Rose was mopping the floor at noon when she began to throw up suddenly, she never understood herself….

Alex helped her to complete the mopping and invited the family doctor to come and check on her…..

It didn’t take the doctor long, he appeared almost immediately…. As if he knew what was wrong with her…. He brought simple pregnancy test pills…..
She was confirmed pregnant…..

Alex and Rose were scared hearing she was pregnant, they were scared of miscarriage because that was how it happened the other time…. Rose told her husband not to tell anyone until she delivers, that s if the pregnancy stays


When Gift and Danny arrived at the hospital Edith was sleeping, the test result was not yet out and it was only Charles that was with her.

Charles was glad to see Gift for the second time so he decided to stroll out with her leaving Danny and sleeping Edith alone, he has bought fruit while coming….

It was almost getting late, Charles and Gift were not yet back. He decided to wait, he knelt down beside her bed “please love, I know I was wrong but I’ve never long or hope to hurt you….. My night was long and lonely without you…. The lady who claimed to be pregnant is nowhere to be found…. She just want to break our home….. Please dear we can work things out…. I’ve loved you and I still love you. I just hope you will give me a chance and I promise things gonna be fine. ” he said. He stayed on the kneeling position looking at her beautiful face with the long black lashes.

Mrs Brown entered immediately, she saw how weak he was. Her heart skipped thinking she’d be harsh on him but she was nice, she even told him to go home and rest that she would take care of her…. He thanked her and left for house…

He left for his house knowing he had hope of having his wife back. He prayed she accepted him also.

? awwwwn Rose is pregnant again I just hope the baby stays and the prophecy of the old man be accomplished. Charles hasn’t know what was going on yet o, Annabel thinks she’s wise, she wants Charles to impregnate her. Don’t forget to share our Facebook link for others to join.

To be continued