The lost kingdom
Episode 4
Ada: so all this have been going on and nkiru have
been hiding it away from me, and now she want me to
keep it as a secret when she knows the tradition of our
No way i must tell the king tomorrow that she gave
birth to a set of twins the whole villagers must hear
about this.
At the palace
The king was seen talking to his cabinets.
King: Am very happy that we are progressing in our
1st elder: yes oo the gods have been so good to us
2nd elder: Thanks to gods of our land for making it
easy for each and everyone of us.(As the king was still
talking with his cabinet ada rushed in)
Ada: (bow down) my king i greet you
king: what brought you here?
Ada: my king is about nkiru
king: which of the nkiru? and what happen to nkiru
Ada: my king an abormination just happened in this our
land, is about nkiru the wife of late anayo the hunter .
king: you mean nkiru the wife of anayo the hunter who
gave birth to a son last week?
Ada: exactly my king, she didn’t gave birth to a son but
a set of twins.
cabinets: abormination (they all chorus)
king: what! are you sure of what u are saying?
Ada: yes am very sure my king i saw the babies with
my own eyes
king: No this can’t be happening, so all this have been
going on in this kingdom, without my notice. obata!
obata!! (the king called one of his guard)
Obata: yes your highness you called me.
king: i want you to take two of the guards three of you
should go to late anayo’s house and get those twins
obata: ok your highness i will do just as you said (and
he left with other guards to late anayo’s house)
king: thank you my daughter for the information, may
the gods of our land bless you.
Ada: Am always at your service my king (she said and
left with guilt) when she got home she started crying at
her action.
Ada: what have i done? what came over me, and i
promised nkiru to keep it as a secret and now i went to
review the secret and the guards are on their way to
get the twins to bury them alive.
Oh gods of our land, i have been looking for a child for
three years now please don’t use this to punish me
(talking to herself crying)
Back to late anayo’s house
Nkiru was inside breastfeeding the babies when she
heard a knock on the door.
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