The lost kingdom
Episode 12
ifeanyi: what is this little boy doing inside this evil
mbala: maybe he lost his way
ofia: you people have started again, i thought u must
have learnt your lesson after what happened yesterday,
don’t listen to him is an evil spirit. remember the
instructions of ikuku.
ifeanyi: i know, but this boy is too small to be in the
forest, maybe he lost his way can’t you see that he is
crying, let me go and know why he is crying.
ofia: not again, no ifeanyi don’t go is not a human but
an evil spirit pls don’t go.
ifeanyi: how can you say is an evil spirit, can’t you see
that he is seriously crying, so he went close to the and
said little boy why are u crying?
little boy: Am looking for my mother, she left me there
and said that she was coming, but i haven’t see her so
i decided to look for her and i miss my way.
obinna: ifeanyi come back here (but ifeanyi refused to
listen to them)
ifeanyi: where do you say your mother left you, come
and show me the place (as he hold the boy on his
hand they both vanished)
ofia & the rest: shouted ifeanyi no noooo…… but he
was gone
ofia: i warned him not to go close to the boy that is an
evil spirit but he wouldn’t listen now look at what he
have brought upon himself, this will serve as a lesson
to all of you let’s get out of here is not safe and they
left that place and continue their journey.
3rd day in the forest
As they went deep into the forest they became very
tired and decided to rest . while resting they sighted a
tree filled with ripe oranges.
mbala: Ah, orange my favourite fruit i can’t miss this
one ooo (he stood to go and pluck some orange when
ofia stopped him)
ofia: And where do u think that you are going.
mbala: what kind of a question is that ? you know that
i love orange so much i don’t joke with it and you here
asking me where am going, well am going to pluck
some oranges. guys do u care for orange let me pluck
for you also.
Akpani: yes, i love orange pluck plenty for me
ejike: me i don’t even joke with orange bring for me
mbala: what about u obinna do you also care for
obinna: no thank you
mbala: ofia i know you don’t like orange no need of
ofia: for crying out loud you people should stop all this
and you mbala don’t go near that tree we are in an evil
forest, nothing is safe here to eat pls i beg u don’t go
(but mbala hissed and went to the tree plucking
orange) when he had done plucking, he opened one and
started eating it right there.
ofia: mbala this thing you are eating is not good ooo …
remember what ikuku said
mbala: but ikuku did not include fruit.
ejike: ah… you want to finish the orange? bring my
own for me .
Akpani: and also my own too
mbala: i know i will bring you guys own (as he was
heading towards them licking orange when all of a
sudden he started vomiting blood and he fell down right
in front of them and died)
ofia: not again, i warned him but he wouldn’t listen
let’s leave this place rest in peace my brother he said
and they left there instantly.
remaining four in number they continue their journey.
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