MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

Written By Mezuo


After I heard the thunderous voice,my heart was staggering copiously.

“Mama! Mama “I shouted with fear.

My mother in-law heard my voice as she ran down stairs and saw me breathing heavily.

She asked me what was the problems. I explained everything to her and she didn’t take it serious.

“You mean the voice was thunderous and I didn’t hear it”Mama spoke with a smile on his face.

I was so disappointed and I couldn’t utter a word

“Why is this happening to me”I asked myself hopelessly.

“Mama I’m going to sleep in your room tonight because this is certainly a bad omen” I said with the heebie-jeebies.

Mama left me immediately to her room and I followed her instantly as I was full of fear.

We slept together and I didn’t have nightmares though I slept like a dog.

‘Wake up Nne,go and prepare our breakfast” My mother in-law ordered.

I woke up immediately, went to the bathroom as I wanted to brush my teeth.

Looking at the mirror,I saw Frank the wraith crying bitterly with stains of blood on his white Polo.

He was holding a knife. I was frightened as he was coming towards me. I tried to run but he held me, put the knife across my neck and whispered to my ear.”This is your end”.

My mother in-law called my name instantaneously and opened the door. Frank vanished into thin air as I ran out.

“This girl is getting mad, what’s happening to you? Ken will be discharged today,we have to go to the hospital early and you’re acting weird” my mother in-law muttered.

I couldn’t utter a word as I was dumbfounded.

“Frank suffered and trained me in higher institution though he wasn’t my boyfriend.

I betrayed him by marrying another,I guess he’s coming to take me with him”I said in my mind.

Thinking of all these made me to quake in my boots.


MY WICKED MOTHER IN-LAW: Episode 11 – The End

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