MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

Written By Mezuo


When I realized that Michael was a wraith,my heart started pounding furiously. I held my breath and broke out in cold sweat.

“Ruth tell me you’re intentionally depraving me with your false information” I said espying at her suspiciously.

‘I uttered that my brother have been accepted by his maker and you’re repudiating! Why will I falsified my brother’s departure?” Ruth grumbled with her voice shaky”

“Ruth,I ate with your dead brother at this eatery not quite long ago. Pondering out what transpired is really hard,I mean did I eat with a ghost?” I muttered perplexedly thoughtless.

“Ruth looked at me with doubt,are you serious?”she asked profusely”.

“How can I be jocosing? I ate with your brother not quite long ago.

I’m still confused on what is happening,I need to clear my head” I said with butterflies in my stomach.

Ruth folded her hands disbelievingly and muttered that I should forget about everything that had transpired.

“Maybe you’re feverish, have you seen a doctor? You cannot just tell me you saw a specter ” Ruth nattered”.

“Ruth stop this! did you see smiles on my face? I’m very serious” I spoke with thunderous voice.

She disbelieved me as she had the mentality that wraiths doesn’t exist.

The abeyance of the event that occurred was really abstruse.

“Frank bite the dust suspensefully and he had rested in peace,so stop talking about him” Ruth babbled with deception.

I opted to middle my lips though I was still on pins and needles. Ruth and I wrixled our contacts as I eluded from that area to the house.

I got to the house very late and my mother in-law had finished cooking a delicious delicacy.

Surprises filled my face and I grinned like a Cheshire cat but remembering what happened at the eatery kept me on the edge of my seat.

My mother in-law served my food and I ate like cat on hot bricks.

Instantly, light went off and the doors opened by itself and I heard a thunderous voice that made my heart to stagger.

“You left me and got married to another man, I’m coming for you’.


MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

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