MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN: Episode 21 to 30

Mission To The Unknown

Episode 21

By: Kelvin Ajayi✍️

Queen Allysia was seen, placing to and fro in the garden while her gaurds stood beside her.

MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN: Episode 21 to 30. Thingscouplesdo.com

“Are you guys sure of what you just told me?” Queen Allysia asked, not believing her ears.

“Yes my Queen” one of the gaurds replied.

“I Don’t believe you. How can you tell me that they kssed, hugged and did all sort of romantic things right there in front of you all.” Queen Allysia disagreed.

“Love at first sight is stupid and in the case of Bryan, it’s not possible. Of all the whole beautifull people he knows, he finally picks someone that she dosen’t know, that’s a big lie!” Queen Allysia professed.

“Bryan is the type who dosen’t believe in love. How can she suddenly see Alexa, call her name, kss, hug… No. No. No. I can’t believe this” Queen Allysia remarked with a straight face.

“My Queen, You can visit him if you think we’re lying. He took her away in a bridal style” another said and the Queen dismissed them with a snap of her fingers.

She took her fan and walked inside the building.

“If i found out that what these gaurds are saying is really true, i swear by my father’s corpse, i’m gonna skill her alive… She dosen’t match my son at all” Queen Allysia thought in her head as she walked past the sitting room and met King Damien.

“Honey, how are you doing?” Queen Allysia asked.

“Fine” King Damien replied perfuntoniry.

Queen Allysia wanted to take the stairs but she finally stopped on her track when she notice her husband didn’t add ‘and you?’

“Honey” she called as she turned and started taking slow steps to him.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’re acting strange.” Queen Allysia peeved as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

“I Said i’m fine. I just want to rest, please leave” King Damien said and shrugged her hand off his shoulder and Queen Allysia was extremely shocked.

This will be the first time it was ever happening.

“Maybe he just need some rest” she thought in her head as she turned and walked away.


“Oh Gosh! My lips is paining me. Don’t you get tired of kssing?” Alexa asked, pushing Bryan’s mouth away.

“You know i can never get tired of my Heartbeat’s mouth. It’s the sweetest thing i’ve ever tasted” Prince Bryan said while Alexa narrowed her brows.

“So when did i become a food?” Alexa asked and Bryan burst out laughing.

“If you say so” Bryan said and Alexa punched her Playfully.

Bryan immediately grabbed her waist and pushed her to the bed.

“Do you know you’re cute?” Alexa asked.

“Woah, finally admitting that i’m cute” Bryan raised his hands happily.

“Oops. It was mistake, i wanted to say ‘Do you know you’re ugly?” Alexa teased and Bryan frowned her face.

“Oh no! I hate you” Bryan yelled.

“I Hate you too” Alexa yelled back.

“I Love you” Bryan said.

“I Love you too” Alexa replied and kssed his cheeks.

“Do you know we’re crazy?” Bryan chuckled.

“Yeah. You’re always crazy” Alexa replied.

“No. I mean us” Bryan peeved.

“Nope. You’re the one crazy here” Alexa professed and sat on the bed.

“I Want you to promise me this” Alexa said in a serious tone and held Bryan’s hands.

“What’s that?”

“Please promise me that you’ll never leave me no matter what” Alexa muttered.

“I Promise you. I can never leave such an angel like you..” Bryan said and Alexa blushed.

“But why are you saying this? You’re making me feel scared. Is there a problem? I don’t wanna loose you” Bryan said sincerely.

“Everything is fine.” Alexa replied and rested on Bryan’s chest.

Bryan who was resting on the wall, drew Alexa’s shirt and began to rub her belly.

“Why are you rubbing my belly? Do i look like someone that is pregnant?” Alexa asked and rolled her eyes.

“Just feel like doing this for my heartbeat” Bryan replied while Alexa smiled.

“He’s such a loverboy” Alexa thought in her head.

The room was silent and they began to feel the calmness of the room.

Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door.

“Who’s there?” Bryan asked in a grumpy tone.

“It’s me son” Queen Allysia said and Alexa cringled.

“Oh Mom, I’m busy right now. Can you come over later?” Bryan asked politely.

“Busy with Alexa, right?” Queen Allysia asked and scoffed.

“Yes mom” Bryan replied.

“Oh, the rumor is true, huh. You really love That stupid girl” she said from outside.

“Mom” Bryan called sternly.

“Open this door now!” Queen Allysia demanded.

“I Can’t” Bryan said begrudgingly.

“Are you stupid? Open this door now!” Queen Allysia commanded but Bryan stood by his words.

“No Mom” Bryan disagreed.

Allysia turned backwards and began to sniff in tears.

“Mom, are you crying?” Bryan asked but her mom made no reply.

“Mom” Bryan said and opened the door.

Queen Allysia turned swiftly and barged into the room.

Bryan touched his forehead and followed her.

“In all the ladies in Atlancia, you couldn’t find any girl than this low-life over here” Queen said.

“Mom, this is the girl i want to marry” Bryan said.

“Over my dead body will i allow you to get married to this bit.ch over here. Someone who dosen’t even have a family”

“M….” Bryan tried to speak but his mom shut him off.

“She wants to marry you because of the throne. She loves you because she needs the money and fame. How can you date a girl you don’t know her family?” Queen Allysia said and scoffed.

Alexa couldn’t take it anymore, she hid her tears and stormed out of the room.

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