NICKLAUS THE MASTER (American Story): Chapter 1 to 10


Genre:- Love.

Tags:- Assistant, billionaire, CEO, ruthless, betrayal, rivals, love triangle!

Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Male Lead:- Nicklaus Wilhelm Statham.

6ft4 tall, strong abs, typical white boy with thick jet black hair….27years old.

NICKLAUS THE MASTER (American Story): Chapter 1 to 10.


Cold and ruthless businessman!

Owns chains of companies and hotels… Loves isolating himself, prefers his personal space!

Allergies:- Women!


Female Lead:- Anastasia Lopez.

5ft8 tall, a shade of blue, big, round eyes.

An oval shaped face, flawless skin with brunette, long hair… 21years old.

Warm and cheerful.

An undergraduate that does all kinds of day job to save her little brother!

Smiles through any situation!


Marcus Aurelius:- Nicklaus’s best and childhood friend.

Matilda Jane Spears:- Anastasia’s best friend.

Ms Bell Lopez:- Anastasia’s Aunt.

Claudia Marie Murray:- Nicklaus’s personal assistant.



Chapter 1

Written by: Racheal

Anastasia’s pov 👠

“Miss Lopez, we have limited time!” He paused and checked a file, then shakes his head.

He takes off his eyeglass and wipes it softly before wearing it back.

He pushes his eyeglasses up and balances it on his nose.

I adjust myself on the chair and lean on the table, worry clearly written in my face.

“What do you mean, doc?” I asked in a scared voice.

I’m scared of what he’s gonna say, I wish he won’t say it but he must say it.

“You must prepare yourself, because the medications aren’t working effectively any longer. We need to carry out the operation soon!”

“Soon? How soon?” I asked.

Doctor Hemsworth stares at me briefly and sighed.

“Maximum of 40 days, or you should get yourself ready for a funeral”

Funeral?! I shake my head, funeral is out of the options! It’s not an option!

“Doc, last time you told me that there’s a donor… what happened now? Why can’t we use it?”

Doctor Hemsworth opens a drawer behind him and rampages through it.

He takes out a file and drops it on his table, pushing it to me.

I pick it up and opens it, I don’t understand a thing… I’m just staring at it cluelessly.

“Before we do any transplant, we carry out series of test to make sure everything is ok with the donor….”

He trails off and stares at me to know if I’m actually listening to him, which of course I am!

“… we did bunch of test on Mr Scott…”

“Mr Scott?” I interrupt him.

“Yes, the donor!”

“Oh.. ok” I gesture him to continue.

He clears his throat and leans back on his chair.

“We found out Mr Scott isn’t as healthy as he claimed to be….”

Not as healthy as he claimed? Did he catch a strange disease? But that shouldn’t affect his….

“…. He was a smoker, he started smoking since twelve.. so, his lungs are damaged which kinda affected his kidneys…”

I look at him anxiously, praying he won’t say what I dreaded most.

“… Hence we couldn’t use his kidney anymore. We’ll look for someone healthy and you’ll buy one of his kidneys”

“How much?” I asked.

Doctor Hemsworth shuts his eyes briefly, he takes a deep breath and smiles encouragingly at me.



My mouths hangs open unable to complete my sentence. Right now, my head is growing bigger.. getting too heavier for my neck to carry.

9 million?! Where on earth will I get 9 million?!

“Miss Lopez?” Doctor Hemsworth waves his hand across my face.

I blinked and stare at him blankly.

“Doctor, ca..can’t we find another alternative?”

“I’m afraid not, we’ve tried all alternatives already. The operation can’t be delayed any longer!”

I leans back on my chair and rub my forehead.. this 9million has given me a sudden headache.

“But I don’t have such money, can’t we get a cheaper one?”

“No! I estimated 9million, because we are trying to look into some charity organizations.. to see if we can find a donor!”

I sighed. 9million is a very huge amount of money, my account is currently reading $2,000 and that’s my life’s saving!

“Miss Lopez, I’d advise you start planning on how to get the money ready…”

I rolled my eyes inwardly, tell me something I don’t know!

“… that boy really can’t wait. But we’ll still try to keep him alive in as much as the medications are still working… just hurry up a little bit!”

“Thank you, doctor!”

He takes Mr Scott’s file from the table and keeps it back in the drawer.

I get up, pick my jacket and bag, I stretch out my hand and shake hands with doctor Hemsworth.

“Thank you, doc. I should go see my brother before I leave!”

“Ok! Oh… tell your aunt to go home and get some rest sometimes, staying up all night isn’t too good for her health at her age!”

I nod and head out.


Standing outside my brother’s ward, I took a deep breath and wipe away my sad expression.

I put on my most happiest expression and wear a very wide and bright smile… I knock the door lightly before opening it.

“Is there any Denzel here?”

Denzel raises his head and a smile appears on his face.

He wanted to hop off the bed but I quickly rush to him and stop him before he could.

“Easy, boy!” I told him.. you can’t blame me for being careful.

His arms encircles my neck and he rests his head on my shoulder.

“Anna, you’re here!” He said.

“Yeah, and I brought mangoes!”

He removes his arms from me and sits on his bed in anticipation.

I bring out five mangoes from my bag and puts them on a plate on the table.. he reaches for one but I lightly hit his hand.

“Hey, wait until they’re washed!”

“Awwwn!” He whines and I laugh at him.

I raffles his hair and hold his face in my palms.

“So… how is handsome Denzel doing today?”

“I’m fine! Here….”

He reaches for a drawing book next to him on the bed and shows me a page where drew….

Ah! I don’t even know what he drew! But I guess it’s some cartoons.

“… Look, Anna, I drew hulk and captain America!”

“Oh… “

I take a closer look and frown, why doesn’t they look like the hulk and captain America I know?

Anyway, I give him a big thumbs up.

“… Beautiful, awesome!” I smile overly sweet at him.

He narrows his eyes and folds his arms on his chest, he points his tiny finger at my face.

“You’re lying! My drawing is bad!” He said.

I shake my head, keeping a serious expression.

He monitors my expression a few more minutes then breaks into a bright smile.

Actually, his artistic skills are so darn poor but I can’t let him know that… you can’t get Denzel back in a good mood after making him sad.

“Tomorrow I’ll draw our family album!” He said.

“Good, but please don’t make me look like a monkey this time”

He pause and studies my face with a raised eyebrow.

“But you look like a monkey!”

I bared my teeth at him and he laughs. I look around and notice my aunt is not here.

As if he read my thoughts, he said.

“Aunt went to get some hot water!”

I sighed and nod, a moment of silence falls on us and lasted a little longer.

Denzel leans on me and rests his head on my chest.

“Anna, doctor Hemsworth visited me earlier this morning!”

“He did?”

He nods.

“What did he say?”

“Hmm, he said I’m getting better and I’ll soon go back home and resume school”

He’s getting better?! I wish it’s true.. doctor Hemsworth told him the exact opposite of his situation.

“… is that true?”

His question pulled me back to reality.

“Is what true?”

“Is it true that I’m gonna go home soon? Did you visit him? Did he tell you I’m getting better too? Did he tell you how strong I am?”

His questions suddenly makes me emotional, I feel tears brimming in my eyes.. but I quickly blink them away.

He’s really strong.. very strong. It’s not easy for a 9years old to be suffering from kidney disease and still be as lively as him.



He raises his head and stares at me with a cute, inquisitive frown.

“Why are you not answering me”

“Sorry, I was thinking about an interview I have by 10am!”

“Oh.. but is it true?” He asked again.

I guess he’s referring to his question from earlier.

“Yes, he said you’re getting a lot better but you shouldn’t stress yourself too much or….” I trail off.

“Or what?”

“He might extend your stay here!”

He scoffs unbelievably.

“That’s not true, Anna. He said he’ll let me go home if I continue to be a good boy.. and aunt said I’ve been quite good!”

I almost laugh out loud. If only he knew doctor Hemsworth is just saying that to make him happy.

“Hmm.. well, then, continue to be a good boy and don’t run about ok!”

He nods and lets out a yawn.

“Can I lean more on you, I wanna sleep!” I nod and he leans more and closes his eyes.

Few minutes later, he’s fallen asleep on me. I gently lay him on his bed and covers him with a blanket.

I stare at his carefree face and smile…I wish he wasn’t so unlucky to have caught this disease.

I lean down and kisses his cheek… don’t worry, Denzel.. I’ll work hard to save money for you…even if I have to sell myself!

I hear the sound of knob twisting and turns back, it’s my aunt.

“Anna!” She calls me, smiling.

I signal her to lower her voice and gesture towards Denzel’s sleeping form.. she mouths oh and walk in a lighter step towards me.

She stops in front of me and looks me all over.

“Anna, you’re becoming thinier… Are you not eating enough?” She asked with a frown, still accessing me.

I laugh lightly.

“Aunt, I have enough food back home” I reply her… Which is a big fat lie.

“Oh, I see… It must be because you don’t get enough rest….”

She drops the flask in her hand on the small table in front of us and take my hands in hers.

Oh God! I know where this is going….

“I know things are hard now and you’re working hard for us… but don’t forget to rest and eat.. don’t forget to read your books…..”

I tone her off since I already memorize all she’s about to say.. she tells me this everytime I visit.

“… do you understand me?”

“Yes, Aunt, I understand!”

She smiles and glances at Denzel before turning back to me.. she caresses my hair.

“Did you meet with doctor Hemsworth?”


“What did he say? I have been asking him and he keeps telling me Denzel is getting better…”

She sighs.

“.. but I feel like he’s hiding something from me!”

I wanted to tell her the truth but recalling doctor Hemsworth’s advise, I decided against it.

“Aunt, Denzel is really getting better, don’t think too much!”

She stares at me as if she doesn’t believe me.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Aunt!”


Blaring of my ringtone cuts her off, I quickly reach for it inside my bag and sees Matilda’s name (my best friend) flashing on the screen.

“Aunt, let me take this… It’s Matilda!”

Aunt nods and I quickly press the answer button.

“Hello, Mat….”

“Don’t hello Matilda me, miss Lopez!” She screams and I move the phone away from my ear.

Her voice is so loud that even aunt can hear her even without the phone been on speakerphone.

“Where are you, Tasia?!”

I open my mouth to speak but her voice comes up again.

“Have you forgotten about your interview by 10am? It’s starting now… Where. Are. You?”

I release a nervous laugh and grab my jacket from the bed, I signal my aunt that I’m leaving.

She nods and pecks my forehead, she waves me to leave. I wave her and hurry out of the ward.

“Tasia? Tasia, are you still there?”

“Er… Tilda, I’m.. er….”

What should I tell her, that I’m still at the hospital? She’s so gonna be livid if I tell her that.

“Don’t tell me you’re not even close”

“Ok.. I won’t tell you that”

I hear a bang and I smile, I said it.. she’s gonna be so angry.

“Why aren’t you there yet? Have you forgotten so soon how difficult it was for us to get….”

I roll my eyeballs.

“Fine, fine, Tilda, I’m heading there now!”

She pause, then I hear her taking deep breaths to calm herself down.

“You really know how to rile me up!”

I laugh and she joins me.

“You’re lucky you have my baby with you, or I swear I don’t know how you’ll make it in time!”

Her baby.. that’s her old, rusty truck which she inherited from her grandpa.

I stop in front of the truck, I open the door and throw my bag in the passenger seat… I hop in.

“Alright, Tilda, we’ll talk later.. I’m about to hit the road!”

“Ok.. good luck, girly!”

“Thanks, I guess I really need that!”

“Muaaah!” She makes a long kssing sound.


I hang up and step on the gas. I check my time, it’s 9:49am… God, I have just ten minutes to get there.

God help me!


Finding a space in the parking lot, I park my car and step out… I walk towards the tall building and stop right in front of the big doors.


Boldly written on top, I smile and breaths in the fresh air here.

I can’t believe I’m attending an interview at my dream company, I intended to do my internship here after graduation.

My phone starts beeping and I reach for it in my pocket.. my eyes bulges out when I see what the time is reading.


I shove my phone in my pocket and rushes through the doors into the building… I head straight to the receptionist.

“Hello, welcome to Statham enterprise… How may we help me?” She greets me with a warm smile.

“Interview… I’m one of the candidates!” I reply.

She looks at me with a frown, then checks her wristwatch.

She sighs and points to an elevator.

“Take the elevator, the interview is holding at the 19th floor!”

“Thank you!” I said and rush to the elevator without wasting time.

Thankfully, someone steps out of the elevator. I jump in and tap the 19th button.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m already late or if this elevator is actually slow…I groan and lean my back on the wall of the elevator.

Finally, I hear a ding sound. The elevator doors open and I step out… I begin to walk down the floor.

Until I see a group of young girls like me, sitting on a bench.. see chatting together and some just sitting on their own.

They’re all dressed formally, I guess they came for the interview too.

But the thing is, I don’t know if the interview has not started yet.. or if they’re done and waiting for results.

I move closer to a girl whom I deemed friendly, I wave her and greet her with a polite smile.

“Hi, I’m Anastasia!”

“Hi, I’m Rita Orson!” She smiles back.

“Er… I wanna know if the interview has started”

She nods.

“Yeah, it’s just getting started.. someone is inside the office!”

I smile and breath out in great relief.. I’m lucky!

“Thank you!” I told her.

She nods and turns away from me, not the type that keeps friends?… Well, at least she answered my question.

I look around and sees a space in one of the benches.. I quickly head towards it and sits down.

Then I begin to arrange my credentials.

Suddenly, I hear my name being called, I stood up at once and rushed towards the lady that called me.

“You’re next!” Was all she said before going inside.

I adjust my dress and put on a smile, I open the door and step into the office.

A very beautiful lady sits on a big chair, facing her laptop.. she seems to be a few years older than me.. I think 2 or 3 years.

My eyes scan her quality dress, I can feel her grace from her sitting posture.. she look so calm, like a sophisticated lady.

I guess I was too busy admiring her that I didn’t notice she’s already staring at me… she clears her throat and that woke me up.

I blink in embarrassment.

“Miss Lopez, right?” She asked.

“Yes, ma’am!”

She must have known my name from my CV I submitted online last week.

“Miss Lopez, what time did you arrive at Statham enterprise?”

Oh? Is this how they start their interview here?

“Miss Lopez?”


“What time did you arrive at Statham enterprise today?” She asked again.. narrowing her eyes at me slightly.

I can’t let her know I arrive late else I can’t guarantee I’ll get the job.

A little white lie won’t cause any damage… right?

“I.. I.. arrive..”

I pause and clear my throat, I should speak firmly so she won’t detect I’m lying.

“I arrived at 9:30am!” I answered.

She puts her elbow on the chair’s armrest and rests her chin on her palm.

“Are you sure you arrived at 9:30?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

She didn’t say anything more, she simply presses a few buttons on her laptop and turns it to face me.

“Who’s this walking through those doors?” She asked.

My mouth hangs open as I find words to defend myself.. but I found nothing to say.

I mean, even a kid can clearly tell it’s me, there’s no way I can deny it.

“Is that you, Miss Lopez?”

“Yes, ma’am.. but there’s a perfect explanation for….”

“I don’t need any perfect explanations!” She cuts me off.

I open my mouth to defend myself but a glare from her shuts me off.

“Here in Statham enterprise, what we need from our workers is honesty!”

From her tone I can tell she’s angry at me.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry for lying, I didn’t mean to.. I just had to tell that little lie because I need this job, I…. “

She cuts me off with a raised hand.

“Miss Lopez, it’s best you leave our property now or I’ll send for the security to come show you the way out!”

“Ma’am… “

I swallow my words when I see her typing on her landline, I quickly turn and walk out of her office.

I have embarrassed myself enough, I don’t wanna increase my embarrassment.

With my head hanging low in shame and disappointment, I walk out of the building.

I walk towards where I parked Matilda’s car and turn back to take another look at the building… A little white lie does do a whole lot of damage!

I open the door and throw my bag and credentials inside randomly… I’m too angry to care where they fall in right now.

Just when I’m about to hop in the car, my eyes catches something… I notice how trapped Matilda’s truck is.

Two cars trapped her truck… One closely behind it and the other closely parked in front of it.

Who on earth are this blind people?! Didn’t they attend driving classes?!

I rub my forehead gently, I’m too angry to care about this right now… I think I can maneuver my truck out of here.

Opening the door, I get in and tries my possible best to drive out of this trap… But just when I think I’ve successfully escape, I heard a loud crashing sound behind me.

I quickly got down to check the source of that sound… Getting there I groan loudly and kick my back tire.

“Today’s really not my lucky day!” I grumbled.

I just broke someone’s bumper! I take a look at the car to see if it’s an expensive car and man…this car must be super expensive.

I don’t know car brands but from the look of this flashy car, it must be dope expensive!

“What did you do?” Someone yells behind me.

I turn around and face him, looking at him apologetically.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know I’d crash your car…”

“You call this crash?!” He yells.

I frown…wait, why is he yelling?

“You broke my boss’s car’s bumper and you call it a crash?! I’m so dead!”

So it’s his boss’s car! Now I get why he’s yelling…I sighed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it’s your boss’s car… don’t worry, I’ll pay for damages!”

He looks at me and shakes his head.

“Can you afford it? Huh?”

“Why can’t I?”

He wipes his face.

“This is a Lamborghini”

I take a look at the car again. Oh! So this is the Lamborghini?

I nod, it’s really a beautiful car!

“Stop daydreaming, girl. What are we gonna do about this?”

“How about you estimate the cost and I’ll do a quick transfer to you?” I suggest.

The man look at the damage and frowns slightly.

“I think this should be roughly around 2million….”

I bang on his boss’s car cutting him off.

“Enough!” I yelled at him.

“Excuse me?”

“I said enough! I’ve heard enough about millions today! Do you guys wanna send me to an early grave?!” I yelled again.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand you!”

“You can’t understand!”

I turn away from him and graby bag and credentials from the truck…and started walking away.

“Hey! What about the damage? Aren’t you gonna pay for it?”

I pause and turn to him.

“I believe your boss is a rich man, he can afford 2million!”


“If he can’t afford it, look…..”

I point at the truck.

“…I gift you that truck, sell it and use the money to repair the bumper!” With that’s I walk away without turning back.

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