The lost kingdom
Episode: 2
written by chichi tonia
priestess: There is no other way i will give you a child
in exchange of your husband’s life, better still both of
you should go home and think very well whether you
are ready for the task ahead
Anayo: there is no need for we to go am ready to do
anything to have a child, even if i will die no problem
all i want is to have a child that will bear my name.
is better i die and have a child than live without any, so
my priestess am ready.
Nkiru: please my husband no, i can’t allow you to take
that decision what will happen to me if you die. no way
i can ‘t let that to happen let’s continue to plead to the
priestess to find another way ou………… (cut in) by
the priestess
priestess: there is no other way take it or leave it (she
said in a loud tone)
Anayo: Am sorry my priestess, i will do it just tell us
what next to do
Priestess: Alright, i shall give you both a liquid
substance and you shall add the substance a little
inside a bucket of water and the two of u should bath
with the water around 12midnight, you will continue
doing it for three days and after three days you will
make love to your wife, in one month time she will
conceive and you shall die.
They went back home with a sad a look and they did
exactly as the priestess instructed.
After one month nkiru conceived and her husband died
just as the priestess said.
She mourned for her husband and the family of anayo
buried him without knowing the cause of his death,
they all thought that he died of an illness only his wife
As all this was going on nine months later she gave
birth to a set of twins boys and she was very happy
and also sad, because she gave birth to a twins which
they forbid in their kingdom.
Nkiru: Am very happy that the gods has finally
answered me, but the problem now is that they forbid
twins in our land and i can’t afford to lose my children
(talking to the midwife)
Midwife: what kind of a stupid tradition is that, in our
land we don’t do such but my only advise here is that
you should keep it as a secret, don’t tell anyone that
you delivered a set of twins just be very careful so they
will not harm your children (she said and left to her
Nkiru: it took me many years to have these children
and i will do everything to protect them even if it will
take my life i will protect them (talking to herself) and
no one in the village knew that she gave birth to twins,
all they knew was that she gave birth.
Two days later her friend whose name was ada came
to visit her
Ada: congrats my friend i heard that you gave birth, so
i decided to come and greet the new born baby, let’s
go inside so that i can see the baby
Nkiru: i was about to come outside before you came.
let me go inside and bring the baby out so that you
can see him
Ada: Ah….. what happened to inside for me to see the
baby, and besides the baby is too small to bring

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