MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

Written By Mezuo


After I came out from the police station, I was cheesed off because of the way the police officers were treating Mike like an upscaled criminal.

I cried heartily and I didn’t belief that Mike will go through such agony someday.

Even if he bites the dust in the hands of these mer.ciless police officers,I know I have cleared the grudges I beared against him – Ken too have done that. “I soliloquied liberally”.

People were looking at me talking to myself as though they thought I was ma.d as a cut snake.

Some folded their hands like sympathizers whose faces were filled with derision and mockery.

I didn’t drool at them as I continued soliloquizing.

One woman now said “What had happened to this lady? How can a beautiful lady like her be mad at this young age?.

I didn’t descry at her,I rather put my eyes to the ground and grasped all that she had mumbled.

Luckily,I saw Frank a guy who had a crush on me during our days in Secondary school.

He was tall,fair with stunning beards that is really longer than that of Osoma Belandin,(a terrorist who burnt down a tower in New York,USA on December 12 2001).

I was quite exuberant when I saw him and he proposed that we should go eat in a eatery near our region.

Surely,I accepted his offer as I was extremely hungry and needed something to eat.

We headed to the eatery with his flashy car. Air conditioner was in his car and I really enjoyed it because I was being heated by the hot sun.

We got to the eatery and two places of fried rice with chicken was served.

Are you married Mezuo? “Frank asked as he ate some quality of rice”

Yes I’m married and my husband is doing perfectly well “I replied”

Congratulations dear,I thought you’re not married yet “Frank uttered glancing at me”

I married two years ago and we’re living happily “I muttered”.

That’s great to hear. I’ll be going now dear! I’ve to attend to a situation that needs my absolute attention. “Frank said as he stood up and left the eatery”

I finished my place of fried rice hurriedly because It was too yummy to be left unfinished.

Coming out of the eatery,I saw Ruth” Frank’s younger sister and embraced each other intimately.

How’re you Ruth? “I asked”

I’m fine my sister,It have been a while “she replied”.

Yes dear,I was with Frank your elder brother some minutes ago. He is now very handsome and fully grown.”I said in positivity”

Ruth sighed in grief and muttered:

“Frank di.ed in a ghastly motor acci.dent two years ago”

What? “I roared timorously” as Goosebumps filled up my skin and my heart started hammering in my chest.


MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

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