After the gate man had finished cleaning my wounds,I slept over there through the night.

In the morning,my so called husband invaded the gate man’s apartment and started yelling with rage.

In his word he said: So Obinna you slept with my wife?
No oga I didn’t do anything like that “Obinna replied as though his heart was hammering”

My husband started slapping Obinna repeatedly.
I wanted to stop him but the pains of the injures I had sustained was too much.

After he had finished beating Obinna,he warned him strictly not to let me in his room again.

“Obinna if you didn’t heed to my instructions, you’ll be sacked” ” Mike,my husband ranted ad though he wanted to eat Obinna”

Immediately Mike left,Obinna ordered me to leave his room. I hesitated and he pushed me away.

Looking up the building,I saw my mother in-law and the wife laughing uncontrollably.

Tears started pouring from my eyes as I sat close to the garage.

My kind-hearted house help brought a place of fried rice to me.
I was full of joy and I ate the rice like a lion that is hungry and looking for an animal to devour.

Mike,his mother and his new wife came out of the house fully dressed and they saw me eating.

“Honey,who gave this idìot food?” ‘the new wife asked furiously”

Wait Ozioma! Ozioma! “my husband started yelling my house help’s name”

Ozioma finally came and Mike sacked her instantly.

My mother in-law came to me, took the rice from me and poured it directly to my face.

They drove out and my eyes was filled with pepper.I started shouting and Obinna didn’t come to me.

I was crawling on the ground looking for where the tap water was but I didn’t see any.

My eyes was closed for over an hour until Obinna decided to help me.

After I opened my eyes,I looked up in the sky with my hands on my waist and tears flowing like a river from my eyes and I whispered

“God rescue an orphan from this malicious situation.You know it’s only you I put my trust in”

After I had finished whispering to God to help me scape through this despicable state,I opted to go and take my luggages and evade my humble abode as I couldn’t endure the hardship I was facing.

I took my luggages and I was heading to the gate.
Obinna,the gate man restricted me from stepping an inch and ordered that I should go back.

I blew a fuse with my heart full of wroth.I tried to slap Obinna but he held my hand.

“So Obinna you have the guts to hold my hand” “I muttered apoplectically”

Obinna released my hand and locked the gate.



I was phyched up and enraged with anger.

Instantaneously,I gave it a thought about where I will go if I elude from my humble abode.

The Elders in our village had banished us from the village because we were cursed and Temi stays with his boss who is also mischievous and stone-hearted.

“What will I do now?what will be my fate if I die here through maltreatment?” “I ask myself as though I was quaking in my boots “.

While I was asking myself these questions,I heard a horn from outside and Obinna quickly opened the gate and behold,it was my husband,my mother in-law and the new wife.

Instantly,I started laughing profusely.

They were all stunned and the new wife asked Mike my husband “Why is she laughing in such an uncontrollably manner? What happened?”

Mike didn’t respond to her question as they went inside.

Within a short period of time, Mike called me to come over to the parlor.

I went to the parlor immediately and he looked me in the eyes and he said “Hence you made me to sack the house help, you’re going to be the new house help and also our cook”.

I concurred with what he had uttered in great joy.I was grinning like a Cheshire cat tho my heart was filled with resentment.

In the evening of that day,I went outside to buy a rat poison as though I wanted to end their lives.

No one saw me as Obinna was in his apartment.

When I came back,I laughed all through,”this is going to be their last dinner””I said in my mind”.


After cooking the dinner,I prayed piously for God to give me a stone-heart to kill this people but sadly, my heart was filled with kindness.

I cried passionately as I put the poison in the closet.

Without delay,I serve them the delicious rice and stew I’ve cooked.

The new wife tasted the food and started yelling my name as tho she was fit to be tied.

I finally came and he poured me the hot stew. I rushed her immediately but my husband stood up looking at me like he wanted to eat me.

I looked at my husband and my heart missed a bit I left instantly with hot tears drizzling from my eyes like rain.


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