MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 31 – 40

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 31 – 40

By Authoress Rhema



“I think you should get going” Blake said to Selene as they were coming out of the school park together

They had spent hours there together, watching the flowers, playing, listening music together, actually Blake would sing for Selene and Selene falling asleep in his shoulders for hours that it was pretty late

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 31 – 40.

“Thanks for today Blake, I had fun” Selene said with a smile

“I had fun to princess” Blake smiled

“Goodnight” she planted a soft kss on his lips

“Sweetest dreams love bug” he smiled

They hugged one more time before going their separate ways. On Selene way out, she bumped into master Xian

“Master” she bowed in fear but he was looking at her strangely

“Why are you still out by this time?” He she’s after a while of silence

“I. I’m sorry” she could only just bow

“Don’t ever make this mistake ever again” he said to her

“Yes master” she bowed and ran off

“She.. no” master Xian shook his head and left too

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 31 – 40


Immediately Selene opened the door, couples of pillows flew to her

“Girls stop” she tried blocking her face but it kept coming

“What’s all this-

Another pillow hit her hard that she fell

“Oops” Ruby smiled

“It’s just 8:30 it’s not 9” Selene cried from the floor

“That’s how it’ll start eventually 9 will knack but you’ll forget then you’ll get attacked” Snow scolded

“But I’m not outside, I’m in the school” Selene grumbled, standing up already

“School force are weak sometimes, a de.mon had attacked here before but thankfully we were prepared” Lilith said

“I’m fine, sorry for making you guys worried” Selene bit her lips

“I was not worried, just wanted to join them to beat up up with pillows” Ruby said nonchalantly

“Where were you by the way?” Elena asked

“No one else noticed her swollen lips” Ruby smirked

“Who did you kss?” Mirabel asked from the bed she was sitting

“I stop” Selene exclaimed and rushed to the bathroom then slammed the door

“You girls just love making noise, they are some people who wanna sleep Incase if you sickos don’t know” Ariana hissed

Ruby wanted to move to her but Lilith held her back

“Awwn what a cute puppet you are” Mabel mocked are Lilith

“You did not just call me a puppet” Lilith yelled, she rushed and pounced on her then they began grabbing each other’s hair

Ariana tried to attack Lilith from behind but one punch sent her nose bleeding

“Haha” Ruby laughed in a mockery tone

“Want more” Lilith grabbed Ariana’s hair also but Mabel grabbed Lilith’s hair from behind

Elena wanted to join but Mirabel secretly set her leg in the road allowing Elena to fall flat

“Oh I’m sorry it was an accident” Mirabel said in a fake tone

“Oops my hand slipped” Ruby said and threw the pillow she was holding, it went straight to Mirabel’s eyes without hindrance

“My eye. You did that on purpose” Mirabel cried, rubbing on her eye

Ruby faked a surprised and sorry expression that anger Mirabel, she picked up her own pillow and moved to hit Ruby but Ruby was fast enough to take another pillow and wiped her both cheeks with it, it was not enough, she wiped her head and pushed her

Mirabel fell on the ground with a loud thud, her back meet the floor hardly. Lilith is still fighting with Ariana and Mabel, Snow and Mora rushed to separate

Selene opened the bathroom door to meet the most craziest scene ever. Lilith is fighting with Mabel and Ariana, Snow, Mora and Elena are trying to separate them, Mirabel was crying and holding her back while Ruby was watching and laughing, slowly Selene entered the restroom and closed the door silently

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 31 – 40


Some of the girls have dressed up, Ariana nose still hurt from the punch while Lilith kept hissing cause hair still hurt as Mora was helping her comb it

Mirabel on the other hand, her back still hurts it’s now she knows Ruby can’t be toyed with, but Selene was different. She kept smiling throughout

“You’re acting weird” Elena said, carrying her sword already

“But I understand, we are on the same ground, Blake asked you out didn’t he?” Elena asked

Selene shyly blobbed her head up and down

“What?!” Lilith screamed in excitement and stood up along with Snow and Mora

“You need to tell us how it happened” they all asked and left with her happily

It is now remaining Mirabel, Mabel and Ariana

“She succeeded in seducing Blake, that wrench” Mabel clenched her fist angrily

“Competition for Blake is too much, that’s why I left him” Ariana said with an eye roll while applying some ointment on her nose

“So who are you interested in now?” Mirabel asked

“No one” Ariana replied and stood up ready to leave

“She’s hiding something isn’t she?” Mirabel said to Mabel

“It’s her business, you better go and follow your friends” Mabel said, when she was all set her and Ariana left together

“Friends??” Miranda scoffed

“They are all annoying” she muttered

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 31 – 40

Some hours later***

The students just came out of the training ground looking all sweaty

“I need a shower” Lilith said

“I’ll go with you” Snow followed her

Selene eyes scanned everywhere for Blake and once she saw him,their eyes met instantly and he smiled at her while she bit her lips, winking at him secretly

“I saw that, go and meet him already” Mora smiled

“Later then” Selene ran to him

“When will I find my mr right” Mora thought and she looked at Lan, their eyes met

She tried looking away but it was impossible cause he didn’t stop looking at her either what happened is now is a long staring contest

“Bruh are you lost??” Edward asked

Lan snapped out of his daze instantly

“Huh?” He asked

“Something is off with him” Raphael laughed

“Hey guys” Selene smiled

“Oooo, lover girl” the boys laughed expect from Blake who gave them an annoying look

“You told them about us?” Selene whispered

“I didn’t but don’t mind them, let’s go” he took her hand ignoring his dum friend squeels

“Where’s Daniel?” Raphael asked after Blake left

“He ran with Elena’s sword” Edward said

“Elena is gonna kill him if she finds out” Lan laughed

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 31 – 40

Elena just entered the classroom and found out that her sword was missing

“Daniel” she seethed her teeth and stormed out to the boys hostel

As strong headed as she is, she didn’t bother to knock, she just kicked it open and barge in

“Daniel” she barked but no response except from the running shower coming from the bathroom

“Playing in the shower huh?! You think I’m dum” she smirked and began moving forward, thinking the door was wooden not knowing it’s glass and what she saw made her gasp

It was a guy showering, the glass was half so it was only his head and waist that was visible, just looking at the guy’s back alone was clear that he posses a very muscular body

He suddenly turned around, water dripping down his face as he looked at her nonchalantly, Elena gasped in horror she immediately turned away and blocked her eyes

MAGICAL COLLEGE: Chapter 31 – 40

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