Episode 2

After I was taken to the hospital by my husband,I was in coma and life supporting machine for two days.

Temi,my cousin was the only one that stayed by my side as I had no other relation. My parents and my uncles died many years ago in a ghastly motor accident.

My husband discarded me in the hospital like a waste.I struggled to breath for three days and I finally woke up on the fourth day.

The doctor had muttered to Temi that I had lost the pregnancy through mischarge.

He warned Temi intensely never to tell me until I’m fully recovered. Temi heed to his warnings as he didn’t tell me.

On the fifth day,the doctor finally reveal the sad news to me.
I was astounded and couldn’t utter any word. I was looking at the doctor with hot tears rolling down my cheeks.

The doctor consoled me and I eluded from the hospital.
While I was in the cab,I could not believe that my husband will abandon me in the hospital.

I finally got home,I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw.
I espied my husband kissing another lady affectionately at the parlor with my mother in-law admiring them.

I was heartbroken and I stood there looking at them.

My mother in-law now said “Mezuo,as you can see I have brought a lady you can give me grandchildren”.

After saying that,they burst into laughter and tears welled up my eyes and I knew for sure that God will fight this battle for me.


After my husband,his mother and his new wife had finished laughing at me,I went to my matrimonial bed with tears dropping unceasingly.

I cried and call on God to intervene in my situation because I had no one to fight for me.
I had no parents nor uncles who will speak on behalf of me.

Even our Kinsmen said that our family is cursed.
So after praying,I slept off because I was still recovering from the mischarge.

Instantly,the new wife entered to my room intrudingly and uttered that I should leave the room to the boy’s quarter.

I was confused and I asked her if she was talking to me.

She bluntly said “Yes” and I gave her a dirty slap.

She ran out immediately and told my husband everything.

Then,my husband bashed into my room and started beating me.

“Mike did you know I had mischarge few days ago” “I asked him with tears streamed on my face”

“I don’t care”‘he muttered as he threw me out of the house and locked the door”

I tried to enter the boy’s quarter but he also locked it.

The gate man now took me to his room and cleaned my wounds with a hot water.

I cried and my eyes were now tearless.


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