(One more chance)

~ Aaron ~
“Just answer my one question!”, I said. “If that bastard wants to come back to you, will you allow him?”, I asked. Please say no, Eva! Please!
“I don’t know”, she whispered helding her head down in shame. Does she know anything?
“That’s it! I can’t anymore now! Don’t you dare follow me up! I need some rest.”, I growled and left her there, rushing upstairs.
Kicking the door open, I took out my coat and throwed it carelessly on bed. I sat down with head in my hands.
Nothing helped! I did everything to make it less painful. I talked to mom and dad. Drank, raced on high speed. But nothing just helped. It’s like she is deeply carved in my soul and whatever I do, her presence is still there.
I can’t think one moment without her in my mind. I thought, finally I would be happy. Finally I would be no more lonely. When everything was smoothly running on right track, why the fvck my fate has to mess it up. Can’t my life, once think about me. Can it once stop taking away everything that I hold dearly!
I am fed up of this! I am fed up of living alone. For god’s sake I am no lifeless thing that can lie anywhere carelessly! I too need someone with whom I can share my feelings. With whom I can share my problems. But why am I so damn unlucky in this department!
When I thought I don’t need anyone, she was dropped in my life. And when I finally found my colours in her presence, she is going away?
I can’t live a colourless life now, when I know what joy they bring in your life. After so many years, for the first time after my parents death I celebrated Christmas like normal families do. For the first time someone prepared food for me, not because it was her duty but because she wanted to. For the first time, I had someone waiting for me at home.
I can’t go back to living alone now. I can’t go back to coming home alone. I can’t go back to working till late night, and sleeping without having dinner. I just can’t!
Falling back on bed, I stared at the white ceiling. Plain white. No spot, no dirt, nothing. Perfectly spotless. This was my life until Eva came. It was perfect, though I was alone, it didn’t affect much. My lonely self didn’t taunted me much. But now when I know what it feels like to have someone care for you, this white colour no more wants to be white. It wants to be painted in different colours. It wants to feel different colours.
My eyes slowly started loosing it’s strength to keep it open. Giving up, I closed my eyes.
I woke up when a bright light pierced the darkness that room was enveloped in. Squinting my eyes open, I saw room litted with bright lights.
“You must be hungry?”, A voice asked, but my mind was too fuzzed to recognise it.
Rubbing my eyes, I yawned. Once I was fully awake, I realised I was tucked in warm blanket. My shoes, socks, and wrist watch were no longer clinging onto my body. Glancing around, my eyes landed on worried frame of Eva.
Her eyes held worry, figure somewhat nervous, hands clamped together. “Are you okay?”, She asked. I ignored.
Leaving the comfort of bed, I pulled out new clothes from closet and entered bathroom.

The warm water relaxed my every nerve that was tied. I heaved a deep sigh of contentment.
Wearing a white t-shirt under blue button up shirt and light wash jeans, I came out. Eva was folding the bedsheets, she looked up and paused. She was about to say something but I ignored and walked towards dressing table. I gelled my hair back and sprayed my usual cologne.
“I know you don’t want to talk to me, but please don’t take out you anger on food. You must be hungry, I have prepared your favourite c-“, Her voice stopped when I was out and already stepping downstairs.
I took my Ducati Macchia Nera out from garage and rode away from this stressing problems.
The ride was just of ten minutes, guards opened gate for me and informed that Adam is inside when I asked them about him.
I saw Adam sitting on the stool beside bar side, taking sip of his whiskey.
What happened to him?
Why is he suddenly a drunkard?
I cleared my throat, he startled before looking up at me and heaving a sigh of relief.
“Everyone come and goes like it’s their own house! For god’s sake, I am the owner”, He slurred slamming glass on table.
“What the hell are you talking about?”, I queried curiously.
“First your wife, then that bloody s*xy b!tch! Ughh! What the hell she thinks of herself! “, He rambled to himself while I stood there frowning.
“Who s*xy b!tch?”, I questioned pulling out one more glass for me.
“That Chloe Jones! She can’t just come, seduce and leave me with a fvcking boner! What the hell does she thin- of herself”, he hiccuped in between.
“What are you talking about, Adam?”, I tried to dig in for more.
“I thought she really meant what she said. But when she denied and insulted me, I played it cool like it doesn’t matter much but it hurted little bit ya know!”, His face puckered out and his bottom lip quivered. I swear he looks on the verge of crying.
D@mn! Here I was thinking about sharing my problems but look at him! He looks like he will need a baby pacifier anytime soon.
I give up. Dragging his drunkard ass upstairs while he protested in response, I made him stand infront of shower and let the tap open. He was frantic for first few minutes, cursing and yelling but slowly it subsided.
“Are you sober now?”, I asked irritated.
“Yeah very much, thanks to you”, he replied rolling his eyes and got out from bathroom. I followed him and sat down on bed while he was inside closet, changing his wet clothes.
“You were really crying over a girl?”, I asked incredulously once he came out wearing fresh clothes.
“Look, I am already paying with my self-respect just because I am your friend, I don’t need more humiliation. Not at least from the one who is in my shoes too!”, He snapped glaring at me.
“What happened to the rule of not settling on one girl?”, I mocked.
“Get out!”, He snarled and I rolled my eyes.
“Fine, I just needed to divert my mind and humiliating you was a good diversion”, I stated and he scoffed.
“I am flattered that I could be at your service, sir!”, He replied sarcastically and I chuckled.
“Did you talked to Riley?”
“No, she says not to meddle in her life. But I am not gonna stop, I will make her break that stupid engagement”. I nodded in understanding.

“Let’s go?”, I asked standing up, he raised his eyebrows.
“You are not serious?”, He gasped and I shrugged. “Let’s go before you change your mind!”, he exclaimed dragging me out.
We parked our bikes in the parking lot. At the entrance, the bouncer immediately recognised Adam and let us in.
My first thought was, uggh! There was smell of alcohol everywhere! Like alcohol too was dancing with grinding couples.
“Don’t tell me this is what you are always excited about!?”, I yelled over the blasting music, he snickered.
“No ways! We will be in VIP area. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as this is!”, He shouted back while waving his hand around.
Once we reached upstairs, another bouncer opened door for us. This area was somewhat civil, couples weren’t openly making out unlike downside. The area was wide and open like a hallway. Small open cabins seperated with walls. The front area was fully covered with glass, but faint music was still hearable.
He took me to third cabin where many of our age were already hanging out. “Hey guys!”, Adam greeted.
He have friends!?
I thought I was his only friend!
This weird man can too have friends? What a joke!
“Hey Addi”, the guys yelled back.
I take that back. This weird man can have weird friends!
“Hey, It’s Aaron King right?”, Another blonde guy pointed out and the three girls that were until now not paying attention snapped turned towards us.
“Wow! He is hot!”, A girl giggled and I rolled my eyes.
“What the he*ll, Adam!?”, I hissed. But he gave me assuring eyes, which didn’t assured me one bit.
“Yeah, I hope you know him. He is my friend”, Adam said and everyone hooted in cheer.
“Of course! Who don’t know, The Aaron King!”, Another guy exclaimed and I gave them small trimmed smile.
“Come sit here”, a golden haired girl politely patted beside her, Adam immediately pushed me down and I landed beside her. I gave her a quick smile, she smiled back.
“Mia Haydon”, she forwarded her hand for shake, I accepted.
“Aaron King”, I introduced myself though she already know me.
“I know”, she smiled. “I heard that you were always uncomfortable around women, it didn’t seem so”, she queried, I chuckled.
“Actually, my wife and her cousins are always around so the discomfort is no more”, I replied.
“Ohh, I almost forgot that you are married”, she confessed apologetically.
“Yeah”, I confirmed somewhat wanting to forget too.
She is beautiful, long golden locks reaching till her mid back. Pale skin, button nose and heart shaped lips. Electric blue eyes and long dark eyelashes. She is attractive but not more than my Eva.
Ughh! I am back on her thoughts!
“You okay?”, She asked raising her eyebrows.
“Yeah, I am fine”, I sighed smiling convincingly.
“You don’t look though”
“I am not”, I admitted.
“Wanna talk about it?”, She asked.

I really need someone to talk right now. And seeing Adam, he is not a good choice. Should I tell some stranger about how I feel? Is it right thing to do?
“Will you hear?”, I questioned.
“Of course I will. Wanna go somewhere quite?”, She asked and I nodded. She stood up and mouthed, “let’s go”.
I stood up without second thought and followed her out. She took me to parking area. “Where are you taking me?”
“Somewhere alone, where you can talk your heart out”, she said before pulling out her phone.
“I have my bike”, I said and she looked up smiling.
“Let’s go then”
She directed me, and we rode until she told me to stop. We were on the outskirts of city. It was a beach. She took me to a secluded area. Removing her heels she sat down. Glancing up at me, she patted a place beside her.
I took out my sneakers and sat down with a proper distance between us.
“My name is Mia Haydon. I am a jewelry designer. I own a jewelry showroom and an art school where I am a teacher. I had two relationships in my life, one of which was so severe that it almost pushed me to kill myself. But my brother helped me out. Now I am happily single and ready to mingle”, she winked at me while saying the last word and I immediately averted my eyes. She chuckled.
I couldn’t help but admire the woman beside me who just told me her life story within merely two minutes.
“Your turn!”,
“I am Aaron King. Owner, Managing Director and CEO of King&Co. I lost my parents at an early age, and lived alone until I met Adam and his sister in highschool. My marriage with Eva was somewhat neither she was agreed to nor me, but slowly I started to feel something for her. Loneliness started to creep me out, and I grew fond of her presence. She made me laugh, smile and every emotion that I forgot existed. And when I found myself completely in love with her, my unlucky fate is about to take her away from me. I love her, and there is no deny but she doesn’t and that hurts.”, I took it all out and damn this feels so good. “I just hope I won’t be in News papers tomorrow with my life story printed beside?”, I joked and she laughed before shooking her head.
“No, don’t worry. I am not a crazy paparazzi or any creepy stalker. So you have nothing to worry about”, she assured with a hint of playfulness.
“I hope so”, I shrugged.
“You don’t believe me!”, She fake gasped and I laughed. Moments later, she joined.
I never knew talking with any woman who is not Eva will be this comfortable.
“So, she loves someone else?”, She asked after silence settled between us.
“She is confused about him too”, I answered.
“Ex- love?”
“Yeah”, I agreed.
“First love is difficult to forget. And if she did loved him undeniably then there shouldn’t be any confusion. But if still she is confused between you two, then congrats, you have a place in her heart. You just have to clear her confusion. That’s it!”, She said.
How did I never thought about it? If Eva is confused, then definately she is having second thoughts about Liam.
“How do I clear her confusion?”, I asked.
“I am not a cupid, Aaron. How will I know?”, She pouted.
“And what if she choose him over me?”, A tangled knot formed in my stomach, twisting it in different ways, making me squirm in fear.

“Then have a big heart and let her go”, she stated like an eveready maths formula.
“That’s impossible!”, I exclaimed.
“You will be okay, Aaron.”, She placed a comforting hand on my arm.
“She is a soft humming melody in my boring life, I cannot risk of losing her. My life will be lifeless again. It will be filled with pin drop silence again, and I don’t want that! After losing my parents, I cannot lose her. I am not that strong anymore.”, I said. I really cannot afford losing her. I will be a lost ship in the middle of storm without her.
“I can’t believe a tough man like you can be so fragile from inside”, she commented sighing and looked front. Even I can’t believe.
“I thought men are so tough and rough that they don’t have any emotions at all. After my first boyfriend mercilessly dumped me, I had a misconception that all men are a$sholes! But you are a different case”, she said after a moment of silence. I took a deep breath and lied down. Gazing at the infinite stars, I remembered our date. Eva was so happy that day.
“She is so lucky”, why does everyone keep saying that?
“If you think all men are as$holes, why did you brought me here then?”, I frowned.
“You are hot, handsome, I thought I will have some fun tonight. But looking at your ‘I-am-so-lost-help-me’ look, I changed my mind.”, She shrugged and lied down beside me, like she didn’t even said something so bold just few seconds ago. I abruptly sat straight and she laughed.
“Lie back, Aaron! I am not gonna r@pe you.”, She snickered and pulled me back.
“What if she k!ssed him?”, I asked.
“Still she is confused?”
“Did she ever resisted your closeness?”
“Umm, No”, I answered. Now that I think, she never really resisted my touch. Yes, she would get nervous but never once stopped me. It was always me who pulled back. “Is she sexually frustrated?”, I whispered to myself, but Mia’s loud laughter cleared the fact that she too heard it.
“No, Aaron. Or I don’t know. But c’mon! You are hot, who will resist your touch”, she teased and I glared. “Okay, jokes apart, I think she really needs someone all the time beside her. Which happens to be you. And you are definitely attractive Aaron, no girl can resist it.”, I gave her a stink eye at that. “Seriously, don’t give me that look. Even if you attempt to kiss me now, I am not a stupid to push you away. Your intimidating personality makes the person nervous. And somewhat curious too. From what I know, she is surely attracted to you! Just try to keep that as$hole of her ex-boyfriend out her mind and try to make her yours”, she explained and a smile crept on my face.
“Who cannot fall in love with you?”, I really admired this lady. That guy must be stupid who left her. She is perfect in every way. No confusion unlike someone I know.
“You.”, She replied and I cleared my throat.
“No one can replace Eva! Not even you”, I replied smugly, she chuckled.
“I don’t even want to replace her. I will find someone more handsome and hot than you for myself”, she replied with equal smug.
“I will come to see your search progress with my grand kids”, I teased, she gasped.
“You pr!ck!”, She yelled and slapped my arm. I laughed over her flustered face.
“I never knew talking to a stranger will be this good”, I said stealing a glance at her.
“I thought we are friends already”, she pouted sadly.
“Keep dreaming”, I muttered.
“A$shole!”, She cursed.

We talked for sometime more, it was late so we decided to call it a night. I dropped her at her house and came back.
I was whistling and spinning the keys in my finger while entering when I saw Eva standing up from couch and rushing towards me, stumbling on her way. I stopped on my tracks and cleared my throat.
“It’s late, you didn’t sleep?”, I raised my eyebrows.
“No, I was waiting for you. I called Adam, but he said that you left with some girl you met at club-”
“Are you jealous, Mrs. King?”, I teased. Cause the distate in her voice when she mentioned a girl was not at all very cheerful to hear.
“No I am not. I am just curious”, she denied and I scoffed.
“Don’t be. It’s my life, and I am not obliged to tell you anything”, I ruffled Sky’s head as he was standing beside Eva and strolled up, continuing my whistling.
I tossed my shirt on chair and entered inside closet. Wearing a long sleeved grey t-shirt and same color sweat pants, I came out and saw Eva preparing her bed. Ignoring her, I put my mobile on charge and plopped down on bed. Snuggling deep, I switched off lights and covered myself with duvet.

After fifteen minutes, I felt bed getting dipped at side still I didn’t made any move to show that I am wide awake.
Her slender and long fingers stroked my cheek fondly. “I know I hurted you, Aaron. I know I am being a b!tch now. I know I am the most confusing person you have ever met but please don’t do this. Don’t stop talking to me. I am so addicted to your voice that it kills me to not hear from you. The one who you call b@stard, I loved him with everything I had. But then he was gone and you came. You made me feel new things. You made me feel confident about myself, you made me feel beautiful, powerful. You made me feel that I am needed. And it warmed my heart. I don’t know what I feel for you, or if I still love him but that is what I am, Aaron. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I don’t know whom I am supposed to choose. I don’t know what I am supposed to feel. Hear me, Aaron. Don’t just give a deaf ear. I really need you right now”, she said. I clenched my fist to keep a stoic face, so that it will be emotionless.
I was on my right side, facing her. My hand that was resting beside me, she picked it up and crawled closer to me. Nuzzling closer in my embrace she kept my hand on her waist. “Bad night, sweet nightmares Mr. King”, with that she was dozed off in deep slumber. Once I heard her even breathing and saw her deep sleeping form, I tightened my hold on her and pulled her impossibly closer. Repeating the same greeting, I too gave in for the night.
Next morning, I woke up to an empty bed. Roaming my eyes around, I saw her peacefully sleeping on her bed.
When did she went there to sleep?
I rolled off bed, and took light steps towards her. Crouching down on my knees, I brushed off some strands of her hair and placed it behind her ear. I k!ssed her forehead, nose, both the cheeks and corner of her lips before standing up to do my morning routine.
After coming back from jog and gym, I saw her in kitchen preparing lunch for us. After getting ready for office, we had breakfast and then took our leave for office.
“You missed the board meeting yesterday!”, She said when we were seated in car.
“What!?”, When did it happened?
“An immediate meeting was called yesterday morning, but you were not there so I took care of it. I mean, not by participating in the meeting, I just told them that you are sick and won’t be able to attend.”, She said and I gave her an appreciative nod. She smiled.

“I will take care of it”, I said. We reached office. She expectantly waited for me to k!ss her on the forehead, but disappointing her I left. She stood there stunned. Let her know what she is missing.
I peeked in Stella’s office and asked her to arrange the board meeting again.
“Sir, someone is waiting for you inside”, she informed, I frowned.
“I don’t know”
“Still you allowed?”
“I am sorry but he insisted so I couldn’t do anything.”
“Fine. I will take care of it”, I said and pranced towards my office.
As soon as I entered, the chair infront of my desk spinned around and I came face to face with the person I least want to see.
“What the hell are you doing here? And who the hell let you in.”, Opening door wide open, “Out!”, I snarled.
“D@mn! You husband and wife have same way with your words huh! That’s amusing”, he chuckled.
“What the fvck are you talking about, Mr. Woodwords!”, I asked.
“Please call me Liam. After all we love the same woman. And about your asked question, well when I came here yesterday, these were the same words that Eva said to me.”, He replied casually.
He came here yesterday too? I should let my security know to never let this a$shole ever enter in my office.
“My wife knows how to treat shits like you!”, I snapped.
“She also knows how to kiss someone. Which I don’t think you have experienced, but I have. Many ti-“, That’s it. I swinged a hard punch on his side jaw and the chair wheeled back, bumping on the desk due to impact.
I grabbed him by his collar and throwed him out. Stella came out of her office, the receptionist too heard the commotion and came out. Both gasping at the situation that was unfolding before them.
“Stay. Away. From. My. Wife!”, I growled. He just smirked which angered me more.
“Call the security!”, I yelled while he held his hands up defensively.
“Chill, Mr. King. I am leaving, but just to come back”, with that he turned and disappeared from my sight.
“I don’t ever want that bastard around this office building anymore, am I clear?”, I warned both Stella and the receptionist whose name I don’t remember right now and they nodded meekly.
“Cancel the meeting, and readjust it for the afternoon”, I ordered. Stella squeaked out an okay and both rushed back. I strode towards elevator and punched for the floor on which Eva works.
Once I entered, every present employee greeted me but I didn’t reciprocated. Finding her cubicle empty, I raised my eyebrows at the female employee that was seated beside her cubicle.
“In Mrs. Smith’s off-office”, she stuttered and I made my way towards Mrs. Smith’s office.
“And then get me the fi-“, Mrs. Smith stopped as soon as she spotted me at door.
Eva turned, her eyes widened at my sight.
“Mr. King, is there something I can help you with?”, Mrs. Smith asked and I nodded.
“My wife”, was my curt answer before I grasped Eva’s wrist and dragged her out. She followed me obediently.
Entering my office, I closed door and pushed her on it. She gasped lowly. With my one large step, she was trapped between me and door. My hands caging her from escaping.
“I want to k!ss you so hard and have my ways with you right now right here that you won’t be able to walk for next month!”, She gulped at my sentence. “But I won’t”, she visibly relaxed. “Instead I am ready to forgive your that stupid mistake and give our relationship one more chance, are you willing to?”, I asked.
“Ye-yes”, she answered.
Thank God! I was scared I will hear her ‘I don know’, again.
I immediately encircled my arms around her, nuzzling myself more in search of peace which only her presence gives me.

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