Subtitled : Marriage war

By Author Joy

Episode 11

Alex was so eager to hear the doctor’s report concerning his wife. He and his mother were at the doctor’s office. “so what happened to her? ” he asked.

The doctor hummed. “Mr Alex I would like to talk to you privately ” he said but his mother insisted she’s not an outsiders. Alex agreed with his mother’s decision because whatever the problem was she would surely get to know.

“From what I get to know out of the test we did, your wife has a damaged womb and cannot give birth to a child of her own ” he said

The words stroke Alex and his mother “why? How comes? ” his mother asked peering at the doctor.
“Well, I can’t dictate but such usually occurs when a lady had an abortion without proper care. ” he said
“What???? ” Alex asked but his mother gave him a frown face and left the hospital immediately.

(Alex pov)

I never knew my wife has such a dark secret, she never told me she was once pregnant and committed an abortion….
I was dumbfounded and speechless when the doctor said it in the front of my mother …… She would tolerate no nonsense like that…..

I will wait patiently for my wife to be treated and discharged before I’ll ask her.

I got home tired and stressed up also looking frustrated when my mum came with her complain, she hit me so hard asking me to get up she wanted to have a word with me.

I sat up expecting nothing but quarrel “now that you’ve seen and heard it yourself, you need no one to tell you that you married a worthless fellow what are you going to do? ” she asked
“mum I don’t know what to do. I’m really confused ”
“confused of what? Tell me you are joking. You know you are the only child of your father and you need successor ”
“yes I know but I don’t have any means of having a baby ”

She sat quiet for a while then stood up and spoke in form of advice or should I call it warning.

“let me tell you something you don’t know, the truth is that you’ve not seen a wife, count yourself as single and start searching because I must carry my own grandchild and my generation cannot be wiped off so soon. Search for a wife from the village you insisted that you wanted a lady from the city. Now look at what your high class lady is causing for you. Better arrange her things so that she will leave this house ” she walked away. Tears flowed freely from my eyes.

I looked at our wedding picture largely placed on the wall and walked towards it “why would you do this to me? You’ve told me everything about you but kept your deepest secrets that finally haunt you ” I said to the picture.

The truth is that my parents will not agree with such and I don’t even think of siding her because she had kept it to herself and she will have to defend and fight for herself.


Ray arrived from work, his wife (lion) served him his dinner as usual. The food was so cold and she knows he likes eating hot food. He called her angrily and demanded why the food was cold.

“Don’t you know I prepared the food very early? How do you expect it to be hot? ” she asked him back
“seriously you are getting on my nerves. Can’t you microwave it? ”
“if you want me to microwave it tell me and stop asking me irrelevant questions that are so annoying ” she said.

She took the food to the microwave so it will warm and served him back.


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