MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

Written By Mezuo


After I gave Mike the food I brought for him,he was dumbstruck and couldn’t say a word.

He was just descring at me with tear strained eyes.

“Mike!you thought I won’t visit you right?. You’re my husband and we made vows on the aisle so I will not just leave you to die in the hands of these malevolent police officers “I said in pensive manner”.

Mike didn’t utter a word,he kept looking at me hopelessly like someone who is the dungeon of the Grim Reaper.

He acted as if he was hearing impaired and dumb as a doornail.

“Mike talk to me” I roared” but he said nothing.

Immediately,I opened the food and fed him because I had a thought that he will be famished.

Mike ate the food slowly and took a deep breath.

Thank you dear “Mike said with his voice shaky”

I said it,you didn’t have strength to speak.
How’re you? “I asked curiously”

You’ve seen me dear,my brother said it then that I don’t deserve you. Indeed what he said was the truth.

After doing all these things to you,you still had a forgiven heart and forgave me.

I don’t really know what to say, I’m very foolish,I wasn’t myself “He said all this with his eyes chock-fulled with tears and his heart hammering”.

Did you hire those assassins to kill Ken?”I asked”

No! dear,I was just trying to scare you people with my threats and I didn’t know you people were recording it “Mike replied”

I believe, you can’t do. I’ll talk to the barrister so that you’ll be liberated. I must do my possible best to get you out of these cell. “I uttered”

Why are you doing all this for me? After I almost killed you because of that “Cynthia” who Bewîtched me.”Mike said as though he was down in the dumps”

When I said I love you,I meant forever. I know the man I married “I replied with much bow and scrape”.

Madam! your time don finish.Oya criminal go inside “the tall lanky policeman said with thunderous voice” as he pushed Mike back to the cell.

Looking at the way he pushed Mike made my blood ran cold. I stared at the policeman flared up for some minutes as I eluded from the hospital.


MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

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