🍷Married To A Billionaire🍷
(The Billionaire Wife)

Episode 29

✍️✍️Written by Authoress Quinny ✍️✍️

🔥Charles pov🔥

I felt like crap right now, like I was about to faint. I tossed and turned in my bed, I just couldn’t sleep. Those pills or whatever they were, were starting to kick in.

Was this my punishment for being a horrible person. It’s not my fault my brothers are idi0ts.

For some reason, I just had so much energy right now and at the same time, I felt so weak.

“Charles, what’s wrong?” I heard Elizabeth’s voice. Like always her voice sounded like an angel whispering in my ear.

She sat right next to me on my bed and then she started running her hands through my hair.

“I missed you so much baby,” I whispered.

I tried getting up but it was as if my body had a mind of its own, it just couldn’t comply.

I leaned in forward to kss her. Before I got to her l!ps I felt a hard punch on my face bringing me back to reality.

Shit, I could have sworn it was her a minute ago. It seemed so real. I should have known that it was just too good to be true.

“Dude, how far have you fallen. Now you hallucinating Elizabeth.”

I got up from my bed only to fall again on the floor.

What was wrong with me? There was this anger building up inside of me and I had no idea where it was coming from. Something about me felt different.

Michael helped me up, back onto my bed giving me a look of disguise.

“What did you take?”

I pointed to the bottle of pills that where laying on my nightstand.

“Oh no.” He muttered. I knew that whatever this was it was bad, I just needed to know how bad. Whenever he said that it was never good.

“What do you mean oh no?”

“How much did you take?”

“About three, what does this have to do with this?”

“Do you remember that ecst@sy I was talking about?”

Now, I was even more pissed than I already was and I knew why. I was mentally st@bbing him in the heart over and over again. How many times do I have to tell this idi0t to stay away from my things? Why wasn’t I born an only child that way I wouldn’t have to deal with all of this.

My phone rang grabbing both mine and Michael’s attention.

No one has ever called me for the past two weeks mainly because I told them not to and because I’m in a pretty bad space right now and whenever I’m in a bad mood, bad things happen.

Michael grabbed the phone before I could.

He placed the phone on loudspeaker.

“Hello, this is Charles’s phone.”

“Michael? Where is Charles?” I heard Elizabeth’s voice through the phone.

God, how I missed that. I suddenly pictured her in my mind, holding her close to my chest.

“He is kinda in a situation right now, so whatever you want to say to him you going to have to say it to me,” Michael said while glaring at me. I don’t know why he glaring at me, it was his fault in the first place.

“What did you do to him?”

She knows him so well, whenever he is around something always goes wrong, always.

For some reason her voice sounded a little bit off, something was wrong. But then again I was drugged.

“He might have accidentally taken some drugs without knowing.”

You see, my idi0t brother stolen ecst@cy from a couples of guys, (why he stolen it i don’t want to know) he then hide it in my house and mix it with pills because he thought that was the last anyone who look. He knew if anything should go down to his house would be the first place they look.

“I need you to help me. If you don’t, they were going to kill me.”

That’s when it got serious.

“OK, where are you?”

“I have no idea but it looks like a basement.”

She sounded scared, I can’t believe she has to go through all of that alone.

“OK, we’ll try tracking your phone down. Do you know who is behind this.”

She didn’t get to reply because the line was cut. We tried calling her number again but it went to voicemail. Now we knew how serious this had just become.

Michael literary jumped down from the bed and grabbed his jacket. I have never seem him so serious. I could tell he was ready to killed someone, his plus was rising.

Mary came in just a moment later.

“What’s wrong?” She asked. She must have heard the phone call or something. Besides, Michaels expression was giving it all away.

“We think we might know where Elizabeth is, and she is in danger.”

Mary was holding one of many newspapers that had Elizabeth on it, nowadays I seem to be the only thing everyone is talking about. It’s on the news, the tv and even billboards. It’s one of many reasons I’ve not been in public lately.

“Where is Erik?” Michael asked. I don’t get it why everyone is always busy bothering about that guy, we don’t need him.

“I don’t know, he left an hour ago. I’ll send him a text.” Mary said. These past few days he had been visiting a lot, maybe a little too much.

“We can’t wait for him, we’ll have to go without him.”

“What’s wrong with Charles?” Mary pointed at me, did I honestly look as bad?

“I’m going to deal with that now,” Michael said.

Something told me that whatever he had in mind was going to be one of his stupid ideas that never work.

He dragged me into the bathroom, I was then forced into the bathtub full of ice blocks and water. Every inch of my body felt it. I was being held back into the water so I couldn’t get out. I felt like I was dying, slowly.

I swear I went from drunk to sobber. My brain was finally working properly again.

I was finally pulled out after what felt like hours, my body was fizzing and I couldn’t stop shivering. I got up and put some warm clothes on. If I had bumped into someone in the street dressed like this they would probably think I was cr@zy. I got dressed as fast as I could.

“I’m driving,” I said.

“Hell no, a few minutes ago you were just trying to make out with me.”

“He was what now?” Mary exclaimed.

“Shut up!” I snapped at them. Something told me I was going to hear of this for a very long time.

“I’m here!” Erik said. The dude literally popped out of nowhere.

“We now know where Elizabeth is, so are you getting into the car or not”Michael said breaking the silence.

We all exchanged looks before getting into the car.

Michael just had to be the driver. I made it clear to him what would happen if he should put a scratch on my car.

We called the cops before we left the house (no thanks to Mary’s persistence). It would have been easier not to in case things got messy.

At first, I thought we were going in the wrong direction. The GPS lead as in the middle of the woods, to an old house, it was an old abandoned house that seemed to be falling apart. The house looked like it was bending to the side, must have been because of the wind. What could anyone be possibly be doing here? I must say it was a pretty good hideout.

We looked around the house before we went inside just to make sure no one was around, and no one was. It almost ten minutes since we arrived and the police where still not here. I guess you can say I got a little too impatient.

It was dark inside the house and there was no sign of electricity in here, I had to use the flashlight on my phone. We saw her phone laying on the ground as well as her jacket that she had the day we went to the party, no doubt she had been here.

There was blood everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It looked pretty much to me like a sla.ughterhouse.

After about an hour the police finally arrived (and we are supposed to rely on these people). They did an investigation and as usual, they had no idea where she was and so did we, there was no trace of her or anything besides her jacket and phone.

They had tried to earlier all the evidence.

The ride back home was silent, we all had this one question on our minds. I could tell everyone was thinking it but no one wanted to say it.

Was she still alive?

Mary and Erik left not so long after.

“Charles, we’ll find her. It’s going to be alright.” He said while placing his hand on my shoulder.

This whole ‘It’s gonna be alright’ thing was starting to piss me off, everyone just kept on saying it. I realized it was never going to be alright, it just kept getting worse.

“Michael don’t fk’n tough me. If you hadn’t come back none of this would have happened. You should have stayed there where no one wants you. Everyone that gets close to you ends up paying for it instead. That’s why Emily is dead, because of you.”

“This is my fault now? If you hadn’t decided to sleep all your problems away maybe she would have been here. Now, who’s the coward.”

No matter how hard it was for me to admit it, it was true. I just couldn’t face the truth. Thinking that there is a chance she could still be alive is so much better than facing reality.

“You right, Michael, it’s my fault.”

“Yes, it’s your fault…”he paused_ “Did you just agreed with me.”

“Yes Michael, are you satisfied now.”

“Yes” Arrogant much.

“I should have been more careful with her now her life is in danger. I never really expected this.”

“I hear you brother, I think there is something fishy going on. We need to find your girl, fast.”

I knew now that she was at a greater risk than she has been, but why? why would anyone do that but then again i wasn’t in the position to ask that because my brother his a serial killer the other one was a liar and my sister. she was a completely different story.

I just couldn’t sit here and do nothing anymore, I had to find her myself.

“The police said the house belonged to a small family named the Barron’s. But ever since they moved out of town ten years ago no one has ever been there.”

“Wait isn’t that Erik’s last name.”


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