MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN: Episode 31 to The End

Mission To The Unknown

Episode 31

By: Kelvin Ajayi✍️


Alexa yawned loudly as she woke up, stretching her hands in the air.

The bright atmosphere reflected to her beautiful face through the window that was half opened.

MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN: Episode 31 to The End. Thingscouplesdo.com

The chirping of the birds could be heard as Alexa’s eyes scanned through the room and it stopped on the wall clock hanging on the wall.

She gasped in shock when she noticed it was few minutes past 6am.

“Crap!” she exclaimed and immediately ran to the bathroom.
When she returned from the bathroom half dressed, Bryan was already up from the bed.

“Good morning Bryan” Alexa greeted, rubbing her lotion.

“Morning heartbeat” Bryan said and bit his lips.

“Go$h, you’re $educing me right now” Bryan muttered, trying not to look at her body.

“How i’m i $educing you?” Alexa asked a little bit confused.

“Your shape is revealing. Your chest, your bum” Bryan stated and Alexa grabbed her towel and wrapped it.

“I Think you’re going crazy Bryan… Anyways, you need get ready, it’s 6am already” Alexa stated as Bryan $panked her bum and ran to the bathroom.

“Such a dkhead” Alexa muttered under her breath and began to wore her ¢lothes.


“Why i’m feeling this way, or is is because i saw part of her nvde. Why i’m i feeling like having sx with her now?” Bryan thought in his head.

“Oh God! I’m sure she’s a vrgin if i’m not mistaken. She’s still seventeen. I’m pretty sure she’s not ready to have sx” Bryan said.

“Or should i wait till she completes eighteen. Oh God!” Bryan groaned as he placed some paste on his brush and began to do justice to his teeth.

“No matter what, i’ll wait till she’s ready. I wait till she ready to give in to it. I’m not gonna force her or request for it. Yes, i’ll do just that” Bryan thought and smiled.

He dropped the brush on the usual location and headed to the bathtub.


Erica was done dressing and dicided to wait for some minutes before going out.

She switched on the Television and began to watch her favourite cartoon.

Not quite long, she heard a knock on the door.

“Who’s there?” Erica asked.

“It’s me Alexa” Alexa beamed and Erica let out a smile before switching off the Tv.

“I’m coming” she shirked in happiness and ran out of her room.

“C’mmon Erica, we gat to go. We gat no time” Alexa ushered as Erica turned to her room and sighed.

“Goodbye” she muttered as she turned to Alexa.

“Where’s my brother?” Erica asked with keen interest.

“He’s already in the car waiting for us… c’mmon” Alexa replied and got hold of Erica’s hand before running away.
Erica and Alexa jumped into the car as Bryan ignited the engine and zoomed off.

“Good morning brother” Erica stated.

“Morning. How was your night?” Bryan asked.

“It was hectic…i kept dreaming about my friends i’m gonna miss in my school, How earth is gonna look like, how will i be able to wear earth clothes and also eat their food. Gosh!” Erica pointed out.

“You know; i was also thinking the same when i was sent by our priest to visit Atlancia. At first, i was scared but later on, i got determined. I know the priest would be shocked to see me back” Alexa stated.

“Perhaps, we’re gonna be returning in the next five months” Bryan stated.

“I Hope so” Erica uttered and exhaled lightly.

“Um… Alexa, where are we heading to?” Bryan asked with keen interest.

“Just take us to any secret place you know around” Alexa responded while Bryan turned to the sterring and continue driving.

Suddenly two cars blocked their way and Bryan quickly screeched to an halt.

“What the fk is wrong with those guys?” Bryan growled and came out of the car.

Alexa came out of the car but Erica didn’t move an inch.

Bryan jaw dropped when a young guy dressed in red outfits with a black hut on his head came out of one of the car.

He was holding a long gun and from his look, you need no soothsayer to tell you that he’s a great assasin.

“Bryan, you have just ten seconds to bring out Erica from the Car or consider yourself a dead meat” Jack’s voice came out like thunder and Bryan frozed.

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