MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 1 – 10

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 1 – 10

Episode 1.

Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

My name is Purity, while growing up I came to find out I was not staying with my biological mother.

My step mother didn’t waste time to spill that out to me, but the annoying part was I was not allowed to see my mother.

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 1 - 10.

Anytime I ask why, they kept saying it was for my good, but deep inside of me I was hungry to know how my mother looks like.

I wasn’t comfortable living with my step mom, and the way she treated me gave me more reasons to leave but my dad was adamant to my request.

“Purity where do you think you want to go to apart from here! He shouted at me when I brought this topic up again.

“To my mom of course, why don’t you want me to see her? Why are you keeping me away from her! I shouted back.

“Let her go to her Mad mother, like mother like daughter! My step mom dropped and I looked at her.

“Mad mother? Is it my mother you’re calling mad? It is all your children that is mad including the one you’re carrying! I shouted and she bounced on me while my dad tried to hold her.

“You are very stupid to say that to me, is it because I tried to rescue you from your insane mother, probably by now she would have $trangled you, she shouted.
“Will you both just shut up! And Purity is it My children you call mad? My dad asked.

“Like I’m not your child too huh? Just take me to my mother, is that too much to ask? I asked back.
“You want to see your mother right? He asked.

“I want to see her, I replied.
“And know this, if your legs step out of this house because of your mother, you won’t come back here again, my step mom said.

“Enough of this. If she want to see her mother that’s fine, she’s old enough to do that, my dad said.
“Same way she is old enough to take care of herself too because she is not coming back here and that’s final! She shouted and I scoffed.

“Like I care, I said with a frown and she bit her lips and left the sitting room while my dad carefully looked at me.
“Purity do you know what you are going to see? He asked.

“Dad I’m I going to see a monster? I don’t get it, its my mom we are talking about here right? I asked back.
“So if she is, have you ever asked yourself why she haven’t come to visit you? He asked and the question touched me but I didn’t want a defeat.

“Well I don’t know, who knows if you and your wife blocked her from seeing me same way you blocked me from seeing her, i replied and he shook his head.
“Get ready tomorrow you’ll go see your mom! My dad dropped and left for his room immediately, while it was like someone poured a chill water on me.

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 1 – 20

I went back to my room and began to picture how and what my mother will look like because I had no photograph of her.

The thought of me seeing my mom for the first time made me so anxious as my father question kept ringing in my ear.

“Did my mom reject me or something? What exactly happened or how was she angry with my dad that made her abandon me? Will she be happy to see me or even accept to make me live with her? Of course I know my step mom words was not a threat, I saw she meant what she said though I know my dad won’t agree to it.

I wasn’t done with my worries when my step sister bashed into my room with an angry look, I just hissed and left for my wardrobe to check out what I will wear for tomorrow, something nice my mom will love at least.
“Purity who did you call mad? She asked and I burst out laughing.

“If your mother called you mad is it my fault? After all you just acted like a mad person here so I’m not surprised, I said and she clapped her hands.
“Look at the daughter of a mad woman calling a sane person mad, like are you not ashamed of yourself knowing it runs in your blood? Daughter of a mad bch! She said and I pretended like I wanted getting something from the table, then I grabbed her hair and held her for a fight.

Her screams drew her parents to my room as my dad raised me from her and landed me a slap as my step mom this other way was raining abuses on me.
“How dare you Purity what’s wrong with you! My dad shouted on me as I held my cheek where he slapped me.

“Are you asking me that? She came to my room and……. “Do you want to kill my daughter same way your mom tried to killed me then? Hey blood is thicker than water! Honey you seriously need to return her back to her mother, she is fit to be with her just look at her action, my step mom cut in.

“I can’t believe you Purity,I thought you being around sane people will help you at least but I’m so disappointed, you don’t even look like my blood and I’m beginning to doubt it, my dad dropped and tears streamed down my face.

“You’re right and I’m beginning to doubt it too, same way I doubted your wife Wasn’t my mother and it turned out to be so, so I won’t be surprised if you’re not my father. Take me to my mother and safe me the strength from seeing you all, I said and left my room for them ignoring my dad shouting on me to come back.

I left to my friend place crying on her, I couldn’t believe my dad said that to me, though I have always been seeing the favouritism going on but nothing hurts like what my dad did today.

My friend begged me to return home when it was getting dark but I refused, I was determined to spend the night with her.

“Wait are you sending me out of your place or something? I asked when she kept insisting.
“No why should you say something like that? She asked.

“I don’t know, maybe you have someone that is visiting you later that’s making you send me out, just tell me and I’ll leave, I said and she heaved and sat up looking at me.

“You know I will always tell you the truth, Purity this will bring up more trouble, what if your step mom tells your dad you slept in a guy house? She asked.
“I don’t care! I replied.

“Okay, you need to go home Purity, at least for the sake of you seeing your mom tomorrow, if your dad don’t take you to her how will you find her? She asked and I looked at her seeing reasons with what she said.
That will be the only thing that will take me back to that house and I had to do it so I can see my Mom tomorrow.

I bid her good night and left her place for mine but arrived late to meet everyone in the sitting room after knocking for so long outside but I was ignored.

“It won’t be in my house Purity you will stay late at night to entertain men, you have clearly proved to me you’re a big girl and you need your freedom. Get your bag ready, tomorrow you will be with your mom, my dad said when I was about going to my room, but I didn’t say anything to him.

I quickly arranged my things into my bag and prayed for the dawn of a new day, only God knows that my spirit, soul and body was already with my mom and there’s nothing anyone will say to me that will get me upset.

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 1 – 10

The next day I wanted cooking but my step mom shouted I shouldn’t touch her pot so I won’t poison her.

I just laughed and prepared something for myself to eat, took everything from the pot and left for my room to download it all down.

When I was done I came out to return the plate but met with my step sister and she sighed,
“Finally the house will be in peace when the mad ones will be taken to the psychiatric, she said and I laughed.

“She’s lucky she wasn’t admitted in the hospital yesterday, of course you know I can use your mouth in washing this wall right now and your stupid mother won’t do anything about it. Or should i show you what a daughter to a mad mother can do? I asked approaching her lifting my empty plate up as she struggled to open her door in fear and ran in while I hissed and left to the kitchen to wash my plate.

“Purity is your bag ready? I heard my dad voice and was surprised he will be taking me in the morning.
“Are we going now? I asked back but a loud hiss from my step mother answered the question.

I quickly rushed into my room and took a shower, put on my clothes and came outside with just a travelling bag, of course I didn’t pick all my things with me.

“I hope you won’t be coming back? Pick everything that belongs to you, my step mom said and I looked at her with a mockery look and looked at my dad.

“I’m done, I said to my Dad ignoring her.
“I hope you heard her? Since you’ve proved to be so stubborn and big and you feel you will be better with your mother, you won’t be coming back here, my dad said and I smiled.

“Don’t worry, the things left are not important to me so you can give them to your daughter, she’s good at stealing my things anyway, I said and her mother felt like dying as my Dad slowly got up and took his briefcase while I took my bag smiling at my step mother but she gave me this cursed look but i didn’t care.

The drive was a long one to me as my dad suddenly took a turn to a narrow looking road and I began to wonder what my mom is doing in a village.

In my mind I was thinking my mom is in the city living large, but I didn’t want my excitement to be quenched,
“Maybe she came for a visit, I said trying to calm myself until my dad drove into a small compound.

Only a hut was built there and when he killed the engine and looked at me, he saw that surprise look on my face,
“Is it here? I asked.

“Yes and your mother is inside, He replied and still in the car I used my eyes round the environment and began to wonder what will my mom be doing in a dirty place with a hut house that is looking so abandoned and tattered.

“But I am not going in with you, just take your bag and go see what you were eager to see then you’ll know why I said it was for your own good, he said.
“So you mean you’re not going in with me? Who does that? I mean why don’t you want to go in with me? I asked but he brought out some money and gave it to me.

“Purity leave, you caused this to yourself. You became so disrespectful to my wife like your mother was in anyway better than her, please go I have to run back to the office, he seriously said and I slowly open the door still not believing what was going on until I stepped down with my bag.

“I’m sure you will be fine, but if you can’t cope you can come back home but don’t even imagine that I’ll come here again, he said and like magic he drove off leaving me standing with my bag.

I began to wonder if there’s someone living there, because I heard no voice neither did anyone come out from the house.
I summoned every courage in me and slowly walked up to the front of the hut, bent down and knocked on the door but it was open already.

“Hello, is anybody home? I asked putting my face in the dark room but saw no one.
I swallowed and brought out my phone switching on the torchlight and pointed it into the house but saw the house so dirty,

“Hello! I shouted and stepped in but saw a woman by a corner sitting on the floor tattered.

My voice flew into my stomach as my step mother and step sister words rang in my ears and tears swelled up in my eyes as I slowly approached her careful not to startle her.
“Hello, my name is Purity and ermmm I’m here to see my mother, I gently said and she looked at me as my heart was beating so fast ready to take off for my life if she makes a move………..

Okay it has just begun

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 1 – 10

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