LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 41 to The End

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 44

By : Kebby NG

“Lie?”I asked starring at her in shock,What did she know?

“Why did you lie to me Brian”She asked again

“What are you talking about Emma?”I asked gently

She stared at me and then looked away, What is wrong with her? Why is she acting this way? I thought as my heart began to beat fast,Waiting for her response.

“You love me, You still want me and you still want our marriage,You coming to save me proved that,What ever you have going with Alicia is all a lie”She said.

Just knowing that she hadn’t guessed the truth made me feel so relieved.

I don’t want her knowing the truth in this manner,Not when my father is still the great king and am the king.

The day she knows the truth will be the day I hand over her right full place to her.

And I won’t be able to achieve that if I keep on being by her side.

Am nothing but trouble for her.

She needs to see that am not the one for her,She has to,I thought as I left her side and went to stand by the window

“And so! What if I love you, I can also fall out of love right? “I asked

“Brian!”she called sadly

“Stop it Emma! My decision for a divorce have been made,You will grant me a divorce and I will marry the mother of my unborn child”I said

“You don’t mean it Brian”She said as the tears began to pour helplessly

“Believe what ever you want Emma, When the divorce papers are in front of you then you will certainly believe me”I said and walked out of the room.

As soon as I closed the door,I leaned on it and I could hear her cries.

It broke my heart to hear her cry but every thing will be alright with time.

She will learn to live her life with out me and I will also learn to do the same thing.

Time to get my thought into action,Seeing dad will be the first thing I do,I thought as I went in search of him.

The guards announced my arrival and I was summoned in .

“Am surprised that you didn’t barge in like you always do”He said

“That’s because have not come here for a fight,We need to talk father”I said as I sat down on one of the empty chairs.

“So what are we going to talk about?”He asked

“About Emma”I replied

“What about her ?”He asked

“It’s time she have what right fully belongs to her”I said

“What?”He asked as he stood up from his chair

“We both know that a time will come when we have to give back every thing to her and that time is now father”I said

“Never,Did you hear me! I won’t give her any thing,Have worked so hard for years just to get to where I am,Just to give you and your mom a good life and am not ready to give it up yet”He said

“I knew you were going to say that,After all you are greedy,If you weren’t greedy dad,You wouldn’t have killed your brother just to get to the throne”I said and Was rewarded with a slap on the face

“What I did I did for you most especially,You should be supporting me,You should be helping me not her,I am your father and she is just your………..”

“She is the victim here dad,She is the one who suffered most, Didn’t you ever feel guilty, what would you have done if the same thing had happened to me?”

“I won’t ever allow it to happen and this is all in the past,So now Son forget all this nonsense and be happy with her,I won’t interfere,I won’t do any thing,Just don’t tell her the truth”He begged

“Sooner or later she will find out and before that happens I want us to have given her what belongs to her”I said

“How stupid can you get,Don’t you see that all this is ours now,We don’t have any thing to give because it’s ours”He said adamantly

“Fine since you still insist on taking what’s not yours,I will take this issue to court members”I said

“What? Just for that girl you are willing to give me out”He asked

“This is not about me giving you out dad, It’s the right thing to do,So it’s either we leave this place and give her what is hers or I take it to the court members,Lets see how they see you when it’s all out in the open” I said and then left his office.

Greediness,That is what led my father into destroying a happy life.

The life that should have been Emma’s, The little I can give back I will give back to her Because it is what belong to her and her alone.

I Stood in the garden starring at the moon and stars.

After the discussion I had with Brian this afternoon,I stayed in all day.

I didn’t go out to eat nor did I accept any food brought to me.

All I wanted was for Brian to see how much he was hurting me with this divorce thing.

I love him and he loves me too but he is holding back because of some thing.

Ever since that fall of Alicia in the hospital,He has been on about this Divorce thing.

He wouldn’t be doing it for Alicia sake,He made me under stand that he never like Alicia.

Even when she got pregnant,He was still furious with her.

So why Is he suddenly saying that he wants to marry her.

There must be some thing to it and I must find out.

I thought heading back to the palace,Intent on seeing Brian and forcing the truth out of him If necessary.

I was climbing up the stairs when two guards came to me.

“What’s wrong?”I asked starring at the two of them

“The great king wishes to see you” One of them said

“This late,Can’t he see me tomorrow,I have to talk to my husband”I said to them but they held my hand

“You don’t have to go far,They are all waiting for you your Highness,You just have to come with us”He said and with out waiting for my response,They pulled me.

I had no option than to go with them,I had to know why Brian and the great king want to see me……….

We got to the far end of the palace,We passed through the kitchen and then into the hall that led to the storage room.

Have never been to the storage room before,Why would I go there when I have no business there but being there today made me feel strange.

Why would they want to see me in the storage room I thought staring at the two guards.

“See I don’t think this is good idea,I will just see them tomorrow”I said to the guards but they didn’t realease my hand.

We got to the door and they pushed me in, closing the door behind me.

The room was dark and I was frightened,I went to the door and began to knock but there was no one there.

I can’t stay locked up,I just can’t! I thought as I clutched my chest.

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