MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

Written By Mezuo


Ken vowed to reward the attorney handsomely if he comes out victorious. The barrister urged us to be prayerful that what we were fighting was indeed a battle that needed God’s intervention.

We heeded to the barrister’s counsels as we prayed ceaselessly until the day of Mike’s Judgement.

On the day of Mike’s judgement, Ken,my mother in-law and I was full of fearfulness and timorousness.

“I believe today will be a good day for our family” Mama said as she gulped in some quantity of Coffee. I have faith that he’ll be liberated.

“Don’t worry mama,the barrister have assured us that Mike will be befreed and I’m sure he won’t disappoint because he is one of the best attorneys in our territory” I uttered zealously.

“Yes Mezuo! looking at the way he spoke to us that day,he is a fearless counselor and I’m glad to tell you that you made the right choice” Mike muttered with his visage filled with enthusiasm.

We drank our different coffees quickly as we had dressed up to go to the law court.

We got to the court and we saw Cynthia,the clerks,the di-attorneys, Mike and the audience.

The Judge haven’t come yet and we sat down looking forward to the commencement of the case.
We waited for one hour and some people in the court were murmuring while some were sleeping.

Instantly,the Judge came in and as usual we all stood up and welcomed him. Then all things were settled amicably as we commenced the business of the day.

Mike was handcuffed and seated in the dock.

Ken and I was the prosecutor of Mike while Cynthia was the prosecutor against Mike.

The Barrister hired by the police asked me to come forward to be questioned. I came out agilely as I wasn’t subjected to timidity.

“Who is Mike to you” he asked.
” Of course,Mike is my husband” I replied boldly.
“What transpired at the night of fifth(15th) day of April 2015? “he asked me curiously.

“That day,I was cooking when Assassins invaded Ken’s house. Ken was beaten mercilessly and was also shot on his left leg”I elucidated.

“Who is Ken? and what made you to leave your husband’s house because I’m quite certain you weren’t there?” He asked again with his thunderous voice”

My heart skipped a beat but I had to maintain my braveness as the barrister was acrimonious and acerbic. My Barrister noticed and tried to object but he was silenced by the Judge.

“Ken is my husband’s younger brother and my husband told me to spend a night in his house because he went for a business trip” I responded positively.

“You presented the threats of your said husband recorded in your phone to the barrister that made this lawsuit. Where is the phone? my Lord would like to listen to it” the barrister ordered profusely.

What he asked for, made my blood ran cold.

“I didn’t record anything,Ken here can attest to it”I said with fragility.

“My Lord let me invite Cynthia the witness to attest to the crimes of these said criminal” The barrister spoke as though he wanted to justify a hypothesis.

“Go ahead” the judge ordered.

I was stunned as I had a thought that this judge was bribed.
Mike couldn’t look up, he was sobbing with his face buried in his hands and my mother in-law was praying heartily.

Cynthia walked up like a wayward and ragamuffin.She was asked a lot of questions and she spoke against Mike in all she was asked including saying that Mike sta.bbed Ken- which Ken repudiated.

The judge ordered for a short break in other to pass his judgement after the break.

I was timorous as I knew Mike will be imprisoned.

Immediately,I walked up to Cynthia outside and I asked her questions:

“You’re indeed heinous.Why would you lie against an innocent man? What did he do to you? did he make a mistake by taking you as his concubine? If Mike suffers for what he didn’t commit,God in heaven will judge you” I said all these bravely.

Cynthia’s conscience started to shend her and she grumbled:
“Yes I did it! I was one of the assassins,
that was the best way to get rich”

I was wreathe in smiles and I thanked her so much as I eluded from her face. She was shocked and followed me immediately.

Ken had video recorded what we had conversed surreptitiously without her knowledge.

After the break,my barrister stood up and said:

“My Lord permit me to summit this video clip that attests that my client is innocent” my barrister uttered bright eyed and bushy tailed.

“Go ahead! bring it!” The judge instructed. and my barrister gave the phone to him to watch the video clip.

Cynthia was dumbfounded when she heard her voice in the video clip and the audience were babbling.

The judge freed Ken and sentenced Cynthia to fifteen (15) years imprisonment while his boyfriend was later apprehended.

We were very happy and we lived in unity once again.
Mike and I already have four(4) children while Ken married last year. My mother in-law is now a good woman and she doesn’t joke with me.


MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

Bad Mothers in-law of the world especially in Africa is the Major source of broken marriages. They always develop unnecessary hatred against their daughters in-law there by making marriage that was in oneness and undividedness to scatter.


Dear future spouse,I pray you get a good mother in-law.

P:S: Dear men,I urge you not to train a girl you’re not married to in higher institutions please. It has made a lot of men to succumb, re-read and rethink!.

I’m Mezuo and I’m the writer of MY WÍCKED MOTHER IN-LAW


MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End


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