No Choice But to Live With Him


🔔Episode 41🔔



Like Seriously?

Did she just say she loves me?

Like did she juat say the word “LOVE” to me?

Am I even in my right senses? It obvious I didn’t hear what she said. Yeah! I didn’t hear what she said.

I then nodded and smiled at her while she looked down.

“Maybe you should go take your shower now” I said.

“Yeah true! Where’s my towel?”

“Here take this!” I said and handed her a black towel with rose designs.

“You can use this one for the night”


“I’ll be outside now”

And I left the room.

I walked downstairs to the mini bar in the hotel. I picked a table and then sat down on it. The bar attendant rushed to me and asked for my orders. So I jxt ordered a soft drink.

“I’ll love it ice cold” I told her.

“Yes sir”

“And it should be ice cold” I emphasized. Not like I’ll sack her if she makes a mistake but I’ll make sure I make the manager fire her.


What’s wrong with me?

What made me say that to him?

He didn’t even say anything when I told him I loved him.

Do I even love him? He has been so nice to me and I just can’t love him immediately.

He might be pretending! And only in a matter of time will the really mon$ter in him awake. Yeah! The Alfredo I know can’t change over night. He’s just acting nice now and later the real mon$ter in him strikes.

Anyways the bath tub is really so nice,its really enjoyable and the water is hot. Like he knows I love bathing in hot Jacuzzi’s.

I played with the water a bit and then immediately washed off the foam from my body before leaving the bathroom.

I used the towel he gave me and wiped my body with it.

I opened one of the wardrobe and saw a lotion and nice pink night gown on it. Its obviously for me.

Without thinking I took off the towel and then wanted to try it on,when the door opened and I turned to it.

It was Alfredo and he closed his eyes immediately he saw me nked,not like it was necessary since we were couple now.

“Sorry to intrude… I only came to tell you that the nightie on the wardrobe is yours” he said with his hand on his eyes.

“Oh! I thought as much”

“Yeah. And when you’re done don’t leave the room” he added.


He turned around and left.

I wore the nightie and then looked at myself with the mirror in the room. It really fits me so much and I loved it. But it had some openings and it exposed some part of my b00bs and it was kinda tight and my body stature was obvious.

I’m not that curvy though,but I know I have a killer shape. A really nice slender body jxt like a model. I inherited it from my mum.

When I was done with everything I jumped on the bed and the roses there poured on my face. It was really so nice and sweet. The roses were all over my face and it was cute.

“If only someone would jxt take a pic of this” I said loudly cos I thought I was alone.


I heard and I immediately stood up and my eyes met with Alfredo’s nice pair of eyes.

“Did you take a picture? When did you enter?” I asked.

“Not long. My wife was obviously enjoying herself that she didn’t notice me enter” he said.

Did he call me his Wife?

“And I took a pic,cos you obviously didn’t know how beautiful you were with those roses on you” he said.

“Thanks though” I said.

“So do you wanna sleep now?”

“Yeah… But can I see the pic?”

“Tomorrow” he said and then laid on the bed.

“Have you showered?”

“Yeah!” He replied.

“Okay…” And I laid beside him.

It felt kinda awkward. Anyways this wasn’t the first time we were sleeping in the same bed,this is the second.

He switched off the light, but the window was open so there was still light in the room. Light from the stars and moon. I really loved that sight.

“Place your head on my chest” he said.


“Yeah do it. Its an appropriate way to sleep”


And I went towards him and placed my head on his chest like he instructed. It was kinda comfy. Then he drew me nearer and I was so close to him that we could feel each others breath.

I still was enjoying the whole thing. His breath was so nice and I wished mine was good too. I really hope my breath wasn’t bad



Oh my God!

I can’t believe, that fool called me a bch. He called me a smelly wh0re.

He insulted me all because of that goat,that low life. That poor stinky thing from the gutters.

He ended the deal and said he’d never marry a $lut like me. He called me all sort of names and that really makes me super mad.

I’ll so deal with him… No I love him. The person I’ll deal with is that gold digger.

That riffraff, she’ll regret marrying Alfredo.

I won’t only eliminate her,I’ll make sure she and her entire family are wiped away from earth forever.

I can’t let a commoner win,I’m Amber Cortex Smithsonian. I don’t fail,I don’t. For me to rise she must fall 😠😠


So many plottings…..

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