The lost kingdom
Episode 8
3rd elder: when are we going there?
king: we will not go there, i will summon him.
They all talk for the day and later left to their various
That same night the king and his family was having
their dinner when his second son fell down holding his
chest and started coughing out blood, before they
could do anything he died and the queen started crying,
shaking and calling her son’s name but it was too late.
king: (wailing) gods of our land why my son? what have
i done to deserve this, first my kingdom is on fire, and
now you took away my son (still wailing) pls forgive us
if we have done anything wrong because this
punishment is too much for us.
Throughout that night the king and his family mourned
for their dead.
The next day
ikuku could be seen in the palace with the king and his
family, and also his cabinets.
king: The great eye of the gods, we summoned you
because of the calamity and the disaster happening in
this kingdom, we want to know the cause of the
Ikuku: hmmm………, i smell danger, a very big one the
disaster happening in this kingdom is just the begining
of it, the worst will soon happen even the gods have
turned their back on the kingdom.
1st elder: our people are dying everyday, the crops we
used to feed on are dying, sickness and diseases are
too much in the land, our people are also dying of
starvation, and it haven’t rain for long and mourning
everywhere and you said is just the begining?
2nd elder: what could be the cause of this calamity
happening in our land?
king: pls ikuku, you are the eye of the gods tell us the
cause of this calamity and the solution because i don’t
want anything to happen to my remaining son or any
member of my family again.
ikuku: This is were the problem of this land started.
Two months ago a woman in this land gave birth to a
set of twins, the children was giving to her by the
gods. they killed the woman and took away her two
children and bury them alive, before the woman died
she cried and lay a curse on this land, which brought
disaster into this land.
king: who could that be? because many people have
ikuku: A woman named nkiru in this kingdom who have
been looking for a child for 17yrs, and the gods gave
her twins whom you buried alive.
king: but that is the tradition, and beside we did not
killed her intentionally.
3rd elder: pls eyes of the gods, is there no solution?
ikuku: hmm……… there is only one solution to this
problem but is a very dangerous task
king: tell us the solution that will end all this calamity.
ikuku: The mystery water in a golden calabash is the

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