No Choice But to Live With Him


☠️Episode 44☠️


“Nicky, hurry up!” I said from downstairs.

She was in the room getting prepared for our dinner date. Yes! Its is a date. She has been dressing for an hour and its already late.

She always tell me to give her a minute, but now its an hour. One whole hour.

“Give me a minute!” She said.

“Girls 😏”

“What did you say?”she screamed from upstairs.

“Nothing, Just hurry up”

“Jxt a minute!”

“Yeah! A minute. Just one minute dear. And if it exceeds a minute then we ain’t going for dinner. Instead I’ll order some food”

“I’m almost done” she replied.

And I started pressing my phone till I saw a beautiful creature stand in front of me.

I looked up and my eyes met with the most beautiful girl on earth. My joy giver and rib cracker.

She’s really one in a million and she’s really not replaceable. Amber can never be compared to her,never. Amber’s a bch, a cheap $lut. I can never marry her.

“So how do I look?” She asked while turning around.

She really looked so dmn great in that pink gown she was putting on and her make-up wasn’t too much and it was really moderate.

Her hair was beautifully packed in a bun and she looked so much like a Queen. Yeah! She’s my Queen and the love of my life.

I’ve finally concluded…. I love her so much ✌

“I never knew you had such a protruding belly. Your waist is too small and the color of the gown doesn’t suit uou. May be you should have Just gone for black or any dark colour” I lied just to seek her attention


“Yeah! And you look like a wtch on that excess make-up”

“So I’ll go change now….”

“What? Do you know what the time is? We gat to go. But please avoid me. Stay behind while I walk in front”

“Do I look that bad?”

“Yep! You look like a clown. A scary one”


“Lets go”

And she followed me to the car,she entered it and I started the car and started driving.


“Tyson, I’ve told you. Don’t come to me for any flimsy apologies cos I’m very sure you don’t mean them”

“I do mean it. I’m very sure. I didn’t know why I kssed her and how I did. I’m so sorry,its a terrible mistake and I’ll never repeat it again”

“But dude you know how much Chloe means to me and seeing you guys together in that position shattered me.”

“Sorry. I promise never to repeat the same thing again! I really do”

“Its okay. I forgive you. You’re my only brother and I love you so much”

“I love you too. I really do love you” and we hugged.

I really had to forgive him, he’s my twin and I love him so much. Even if he might be annoying at times and we might pick up a fight or have issues. He still remains my one and only.

He’s the 3rd most favourite person on my life. First is My mum,then Dad, him,Nicky,Sarah and Chloe. This 6 people ate really important to me. So important 🤞🤝


Did he really say I looked like a wtch on this clothes. I know how long it took me to get dressed and he told me I looked like a wtch and had a protruding belly.

I dressed this way jxt for him and yet he didn’t compliment me instead he laughed at me,called me names and even told me to walk behind him.

Is he really ashamed of my dressing to this extent. I just need to get rid of this feelings, this is the second time that I’ve ever told him that I loved him.

He just keeps quiet and says nothing. Its obvious he doesn’t feel the same way for me. He’s only messing with my head and playing tricks with my heart like its some kinda of game

I really don’t know why but his single words just spoilt my mood this evening. Here we were in the best eatery in Spain and a lot of foods were just looking at me.

I haven’t even finished a plate yet. Unlike me. Those single words really went a long way in destroying my self-esteem.

Now I think I’m ugly🥺😔😭


I really don’t know why Nicky its so quiet. Its unlike the foodie and crazy 🥴girl I know.

She’s just eating her foods in tiny bits. Its an american dish and she should be eating it with so much joy and gladness and yes! Without forgetting that beautiful smile on her face. That smile that melted a heart of stone…. Yes that’s my heart🫀,it was though.

“Alfred, I’m tired and I need to go home” she said and I looked at her.



“Don’t you like the food?”

“I don’t know. I really need to go”. With that she stood up and left the eatery.

I paid our bills and then went to our car and drove us home.

It was a quiet and boring drive.

When we got back she wanted to leave but I held her back.

“I’m sorry if I might have hurt you with my words. It was only a joke!”

“Joke? Joke? You just don’t know how your words affected me emotionally.

How could you say such things to me. I was expecting something more…. Not those words!” She said and tears covered those eyes of hers.

Nicky is really this first girl that I’m ever sincerely apologizing to.

I don’t normally apologize to people especially a girl. Well Nicky is different.

“Nicky,I know this might not be the best time. But I love you. I really do love you. I’m so lucky to have you as mine. I really do love you” I said and she looked at me.

“You do?” She shuttered slightly.

“I do!” I replied.

And quickly I rushed to those tempting lips and kssed the he..ll out of them. I really kssed those lips without even giving her a space to breath.

Maybe I was choking her with the kss but I just couldn’t stop🥰😋💋

They had a different kind of taste… A very sweet one

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