind all this, The attack yesterday and also Her disappearance today”

William words came back to haunt me,Emma being this way is all my fault,I should have just find a way to leave with my parents but I can’t seem to bring myself to leave her,I thought sadly.

I have to do it no matter what,Emma happiness is all am seeking for.

I bent to kss her fore head and I was rising up when I saw her eyes opened.

“Finally! You are awake”I said as I gave her a smile.

A smile she never returned,She was looking at me In a strange way.

“Why did you lie to me?”She asked suddenly.

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