MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 11 – 20

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Authoress Rhema


Everyone eyes widen in shock

“Did Ruby sword just got separated from her hand”

“Unbelievable, who is that guy?”

People began to murmur, Ruby still had her hand up to the air, she slowly turned back to see who did this to her

Raphael on the other hand was smirking proudly. “Didn’t I tell you guys that I’m good at everything” he smiled

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 11 – 20.

Blake looked at him in shock before facing front but his eyes cought Selene who was standing behind Ariana, Selene tried not to look at him but her heart failed her, she stared at him and their eyes met

She suddenly felt this weakness, something she felt with Tyson, remembering Tyson she quickly looked away from him and breathed hard

Ariana on the other hand thought she was the one he was staring at so she started arranging her hair and making cute faces at him

Raphael smirk slowly died down when he saw the pure rage emitting on Ruby’s eyes, she stretched her hands forward and another sword appeared, leaving Elena she rushed to him

Snow and Selene then rushed to pick Elena up, Raphael eyes widened when her sw.ord almost $lit his thr.oat

“I’m gonna kill you” she yelled and kept attacking him while all he did was dodge

“I like that guy, he’s cool” Lyla smiling taking her lips in

“Not Daniel anymore, what ever stay away from Blake” Mabel said and Ariana turned to give her a sharp look

“What do you want bch?” Lyla asked

“Did you just say Blake,better back off” Ariana replied with an eye roll

“You’re new and you’re selecting sweetheart” Mabel mocked while Ariana just smirked and faced Elena who’s now with her friends and her sister

“You hate her?” Lyla asked

“Not just her, all of them” Ariana replied hatefully especially seeing her sister with friends

“Same here, we hate them too our hate for you just got a little less” Mabel said and Ariana just smiled

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 11 – 20

Ruby kept trying to hit Raphael who has just been using her to play dodge

“Fight back and stop being a an idi©t, dmnit” she said angrily

“Are you sure, you might get hurt” he said and then jumped high to avoid her sword

“You’re afraid right if not then fight me” she said

“Okay then” he used his telekinesis to take Elena’s sword but without waiting Ruby has rushed to attack him but he was fast enough to block it

“Since you ask for it, I’ll give it to you” he said and then got serious

Ruby tried slashing his head but he kicked her hand off and in that process she got disarmed, he then slit her arm and stomach making her stagger backwards, he didn’t stop there he followed her with his $word moving like tornado giving her no time to dodge till she fell and roll away from him, hurting herself badly

“Woah” Elena muttered from where she was watching, looking at Ruby who’s badly injured

“How could he defeat me, who is this guy??” She thought while holding her stomach and panting heavily

People started clapping and wouldn’t stop taking about what just happened, Raphael was smiling and receiving their praise while Ruby kept looking in shock before disappearing from the scene

“Someone finally defeated her, I’ll get an autograph from that guy” Snow smiled and ran to where Raphael was while Daniel rushed to Elena

“I told you not to fight,now look at your arm” he scolded

“Don’t worry it’ll heal, your friend just defeated Ruby you must introduce him to us tommorow” Elena said and Selene agreed

“Look I got the autograph” Snow came back shouting but stopped when she saw Daniel there

“Hey Daniel” she said shyly even blushing for no reason while he just smiled at her and left

“He’s so cute” Snow gushed, bitting her lips slightly

“I think you’re obsessed with him” Selene said

“Eww no, I love him it’s love not obsession” Snow replied, still looking at him

“Leave her, look it’s Blake, he’s looking at you again” Elena whispered

“Ion know why he won’t stop looking at me” Selene muttered while Elena chuckled

“Hey” Dexton said, coming towards Elena and immediately her cheek reddened

“Even thou, she hurt you like this I still find you cool so don’t look down on yourself” he said

Elena blushed and nodded

“It’s my queue to leave” Selene smiled and left

“Here” he opened his palm and a tiny bottle appeared in it

“It’s pain reliever, you won’t feel much pain even thou you heal” he opened her palm and placed the bottle on it

“Thanks” she smiled and he smiled back, caressing her cheek softly

“Seeing you smile then I’m cool” he smiled again

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 11 – 20

Selene walked to the school water fountain

“It’s beautiful” she murmured looking at the shining droplets if water, even the tone which they were dropping at sounds amazing

She made to touch it but someone grabbed her back, she looked and it was Blake

“You can’t touch it, it’s not allowed” he said

“Why?” She asked

“Ion know stupid school rules or something, I heard only the water goddess can touch it” he said

“Water goddess??”

“Yeah, water goddess, she has been asleep for so long now and this place kinda belongs to her yunno she once control this academy, no one is familiar with her not even me” he shurgged

Selene listened while rubbing on her wrist fondly which Blake noticed

“So you’re from the waters too?” He asked

“Yeah, I came here hoping I can learn to concentrate on my powers, cause I have a problem with concentrating” she sighed moving to sit on a crystal bench

“How?” He asked as he sat beside her

“You see anytime I try to concentrate, I just remembered things ion wanna” she said painfully

Blake could hear the hurtfulness in her voice

“Then you can try to overcome it” he said

“I can’t” she replied, her eyes were almost teary

“Hey why do you wanna cry?” He asked softly

“I don’t” she replied and stood up

“It’s getting dark, I must leave now” she said

Blake stood up too. “I’ll walk you out” he said, she looked at him for a while before nodding

They both left the place together, it was kinda quiet but it was peaceful

Unknown to them Ariana had been angrily watching from behind in pure jealousy and anger, she closed her eyes to control herself before turning around and leaving

“Thanks for accompany me, good night” Selene smiled when the reached the girls hostel

“Night” he smiled and watched her entered the gate

“She must be going through alot, I wonder why I care so much” he thought

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 11 – 20

Elene kept looking at the bottle Dexton gave her earlier and smiling, by now her wound had already healed and all her pains where gone

Ruby came out of the bathroom with a frown as usual her wound already healed too

Snow is brushing her teeth, she had just showered and changed to her Mickey mouse printed pjyamas

The door cracked open and Selene entered

“I’ve been worried, where did you go and why the sad face?” Elena asked as she stood up and moved to her

“It’s nothing, I’m fine just tired” Selene said with a forced smile as she moved to the lay on the bed

Snow watched her worriedly but she just toss to the other side

“Are you sure you’re fine, did you get injured during the fight too?” Ruby asked in a boring tone, not taking her eyes away from the mirror as she was creaming her body

“I’m fine thanks for worrying” Selene turned to Ruby with a smile

“I’m not worried” Ruby said, leaving the mirror and going to her wardrobe

“Are you really sure?” Elena asked again ignoring Ruby

“Hmm” Selene nodded she then faced another side and sighed

“She’s not worth been love by anyone it’s her fate no one can love her, any guy in right mind can’t love her, I mean who would be stupid enough to love a.. lemme not talk” her sister’s word kept ringing over and over in her ears

“She’s right, he’s kind now when he learns about my past he’ll hate me just like the rest” she thought as a tear drop stroll down her cheeks

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 11 – 20

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