MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

Written By Mezuo


Ken was elated with the barrister’s response.

My mother in-law at the other hand was praying and fasting ceaselessly for Mike to be vindicated.

The company Ken was working with,paid him a huge amount of money when he resumed.

He uttered to his managing director that I was hunting for job.

The managing director ordered him to call me for an intensive job interview.

Ken did and I went steely-nerved because I learned to enter every action with boldness.

I was asked numerous of sturdy questions but luckily,I answered them perfectly and got the job.

My visage was filled with smiles on how things was working out well.

Temi, my cousin was now a boss of his own- he was previously settled by his boss.

Her boss’s wife wanted her husband to left him unsettled but by God’s grace she didn’t succeed.

Temi tried to please his boss in all ramifications.

Few days to the day of Mike’s judgement, Ken and I paid the barrister over the odds to make an intensive investigation on what transpired that night Ken was shot because we were sure Mike did not do anything like that.

The barrister took prerequisite information on how the event occurred from us.

He gave us full assurance that everything will work out to our taste and predilection.

Ken was extremely happy and promised to reward the barrister handsomely if he wins the case.


MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

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