No Choice But to Live With Him


🍹Episode 42🍹


☠️🏚️An abandoned warehouse🏚️☠️

Time: 3pm


“So boys we’re gonna strike at exactly 4pm. From information’s gathered he’ll leave their new apartment around 4. So when he’s gone, Viper here will eliminate him once and for all” I said.

“Sure thing boss. You can always count on me” he said with a devilish smile.

“Yeah. But make sure u leave no traces so that the police won’t find us”

“Yes boss”

“And wat ever you do make sure you eliminate him completely”

“That’s why I’m called Viper. If he doesn’t die,I’ll strike my venom🐍💉” he said and I chuckled.

“That’s it. Dismissed!” I said and they all left.


Everything will go as planned. If he doesn’t die tomorrow, I’ll personally kill him myself.

We were told to eliminate him by one of his siblings or relations and we ain’t sure of the person,till the deal is done. He/she has paid half of the payment and when the job is done, the remaining payment is settled.

“Hahahaha” I’ll soon become a millionaire.

Cheers to that 🍻

And I took a sip of the vodka I was drinking🍺.


Something tells me Nicky is not okay where ever she is. I don’t know but I’m feeling it. Ive told Jade but she says I’m getting worried over nothing. That I should just get my own wife and live them alone.

Maybe she’s right. I should be thinking of marriage. I’m not getting any younger. I should start thinking of getting a girlfriend at least. But I still love Nicky. I really do love her. I just can’t get her off my mind. She really did do some Voodoo on me.

Even though she’s married to my twin now and its obvious they might make babies before they return from Spain cos I know that brother of mine is a sx freak.

I still can’t get her off my mind. What if he haves her by force? Maybe he might even rappe her just to get in between her legs.

Ooh! Nicky marrying Alfredo is the biggest mistake of your life.


Oh my God!

Marrying Alfredo is the best choice I’ve ever made. I never knew he could be this soft and sweet.

We arrived at our new apartment this morning and its really beautiful. Its so beautiful, and nice. Its just the both of us that’d be living there. I think I really love it cos we’d be having some alone time with no one interfering.

I wished I knew our marriage would be this sweet. I would have married him a long time ago. Yeah! I would have married him long enough and enjoy all this sweet things I’m enjoying now. He even carried me in a bridal style to the bedroom when I told him I was tired.

He even fed me doing breakfast. Jeez!

I like him now. I know I really like him. Yes I do like him. And I’ll tell him how I feel whether he feels the same or not. At least I’ll get it off my heart and mind. That’s what I’ll do.


✌️Next day✌️

Time: 3:36pm

“Nick, I’ll be going out by 4” I said to her.


“I need to go check up on a friend of mine and he closes work by 4. So I have to go see him”

“Is he really that important? I can’t stay all alone here”

“Nick,I’ll only be out for an hour. And I’ll be back before you know it.”

“But I’ll be bored,Can’t we go together? At least as your wife”

I smiled and then looked at those cute eyes of hers.

“Not on my first visit. Wifey,the next time I wanna visit him then you can go with me as my wife. But I must go today,I’ll go with the Bugatti”

“Okay. But pls be back before an hour🥺.”

“I will wifey💋” And I pecked her. We haven’t had a proper kss before. The least we could do is ksses on the checks and fore head.

I can’t wait for us to have a lips kss or even have sx. It might be a bit weird, but I still can’t wait 😊


I entered my car and then drove off but not after kssing her good bye.


Time: 3:58pm

I was patiently waiting for my victim and then strike him with my poisonous venom.

I was with Danger one of the boys. We were waiting for the car to pull up and then eliminate the so called Alfredo Dick. We were already detailed with his picture and the car plate number he’d be with….

“That’s the car dude… That’s it…. Bugatti O3467, with Seattle written on it”

“Yeah… Let’s follow him. Well the car’s glass is tinted but who cares?”

And I started the ignition and followed the car as fast as possible.

“Just shoot Venom… Shoot” Danger said.

“Relax, he has to stop. And I have a plan”

And I drove faster and then came behind the car. I hit the car from behind cos I knew he’d come down. Yeah and he did while putting on a sun glasses.

“Say goodbye to the world” I said and then targeted the gun to his heart and shot him 3 times.

“Yeah we did it” and I quickly turned The car around…

“Dude that’s the wrong guy… You shut the wrong person”. Danger said and I looked at the victim whom was on the floor and his sunglasses was on the floor too. It wasn’t really him…

“Dmn! Its 03487…. Dmn” I screamed.

“Let’s go. Let’s go!!!” Danger yelled and I immediately drove as fast as I could.


I pity the innocent soul…. May his soul rest in peace😢😭

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