No Choice But to Live With Him


🍸Episode 43🍸


☠️🏚️An abandoned warehouse🏚️☠️

Time: 5pm


Jeez I can’t wait for my boys to be back and share the victory with me. I’m very sure that Alfredo Dickson is dead by now.

Now I’m only miles away from being a billionaire.

But I think they’re taking too long. Yeah! Its unlike the Viper and Danger I know.

Anyways they can take their time but I’m very sure they’d be returning with good news.

“Boss” I heard and I raised my head.

“Sir….” Viper started and flinched a little.

“So how was it boys?”

“Sorry but we…. We kinda….” And Viper was interrupted by Danger whom kinda looked angry.

“What do you mean we? You were sent to eliminate him not me. I was only told to accompany you. So stop using we!” Danger said with a slight frown.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Sir… We…. Sorry, I didn’t complete the mission. We shot the wrong guy” he said and I almost burnt up in anger.

“You did what. Are you guys so dumb. Just do a simple task, eliminate him but no… You messed the whole thing. You fking messed the whole thing up. You both are a disgrace” I fumed and threw away the glass of wine that was on my table.


“You’re very stupid. You’re so crazy. Listen loud and clear, you two are gonna complete this deal. I don’t care how but you must kill him before 48hrs. You must” I yelled. My voice clearly showed visible anger.

“You should have sent me instead boss. I’ll always do a clean job” said Striker.

“Shut that motherfucker hole in your face” I yelled and he remained silent.

“Now get out there,I don’t care how but make sure he dies within 48hrs”

“But boss….”

“Shut up. You two are in charge now. Do a clean job and don’t fail me” I said and threw a bundle of cash at them.

“That’s for your needs and fueling the car…. Now be gone. You know his address,take him down with no traces. If possible wipe everyone u see there”

“Yes boss. Thanks so much…”

“Now be gone. And remember,do not fail”

“Yes sir” and they left.

I don’t mind killing everyone in that apartment, all I care about is my billion dollars and I won’t mind destroying them all for it.


I must do all it takes to get Alfredo eliminated. He must die. He doesn’t deserve to live.

I really hate him so much even though he’s still my blood. When it comes to money,I put family behind.

Yeah! I love money more that anything. Even more that Alfredo especially. He’s really prideful and maybe he’ll continue that pride of his in the grave.

Maybe I should just phone my boys and ask them how its going….


📲 You mean all this happened to you and you didn’t care to inform me…… I said

📲 I didn’t wanna disturb you

📲 Really? I don’t see that as a disturbance. You can always reach up to me

📲 Thanks Nicky. I knew I could always count on you. So you’d help me with a little amount of money right?

📲 I’m not promising you anything but I know I’ll do something about it.

📲 Thanks…. So how about your honeymoon. I know…..

Then the door opened and Alfredo entered and sat beside me.

📲 Bae, I’ll call you later….

And I ended the call.

“Is that a guy or a lady?” He quickly threw that question at me

“Its a lady”

“But you just called her bae?”

“That’s what I call most of my female friends”

“Are you sure its a lady?”

“Yeah! You can check her name now. She’s Señorita”

“Nice name… I thought it was a guy. I really don’t wanna share you and I think I might get jealous seeing you with another guy”



“Alfredo, I really wanna ask you something. Am I free?”

“Yeah you are”

“Do you like me?”


“Yeah! Do you?”

“I don’t know. But its not like I hate you. I really adore you cos you’re nice, funny, beautiful, confident and bold and….”

I don’t know how it started but all I knew was that I saw my lips in his.

We were really kssing each other passionately and it was pleasant. Our eyes were closed and the kss was like my best kss ever.

Even my first kss wasn’t this sweet and enjoyable. And you obviously knew I had my first kss with Abner…..

“Hey!.. Nicky?” I heard and I quickly opened my eyes.


I didn’t really kss Alfredo, I was daydreaming. I was daydreaming. I don’t know why, but I wished it was all reality 😏

“Are you okay? You were closing your eyes while licking your lips?”

“Was I?”

“Yeah! What were you thinking about….”

“Food!” I quickly said as a cover up.


“Yeah Food 😋” I said and he chuckled.

“You are really a foodie,just like me. But I’d love it if you grow fat”

“Fat? Really?”

“Yeah! Very fat!”

And we laughed together.

“But I’m hungry” I said.

“Okay. Hold your hunger till 6. Then we go for dinner at a nearby eatery”

“I can’t wait that long”

“Well you have to. Love 😘”

Did he just call me his love❤?
I just can’t control my emotions…. I’m really blushing right now 😊😊😋

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