MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 11 – 20

? EPISODE 19 ?

By Princess ?

Esther: na wah ooo Aisha, if Abdulrahman cant talk, what about you? You are a lagos girl
now and i don’t expect you to be like this..maybe because you are hajia sha and we
know una type ooo
Since you guys don’t want to say anything maybe i should continue on your behalf then.
Aisha do you love rahman?
Aisha: Yes….
Esther: Abdulrahman do you love Aisha?
Me: Yes..
Esther: okay…you guys have started dating
Am the witness and God is the second witness here and i will also be a witness on
your wedding ceremony
Aisha: Thank you sister Esther, you are the best
“Aisha went and gave Esther a hug” I couldn’t utter any word but i actually love
what was happening to me, at least let me
know what is called love for the first time in
my life. Esther put on one jalamia to cover her
body as we stepped out of their flat. We met Aminat by the corridor and the eyes she used
in looking at us says a a lot that i thought
maybe she had issues with Esther or something.
Have never been in any relationship before
and i don’t know what they call commitment, i
was so careful with my dealings with Aisha, she do come for a visit but i always make
sure the door is open anytime we are inside together. I thank God for her maturity because
she thought me a lot of things relationship wise.
Esther was already out of the hostel but she
gave her room to someone else who she said
was her street sister back in Lagos because
that one got admission at exactly when she
was rounding up with her clearance. Christiana
already started staying in the house since she
started her admission stuff. She finally left the
hostel and i couldn’t believe i was already in 300level.
Its been almost a year i last visited home, the
most i do is talk to my parent on phone, do i
have any other reason to go home? If it is
money, they send into my account even if it is
not much. I was making money too from my coaching class.
The only thing i do spend most of my money
on was on recharge card and transport. Our
parent used to send food stuff to us through
bus coming to Ilorin and we will go and pick
them up at Offa Garage. Aisha do support with
helping us to cook too anytime she come around.
My CGPA was still standing strong at first
class as at end of 200 level. I still had 4.80 by
this time despite all my various activities. My
academic was a priority and i want to break
the jinx of no first class graduate in the department.
Ismaeel was still there as usual and for once i
never see traces of what Esther told me about
him. There is nothing really to show that he was a womanizer. There was even a day that he said he was going to Ezekiel’s room to
sleep but just because i want to catch him red
handed, i went to Ezekiel’s room late in the
night to check on him but Alas it was just him
and Ezekiel in the room and that was around past 11.

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