Episode 28

Anita pov

I and Alex sat down eating alone since my lost but found friend said she had to go else that d’vil would suspect so she left.

Honey why aren’t you eating? He asked and I rolled my eyes

Like I didn’t tell him I was craving for burnt rice

I told you I am craving for burnt rice. I said pouting my lips like a baby and he scoffed and shove a bread mixed with butter into his mouth before drinking his tea.

There is no way I am allowing you eat burnt food, just tell me who is right state of mind will want to eat burnt rice even if someone wants to eat it will he or she cook it? He said looking angry and tears fell down from my eyes immediately.

It is not my fault though is because of the pregnancy harmones.

I crave for things that are easy to get, cry easily, shout at the maids and guards and sometimes I even sIap them isn’t that so unfair.

He sighed and came closer to me before cleaning my tears.

Am sorry sweetheart. He said kssing my shoulder but I pretended I was still angry and then he tickled me making me laugh out happily.

Alex I called trying to pull away from him but he drag me back and continued to tickle me

Alex please stop. I said tears already coming down from my eyes laughing and he laughed too.

The maids just stood behind the door as they watch smiling while some were looking at me with jealousy.

Not until you forgive me. He said still doing it and I laughed loudly trying to pull away from him but he didn’t give me that opportunity.

Not until you prepare me what I ask for. I said stubbornly and he laughex before he stopped making me sigh in relief.

Fine I will just tell the maids to prepare you the fking burnt rice. He said and walk into the kitchen while I went to the sitting room before turning it on and a film showed on the scream.

It seemed like a ho rror movie. I said as I look at the name ” feared street.”

Gosh I hate ho..rror movie, it scares the sht out of me. I muttered and was about to remove it when I heard Alex say.

Seems you are scared of ho..rror movie. He said in a mocking tone and I became angry.

Who told you am scared of ho..rror movies, am just not in the mood to watch it. I said and he smirk

Really or you are just scared. He said and I drop the remote.

Let see about that. I said and sat on the couch and he looked at me amazingly before coming to sit close to me.

I was dmn so scared


Alexander pov

I smiled as I stroke her hair as she slept on the bed.

She is just too stubborn to admit that she is scared

I laughed as I thought about how she screamed and fell on my body.

She yawned and slowly opened her eyes and immediately she saw me she looked away shamefully making me laugh.

I thought you said you were not scared and how come you suddenly fell asleep. I said in a mocking tone and she rolled her eyes

I was not scared okay I just felt like sleeping. She replied

What a pathetic liar! And then you have to scream before sleeping. I said smirking and she laughed before sitting up on the bed showing her fresh thighs and I gulp down as I look at it licking my lips.

Gosh this girl will k!ll me

Alex. I heard her screamed my name and I turned to look at her and she was starring at me angrily.

I have been calling your name. She said and I sighed trying to look away from her thighs but I don’t think I can.

Gosh that film was dmn so scary. She said closing her eyes and open it again.

I smiled and slowly traced my hand through her thighs and she turned to look at me giving me a deadly glare and I quickly removed my hands.

Her phone rang and I scoffed when I saw the name ” my sweet sister.”

She looked at me in surprise and picked it up.

I instructed her to put it on loud speaker and she quickly did.

Hello. Anita said

Hello anita am really sorry for all of the words I said to you and I have realized my mistake that I and Alex was not meant for each other but I am happy that at least my sister is with him now. She said with a cracking voice and Anita smiled happily making me scoffs

I know that girl she is not to be trusted.

Is okay Elizabeth I understand how you feel. Anita said and I rolled my eyes

Thank you so much Anita, I love you. She said and Anita smiled

And Iove you too. She replied

So I was thinking let have a sister time alone don’t you think?

Yeah so where do we meet? She asked eagerly to meet that d’vil

There is no way I am allowing her to go to see that d’vil.

I will send you the address. Elizabeth said and ended the call while she jumped around as the address pump into her phone.

You are not going to see her? I said and she stopped and turned to look at me

Come on Alex please. She said pouting her cute lips and I chuckled

That is not going to work this time and I really mean it you cannot see that wtch. I said and she scoffed

Alex what is wrong with you? She is trying to make peace with me why won’t you let me go. She shouted and I sighed

Okay am coming with you. I said and she shook her head

She said alone I mean she will feel hurt when she sees you with me. She said

Okay I promise to go with a guard. She said but I remain silent.

She came to sit on my lap and kss my lips gently.

Please. She said giving me puppy eyes and I chuckled and kss her eyes

Is okay you can go and please come back early. I said and she nodded and ran into the bathroom


It has been thirty minutes since Anita left but truth be told I was really scared and i don’t know why.

I felt like something bad is about to happen

The door opened and a maid walked in with a drink in her hand.

Oh I almost forgot I sent someone to get me a glass of wine.

Thanks. I said as I took it away from her and she looked at me sadly before walking out of my room.

I gently took the drink to my lips and drank from it and waw it tasted different than the usual one.

Suddenly I started feeling ho..rny, I mean I wanted to fk someone.

I groan as it became worst and all I needed now was Anita.

Hey baby. I heard a voice behind me and I turned to look but I could not even see clearly.

Anita is that you? I asked but she remain quiet making me panic

Yes baby it is me. She replied and came closer to me and kss me and I reciprocated immediately.

Gosh I was dmn ho….rny.

I slowly pushed her to the bed and got on top of her while she laughed and kss me.

Elizabeth pov

I can believe he actually taught I was Anita but never mind out plan is progressing..

I know you must be wondering why I said our of course this is not only my plan.

Gu-Jan di was my friend back then in school but she ended our friendship because she caught me having sx with her boyfriend but now we have settled and we are ready to ruin this marriage. I taught and smirk ev!lly

Oh my goodness alex

You are so good

Fk, so you actually went to Elizabeth like this. He said and I became angry

He really loves Anita so much but just you wait how I ruined your marriage.

He pulls off his trouser and came into me immediately fking me so hard stretching me out the same time and all I could do was


Anita pov

I have been waiting here for Elizabeth for almost an hour now but she is not here yet neither is she picking up her call and I am really worried.

Ma I think it is best we leave. The driver said and I sighed and stood up heading to the car.

We entered the car and he drove out of the restaurant.

I noticed a black van was following us and I became scared

Mam I think we are being followed. He said alarmed and added more speed.

I heard a g un shot and I looked up and screamed in horror when I saw the driver shot dead.

The car door opened and they walked towards me dragging me out of the car.

They were wearing masks and I could hardly see their face.

Let me go. I yelled and they drag me into the car and I bursted into tears not because I was being kidnapped but because of that poor driver who was shot dead

Who are you guys and what do you want from me? I yelled angrily and one of them held my mouth and I felt another one inject me and I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up due to the heavy sIap that landed on my cheek.

I looked around and saw different boys and there was the d’vil Gu-Jan di standing in their midst smoking ¢igarettes and I coughed out loud.

What do you want from me? I asked in tears and she smirked and puffed the smoke in my face and I coughed violently.

Awwn look who is crying, you have not even started yet because when you see the worst you are going to cry out your eyes.

You know I taught Alex really love you with the way he talked but it seemed he never loved you. She said walking around and I scoffed.

Alex love me more than you can ever imagine and am sure he is trying his best to out in prison for life. I said and she smirk and bend down to my height, if not for the fact that I am being tied down I would have stratch her face.

Oh poor you, you are here hoping for him to come and rescue you but he is busy having sx in your matrimonial bed. She said shaking her head and I felt my heart beating really fast

No that cannot be true, Alex will never do such things you are just a jealous bch trying to ruin our relationship. I said and she look at me angrily.

Really, let see about that. She said and whisper something into one of the boys and they brought in a laptop and place it on my front.

He opened the laptop and press something and I saw the unbelievable.

Alex was having sx with my sister and they were busy mo.aning.

Tears fell down from my eyes as I watched the scenes and I could not help it and I pushed the laptop with my leg making it fall on the ground.


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