Episode 22

(Charles Pov)

I went to the hospital to see my sister, she was doing okay and the doctor assured us that she’ll not stay long at the hospital…

I told her how Gift and I had visited Annabel and how shameless and bold Annabel was, she smiled and thank God for revealing Annabel’s personality through her…. Everything happens by chance….

I asked about Gift…. She smiled “what about her? She’s a nice girl that’s all I can say ” she said
I scratched my head and looked away before speaking “actually I want to ask her if she had someone in her life…. If she doesn’t I’ll confess my love to her because I really like her” I said but she gave me an unusual look.
“why would you do such? You know most ladies hate when guys ask them such questions. If you truly love her be bold enough to confess your love to her without asking any shit question like that. If she had someone and she so much cherish the person then she’ll politely decline but if she doesn’t have and she loves you she’ll accept….” she said…

I hummed… She was right but it was not that easy asking a lady out, it’s been long I did that and I’m not good at romantic words…. It took me time to speak to Annabel and now I had to start all over….

“What if she declines or doesn’t like me because I know ladies are cunning in nature? ” I asked sarcastically….

She adjusted her sitting position to speak “it’s nothing if she declines or dislike you beside it is common, all you need to do is to tell her your mind to let go of the bothering thoughts and if she decline then throw your hands in the air and tell yourself that you tried. I believe she’ll not decline but if it happens like that stay patient your missing rib will be found soon. Be man enough ” she said

The door opened and it was Gift…. She came with food warmer and flask which I know she brought for my sister…. She was in haste, “Good morning ” she said facing us… We both smiled at her, I began to admire her, she wore a cream color blouse and a black mini skirt that reveals her feminine shape, she covered it with a coat because the weather was cold….

After asking about Edith’s welfare she decided to leave but I asked her something before leaving “Miss Gift! Will you be free tonight? I want to invite you to a dinner ” I asked although speechless and expecting her to say no but she accepted, I promise to come to her house and take her.


Rose and Alex were sited at the living room when Rose phone rang, she picked it and put it on loud speaker….. It was her aunt, she could hear cries from the background……

“Aunty what is the problem? ” she asked hearing the loud cries of her aunt who was breathing hard and crying….
“please aunty speak ” she pleaded while her husband moved close to her and pet her onher back….
“my husband is dead ” she finally announced and hung up the call…
Alex pet his wife “please dear don’t take it upon yourself, you know about his sickness and you know it will result to this please calm down all will be fine. I don’t want you to hurt yourself and the baby” he said

She calmed down but she still felt the pain not because of the man but for her aunt’s sake… Despite his wayward character he still cared and catered for his family….. His death seems to be gone too soon to her.


At Annabel’s house

She sipped a glass of water and stared towards the window.

(Annabel’s pov)

what am I waiting for if I don’t get Charles? I’ll lose him and I’m going to lose Danny also… My mouth was sharp, I shouldn’t have told them that I was not pregnant…..

No matter what it takes I’ll make sure I separate Gift from Charles…. I know I was wrong but that shows he has been cheating on me because he said Gift belongs to him….. I’ll not give them peace Charles is mine and I’m his…. Relationship for two years cannot end just like that…. He’s taking me for granted…


Charles went to pick Gift, she looked perfectly nice…. She had told her mum about her feelings for Charles…. Her mum who also observed the unusual happiness on her daughter prayed that she finds the right man who will not break her heart…..

(Gift’s Pov)

We arrived at a candle night restaurant, the place was so beautiful and quiet…. I had never seen a place like that and I wonder why he invited just me….

He was just smiling while sipping the malt he ordered for, I smiled back.

“I called you here to discuss something very important with you, I’m thinking about someone and I’m helpless. I just want you to help me” he said

I hummed, he needs my help. That sounds funny but I summoned to ask “what is it all about? ” I asked.

He stopped sipping his malt and faced me in a serious mood “there is this girl I’ve been trying to hide my feelings towards her because of Annabel but since Annabel broke my heart, my mind went back to the girl although she knew about my fiancée. What should I do? ”


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