I shifted and adjusted my sitting position…. His words hurt me…. I thought he loves me and I thought he wanted to talk about us…. I felt down casted but I managed to talk…. “if you love her then tell her what transpired between you and your fiancée, she will understand and I believe she will love you because you’re cute” I tried to hide my jealousy.

“But I’m scared or should I say shy of telling her. She really looks like and angel and even more beautiful than what imagination could take photograph of” he said

I was burning seriously within me…. My cheeks burn hard, the taste of the malt began to change….. The way he was defining the lady makes me jealous…. I wish he could just stop and start telling me story instead of telling me the beauty of that lady……

“Wow… If she’s this cute, you guys will look perfect because you’re really also cute” I managed to say

Thank God for the darkness that has been covering my red eyes….. Tears were dropping already….. Something began to whisper to me…. You must not allow jealousy to ruin you….. He’s not the only man on earth and he might not even know you have feelings for him….. All what you have to do is to wish him well and your own time will come….. That’s the little bitch in me, it always calm me down. I yielded to the voice and flowed with him….

“So you support that I should boldly tell the girl that I love her? ” he asked
“yeah! Common be man enough ” I said
“I’m man enough already to be telling the lady” he said, I became confused
“I don’t get you ” I said

He pulled my hand and hold it tightly “Gift you’re the lady, I’ve loved you ever since the day I knew you. The first day I saw you I was so excited and attracted to your outer beauty. Knowing you more made me to discover that you also have inner beauty. I know it my sound odd or too fast to you but the truth is that, I need you and I want you to be mine” he said

Tears dropped down from my eyes and I cried freely this time, I stood up and hugged him tightly. I felt the warmth of his chest “I love you too” I said

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