(A Goodbye k!ss?)?

~ Eva ~
A week later, King&Co, 12:21 PM
“These are final documents. Once signed, send them to me. I will hand it over to the family court. If needed, you might be called in court”, Mrs. Brooklyn, the divorce lawyer said placing the documents on Aaron’s work desk.
Yes, we are getting divorced. I kept insisting him from past few days and he gave in. I forced him for divorce, but now I feel like it’s me being forced.
I am regretting this decision! But I shouldn’t. Then why? Why am I feeling like this? Liam is waiting for me in the parking lot, but I don’t want to go!.
When Riley told me that contract is no more, I just lost it. How could he do this? He betrayed me! He made me sign another agreement by covering it up with a lie! He can’t just fvcking decide for me!
This angered me more and I kept bugging him. Telling him, how unhappy I am with him. How much I hate him. How much I hate his presence. All lie!
“Thank you, Mrs. Brooklyn. We will send them to your office once they are signed”, Aaron’s voice caught my attention. His eyes were tired, posture defeated. He looked like a man with no strength. And the irony is, he is one of the most powerful man in this world.
“Sure, I will take your leave”, said that, Mrs. Brooklyn left.
“You sign them first, I will do it later”, he whispered. His voice dejected. It couldn’t surmount the feelings that he wanted hidden.
“What about your company?”, I asked.
Am I finding a reason to not do it?
“Don’t worry about it. It’s none of your concern anyway. Just sign them and go. He must be waiting for you”, he said coldly before turning his back towards me. His eyes were grazing the view outside the window but I know his ears were monitoring my each and every movement.
I picked up the pen and his fist clenched. The nip stayed on the space where I should sign.
And I signed. He closed his eyes, his fist unclenched.
A tear rolled out of my eye but I wiped it away. “I-I will leave”, I whispered and turned to open the door.
My hand grasped the handle and was about to unlock it when Aaron’s grip on my wrist stopped me.
“I tried, I tried to be strong but I couldn’t. Please don’t go. Please don’t leave me”, he pleaded.
Suddenly he stood straight and smiled forcefully. “I am sorry, you don’t even love me still I am begging you like a stupid.”, His words penetrated right through my heart.
“I-I will leave”, I mumbled.
“Ca-can you k!ss me? I mean, one last good bye k!ss. I am sorry it probably sound so lame. I just want you to be my first k!ss. Let it be, you don’t-“, his words were cut off when I placed my lips on his.
He was stunned, shocked and dumbstruck. His lips froze and eyes widened. I pulled away but he was quick to pull me back. His lips came crashing down on mine. They hovered over mine in a dominating pace, devouring me hungrily. Soon I was pinned to wall while he continued to k!ss me. This feels estatic. Beautiful. The feeling you will probably trade world for just one experience. He k!ssed me like I was his air, and he was drowning. Like I am his sunshine after a no moon day. Like I am the medicine for his every wound.

His t0ngue swiveled between my lips and I parted them for him to enter. His t0ngue immediately tangled with mine and I felt my body shattering in millions of pieces. This is what I want! This is it!
My hands travelled on his defined abdomen, feeling his hard muscles contradicting under my touch. When they reached behind his neck, I locked them and pulled him more closer. He gave a groan of pleasure when my teeth pulled his bottom lip.
We pulled apart when felt the need of air. Our foreheads resting against each other. His eyes closed, and he was panting hard. I smiled.
My phone rang and we both looked at it, Liam.
I immediately garnered it in my hand and declined the call. When I looked up, Aaron’s face resembled the definition of fear. He was scared of my next move.
“I need to go”, I whispered caressing his cheek. He looked at me like I stomped on his heart. Immediately he swatted my hands away and turned, giving me his back to face.
I unlocked door and strode out. Entering elevator, I winced at my reflection on the metal doors. My eyes were puffy, same as Aaron’s. I didn’t know I cried. My lip balm was smeared all over. And hair were messy like some truck ran over it. I immediately composed, and made myself presentable.
The elevator stopped at ground floor and doors opened. I spotted Daniel and Troy at the entrance so I made my way towards them.
“Daniel, Troy!”
“Yes, Eva?”, Both immediately turned giving me their sole attention.
“Follow me!”, I ordered before strutting out. Liam’s lean body was rested against his Mercedes when my eyes found him. Noticing me, he immediately stood straight but frowned when his eyes fell past me.
“Is everything done?”, He asked ignoring Troy and Daniel’s presence. I nodded.
“Good! Let’s go”, he smiled but I shooked my head. His smile fell.
“I am sorry, Liam. I can’t”, I stated with no emotions whatsoever.
“I said, I can’t come with you. Or no! Correction, I don’t want to come with you. “, I replied.
“What the hell are you talking about, Precious!?”, He shouted and both my bodyguards stepped front but I gestured them to stop.
“I am talking truth. I am sorry, Liam. But I don’t love you anymore. I am sorry it took me sometime to realise it. But better late than never. So, I am sorry but I don’t want to come. “, I said, his face shown disbelief.
“You can’t say that. We have loved each other for almost twelve ye-”
“Stop repeating it!”, I snapped and he was taken aback with the sudden change in my tone.
“Liam! Stop forcing me that I don’t want to do. I know it seems hard to believe, but I have moved on. I don’t love you anymore. I kept deceiving myself with this fake facade. And trust me, you will forget me too. You just need to let go of past”, I said convincingly but his eyes stayed cold.
“What happened to you suddenly?”
“Nothing! I just realised who I want. I was so stupid to not understand it before. I want Aaron. No one else. Please leave, Liam.”, I tried to make him understand.
“You can’t do this to me.”, He whispered.
“If you can, why can’t I? That man begged for me and I can’t give him more pain. Not when
his pain feels like someone is killing me repeatedly. “, My emotions were all over. I was so stupid to not realise it earlier. To not realise, how much he matters for me, how much his every smile, every frown, every tear affects me.

“Someone who cry is not a MAN! When he can’t even handle himself, how will he handle you? You need a man wh-”
“Who runs away like a coward? No, I don’t need a man who can’t stand with me to face his parents. I don’t need a man who values money more than me. I can never forget that you left me just because your father blackmailed you that he will not give you one penny from his property if you didn’t break up with me. And about Aaron, well let me tell you,
my Aaron is a man in every way. He respects relationships. He can go to any extent to protect them, even if it means to get on your knees and beg. For him, I am his world. And believe me, no other man has made me feel this much powerful. And that scares me, I want to be his strength not his weakness!”, I could feel proud smiles on Troy and Daniel’s face.
“But, Eva-”
“I am sorry, Liam. But I need to go right now. “, With that I stepped back. He tried to come closer but Troy and Daniel stepped between us. Giving him a last sad smile I turned and rushed back inside.
“Urghh, this turnstile!”, I groaned in frustration. Security guard helped me and I gave him an acknowledging nod.
“Is everything alright? Why are you in so hurry!?”, Lily asked me while I was rushing past reception.
“Everything is fine”, I yelled over my shoulder and hurried inside elevator, immediately pressing for top floor.
I am insane. I am literally cr@zy! How am I so dumb? He is everything for me still I kept running away from my feelings. For what? Just because I was in delusion of being in love with Liam? His eyes melts my every worry, his soft words takes away my every fear, his touch drives me cr@zy still I kept pushing him away?
When he said, he lost his v!rginity to some girl. I was going cr@zy. It felt like someone slapped me hard in my face. Like a bucket of cold water was splashed straight on me. He being with another woman? I can never imagine it. Never ever!
What was I supposed to do? My conscience couldn’t allow me to accept the fact that I was falling for a man who forced me to marry him. It didn’t thought of the tears he shed for me, it’s just thought how my right to decide for myself was snatched away from me.
I kept resisting the one to whom I am attracted as hell!
But now, enough of this. Whom I am kicking out of my life? Him? Without whom I will be nothing but a lonely soul. He is there where my peace is, he is there where my happiness is. Where my heart is!
He brought waves of happiness in my life. Never ending waves of smiles, joy, fun, love. And what did I gave him? Tears!
Elevator opened and I immediately rushed out towards his office. The door was slightly open, I gasped at the sight before me. Whole office was turned upside down. Tables, chairs, documents, files, laptop everything was broken, shattered and thrown carelessly around.
I pushed the door ajar open and glanced around. Only to find him at the corner of room, with his head between his knees, sobbing and whimpering continuously. In the same position as I first saw him twelve years ago.
Only the difference is, that day he cried for his parents and today, because of me.
I can’t hate myself more!
“Aa-Aaron!”, I whispered, his head whipped up and eyes widened at the sight of me. He immediately wiped his face with the back of his palm. “I- I love you”, Only I know how much of depth and emotions these three words hold. He burst out in tears the moment I said it. “I am sorry, baby!”, I rushed towards him and crouched down to envelope him in my arms. “I am so so sorry. I am sorry for hurting you. I am sorry for giving you this much pain. I am sorry for not realising how much I love you.”, He kept sobbing in my chest, clutching me tightly like I will ran away far from him. I cried with him. We emptied our pain, our sorrows, our agony through those salty tears. We let it all out.

“I-I love you. Please don’t leave me. I can’t live without you!”, He mumbled and I nodded.
“I love you too. I will never leave you, I promise”, I whispered. We stayed in each other’s embrace for a while.
“I want to sleep”, he said cutting the silence off. I stood up and made him stand too. Making him sit on the couch, I turned but he grasped my wrist. His eyes and posture suddenly alarmed.
“I was just going to close the door, no one will disturb us that way”, I said. He visibly relaxed.

After closing door, I came back. He lied down and pulled me over his body. I was quite worried because I know I am not light weight at all, but his grip on me didn’t let me move a bit. Giving up, I wrapped my arms around his stomach and rested my head on his chest. He slept like a baby within seconds.
I can’t believe how much tenuous I have made him. His heart has become so fragile that one push and it will break beyond repair. And the most shameful fact is, I have made him this way. I am the reason.
After making sure that he is in deep sleep, I carefully came out of his grasp. Tiptoeing towards door, I came out.
“Is everything fine? Is Mr. King okay?”, She asked immediately. Concern written all over her face.
“He is fine. He is sleeping.”, I assured and she took a breath of relief.
“Do you need anything?”, She asked.
“Food. Something healthy and light though. He hasn’t eaten properly since two days. Heavy food will not be a good option”, I said.
“I will order something healthy and light immediately. You go back to him. He needs you”, she urged me to go back and I nodded before leaving.
It’s been three hours but Aaron is still in fast asleep. I made his office presentable so that it will not look like just a storm had passed few hours ago. But still it looked little bit messy.
I sat on the table infront of the couch and kept staring at his sleeping form like a pshyco. I know I am being creepy now but I can’t help it.
Now I know why my destinies were blurred. Why the way of happiness was unclear to me. Why my heart was not accepting my decision. The answer is Aaron King. He is my destiny. He is my happiness. He is the right decision. He is what my heart accept. Not Liam, probably my heart gave up on Liam the day I found myself melting in Aaron’s arms.
I really must have done some good deeds in my last life that God has gifted me with Aaron. I can’t thank him enough.
He is mine. No one else’s. I never felt so possessive over someone ever before. Not even Liam. And this is scaring me. Cause what I am feeling for Aaron is way more deeper than what I used to feel for Liam. Way more deeper!
My endless thoughts took a break when Aaron stirred in his sleep. His eyes squinted open, adjusting to the lights he sat straight and let out a yawn. His eyes fell on me and a smile crept on his face. A smile of overjoy, contentment, satisfaction, love.
“I thought it was dream. You are really here”, he chuckled, his knuckles caressing my cheek. I leaned over his touch, and gave him a smile.
“You must be hungry?”, I said rubbing my thumb over his knuckles.
“I am not. I am full. With happiness!”, He grinned.
“Still. I will tell Stella to reheat the food”, with that I stood up and walked out of cabin.
Stella reheated the food and passed me. “It’s just chicken soup and fried rice. I couldn’t get anything else more healthy”, she said while handing over the carton box.

“That’s fine. Thanks. And please clear his schedule for today and tomorrow”, I added before taking the food from her.
“It’s already done. Just take care of him”, with a nod at her, I left and turned, just to find Aaron peeking at me out of door. Realising that I noticed him, he scurried back. I sighed.
I need to win his trust back.
“Food is here”, I chirped while entering, deciding not to comment on his recent behaviour.
We ate but while doing so, he kept glancing at me. Touching me frequently, either by accident or like a loving gesture. But I knew best, he kept making sure to himself that I am really here. That I decided not to go.
“We need to talk”, I said after throwing the empty cartons in dustbin, he nodded giving me his undivided attention.
Instead of sitting away from him, I chose him to sit on. When I sat on his lap, he was stunned for second. I rested my head on his chest, against his wildly beating heart.
“I am really here, Aaron. I am not going away from you, not untill you want me to”, I whispered, he immediately circled his arms around me, pulling me closer to himself.
“I will never let you. You are mine”, the possessiveness in his voice brought goosebumps all over my body.
“Then why did you accepted my stupid decision of divorcing you?”
“You kept saying that you hate me. I don’t want you to hate me.”, I smiled at his answer.
“Let’s talk something serious?”, He nodded at my suggestion. “What do you expect from this relationship?”, I need to ask him this. What he wants, what he needs. What are his expectations, fantasies, about love and relationships.
“Just you”
“Stop making me blush!”, I slapped his chest playfully, he laughed.
“Ca-Can I k!ss you?”, I frowned at his question. See, this is what I am talking about. He don’t need permission. He never k!ss’s me on lips, and that always irritated me.
“Can I asked you something?”, His face fallen at my question but nonetheless he nodded.
“Why did you always ignored my lips whenever we were being int!mate with each other?”, He squirmed on my question.
“Wha-what type of question is that?”, He nervously smiled.
“A question type question! Just answer!”
“I don’t know. I was scared-”
“That you will slap me?”, His bottom lip puckered out to show his confusion.
“Why will I slap you? If I didn’t pushed you when you were all over me, why will I push if you k!ss me?”
“Urghh! Let me just k!ss you!”, He groaned.
“Than don’t ask. You don’t need permission!”
I k!ssed him to stop his unstoppable blabbering. He immediately grabbed my waist and pulled me impossibly closer. This time his hands were hesitating to feel every inch of me. So being bold, I straddled him and guided his hands where my body craves to be touched by him. His t0ngue asked for dominance, but I didn’t let him. It was me who won. My hands slipped under his shirt, and his abs hardened at my touch. He groaned inside my mouth to show the pleasure he felt. My t0ngue explored every corner of his mouth fiercely, like trying to find a lost treasure. I want him! I want him badly! This s*xual tension needs to be release.

I pulled out my hands and started working on his buttons. He stopped me, I frowned.
“Le-let’s stop here. Let’s not go further!”, He breathed hard. Trying to grasp as much air as he can.
Is this man serious?
“I need you!”, I said sternly before beginning to unbutton him but he again stopped me.
“We are in office!”, He reminded and I sighed. He is right! Stop behaving like a harmonal teenage girl, Eva! Don’t be so desperate.
But look at him! He is so irresistible!
“Aaron, are you oka- Oh My God!”, Adam’s high pitched voice screeched and I immediately sprinted off from Aaron’s lap.
Thank god, I am wearing pants today.
“Knock before you enter, Adam!”, Aaron groaned rubbing his face with his palms.
“How-what-why? What the hell is happening? I thought I will come and console a cry baby, but the babies were indulged in adult live porn!”, Adam shouted incredulously and I shut door as his voice was loud enough to be heard from Mars.
“She came back”, Aaron smiled dreamily at me.
“I can see that!”, Adam’s one brow raised.
A knock interrupted us and I opened door only to find Chloe standing outside.
Why the hell is everyone here?
“Why are you here?”, Chloe asked me.
Exqueeze me!?
“They were in the process of making me uncle and you aunt when I made my grand presence! I am so young to be an uncle!”, Adam bvtted in.
Chloe’s expression were like, ‘What-the-h*ell-is-this-d!ck-talking-about?’
“I will explain!”, I said trying to calm the atmosphere.
“Go on!”, Chloe encouraged me with a nod.
“I decided not to go with, Liam. I realised how much I love Aaron so that is it!”, I exhaled like I just read a encyclopaedia.
“Thank you”, Adam grinned.
“I am sorry”, I apologised. They deserve my apology. I behaved nothing but like an insane person. My dilemma brought sadness over many faces.
“It’s okay. Better late than never”, Chloe commented and we nodded over it.
“Hey, we should celebrate!”, Adam announced out of nowhere.
“You are a live proof that God has sense of humour!”, Chloe teased, he glared.
“I didn’t do anything this time. Then why?”, He groaned.
“I just feel like insulting you. It completes my day!”, Chloe shrugged, Aaron snickered.
“I hate you!”, He grumbled.
“Stop being a c0ckblock and let’s go. This newly found couple need their own time”, she gripped his collar and dragged his stubborn ass out, leaving me and Aaron alone.
I looked at Aaron and found him already looking at me.
“Let’s go home?”, He nodded over my question so we called it a day.

9:00 PM, King’s Mansion.
After brushing my teeth, I came out of bathroom and found Aaron sitting on bed with his laptop glowing before him.
Again work?
“Shh!”, I warned as I kept now closed laptop on the nightstand beside bed.
He blinked in shock when I straddled him with my legs around his waist. My fingers traced every feature of his face. His sharp pointed nose, chiseled and sharp jawline. Broad, arched eyebrows. Soft plump pink lips.
His ragged breathing screamed how much of effect my simple touch has on him.
I leaned in and peppered small k!sses all over his face. His grip on the bedsheet tightened.
“We will make our first time special”, I whispered in his ear, he shivered at the proximity of my uneven breathing on his earlobe.
I know I am making sexual advances when he should be the one doing this. But knowing him, I don’t think now it is possible. He is shaken from inside, right now all he need is love. So expecting any intimacy from him is being selfish. And now I don’t want to take any chance of losing him. I had almost lost him because of my stupidity, I can’t afford it again. So I need to show him, how much I love him. How much I need him. How much he means to me.
“Wh-what happened to you?”, He stuttered.
“Just telling you by my actions that now you are trapped with me, Mr. King. Until death do us apart”, with that my lips found their destination.

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