No Choice But to Live With Him


🧪Episode 50🧪

Location: Alfredo’s residence, Spain🏙

“Oh Jade. Thanks for letting me come spend a time with you guys. I do appreciate it”

“Come on Amber, you’re like family. We grew up together and our family Is really close. I see you as a younger sister” she said with her hand on my shoulder.

“Aww. Thanks. Besides where’s Nicky? I haven’t seen her”

“She’s inside. She haven’t been herself since the attack”

“Oh, too bad. Have u guys reported to the police yet?”

“Yeah. That’s where my mum and hers went to. They’re in the station right now”

“Okay. I think I’ll need to use the restroom. I’m pressed”

“You can. Fourth door at the left”

“Thanks” And I left.

I got to the bathroom and eased myself. And a plan hit me, if I have to make the Dickson’s believe me when I tell them Nicky attacked Alfredo I have to gather some proofs.

They must believe me and not jxt believe me, I want them to throw her out of here. I really jxt want to get married to Alfredo at all means.

Either the hard or cunning way🥴


“Joy I hope you’re okay now. Everything would be fine, I assure you that”

“Yeah I know. Alfredo would make it. He will and I’ll make sure those men don’t go unpunished”

“Yeah they won’t. They’d rot in jail for their miserable life”

“Jade, I thought I heard Amber’s voice, is she here?”

“Yes she is. She’s in the restroom. She’ll join us soon”


“So wat about Sarah?”

“I think she’s sleeping. She was feeling dizzy when we were together. Maybe she has gone to bed”



🎶I can’t focus on what needs to get done🎶
🎶I’m on notice hoping that you don’t run🎶
🎶You think I’m tepid but I’m misdiagnosed🎶
🎶’Cause I’m a stalker I seen all of your posts🎶

🎶And I’m just tryna play it cool now🎶
🎶But that’s not what I wanna do now🎶
🎶And I’m not tryna be with you now, you now🎶

🎶You make it difficult to not overthink🎶
🎶And when I’m with you I turn all shades of pink🎶
🎶I wanna touch you but don’t wanna be weird🎶
🎶It’s such a rush, I’m thinking wish you were here🎶

🎶And I’m just tryna play it cool now🎶
🎶But that’s not what I wanna do now🎶
🎶And I’m not tryna be with you now, you now🎶


Sitting close to my window and enjoying the cool breeze. I was with my favorite person, my guitar. Even thought it is a non living thing, it’s still my fave person. I was singing a song…. Crush by name and singer; Tessa Violet🎙🎤

I realy love the song and while singing I had Jxt one person in my mind which was my crush, Alia.

She beautiful, smart, perfect and so loveable and super adorable. Well I didn’t introduce myself properly, well I’m Kay Dickson and Juan’s my younger sister. I’m the 3rd child and have 2 older brothers. I’m 19 and jxt got admitted into college. I’m studying architecture 🧑‍🎨 and music 🧑‍🎤 at the same time. I’m a good guitarist and the best in my school. I sing too but I don’t wanna be only a musician. My parents don’t want that so I chose architecture.

I live with my 2 brothers while our only sister live with my dads brother. Our parents are in Qatar and that’s where the work and send us money every month.

My brothers are always more concerned about their self’s and they pay no attention to Juan. That’s why she has gone astray already. No one can stop her now, she smokes🚬 ,drinks🍺🍸,clubs💃🕺 and kinda bitchy 😋👙in a way. I’ve tried stopping her but she’s really stubborn and head strong. Well lemme jxt say she’s already an addict.

My older brothers are more concerned with their life than their little sister. Well it’s not our fault,its our parents. They didn’t raise us in the way we should go and that really had a way of psychologically damaging our life, beyond repair.


I was upstairs in my room reading a book at least it helped keeping me busy. When someone barged in without even knocking.

I raised my head from the book and it was Amber.

Good gracious😫

“Well, Hi” she said and sat on the bed but not after shutting the door close.

“Hello” I replied not rather too comfortable with her presence. I’ve seen her a couple of times with Alfredo and Abner once told me they’re childhood friends.

“Wat did u say happened to Alfredo?”

“Why are u asking?”

“Well girl,we planned on getting married… So?”

“What? No he didn’t. He loves me”

“Is that waht you think? Is your brain as dumb as you are. He doesn’t love you dear. He’s only using you”

“No Alfredo does love me. He slept with me and…”

“See, sx doesn’t always prove love. He only used you to satisfy his dying desires. Smarten up dear” she said and chucked.

Oh my God!

Should I believe what she said? She can’t be right! Alfred had told me he loved me and I believe him. Yes he does. He can’t be so nice to me all of a sudden. But is he really just playing with me or is he?

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Do you think Alfredo is playing with Nicky, that he doesn’t love her?



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