MY EVER BUSY MOTHER: Episode 1 – The End

By Nikki Bella Henry 💝💝

Episode 1

Miriam get up already, its morning or are you not going to school today? Miriam ‘s mom yelled from the kitchen
“I am mother “Miriam yelled back running inside the bathroom to freshen up

After some minutes she came out all dressed up
She sat down on the dinning table for her breakfast, she was served bread with fried eggs 🍳 🍳

After eating three loaves of bread and a cup of tea she hurried out of the house.

At school

Why is the school so quite? I asked myself
Maybe I am a bit early today, why did my mom wake me up today? I think something is fishy she won’t dare wake me up all she cares is her job, money and client.
Anyways that’s non of my business.

I have been talking all this while without introducing my self please forgive my manners
My name is Miriam Cosmos , my father is late which gives my mom the opportunity she deserves.

I am the only child of my parents, my mom is Mara by name, she is so money conscious and she is easily fascinated by material things sometimes I regretted ever been born into this family and why is she even my mother.
You might be asking yourself the same question some people has been asking me
“Why do you regret ever been born into your family?
Well the reason is very clear, my mother does not care about anyone apart from her business, client, friends and money most especially, she provides everything I need but she can’t give me the attention I need from her.

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