No Choice But to Live With Him

👹Betrothed to a Monster👹
🥺 She has no choice but to leave with him 🥺


🌹Episode 46🌹

Time: 4:05pm

“Alfred? I wanna ask you something”


“I’m bored at home. I wanna go somewhere. Maybe like the park or any other fun places”

“Is that all?”

“For now!” I replied and he smiled.

“Don’t you think its a bit late. Your legs might still be paining you, you know?”

“I’m completely fine. I just wanna go out. I’m bored at home”

“Fine! But we’ll be out for only an hour”

“That’s fine by me”

“So go put on something nice and don’t be long else I might change my mind”

“I won’t”

And I ran up the stairs to maybe go put on something nice like he said.

So I quickly put on a green crop top and a blue jean and then a white sneakers. I did a little bit of make up and then packed my hair and put a green ribbon on it.

I looked at the mirror and smiled at myself in satisfaction. I took my phone and then put it at my back pocket.


“Don’t you think the cloth is too provocative?”

“Its not. Its only a jean and shirt. It doesn’t have any openings”

“Yes the Jean does. And it went all the way to your laps and the crop top is kinda exposing your tummy”

“The clothes fine! Let’s go”


We entered the car and he had started driving when a call came in… He looked at me with a suspicious look.

“What? Its only your brother” I replied.

“Don’t pick up” he replied.

“Why?” I asked.

“But I thought I told you to avoid him?”

“Yeah you did. But we’re now like 7 and 8. He’s a nice friend to me”

“Really? So you prefer being with him than me right?”

“Yes…. Sorry I mean No. He’s super caring and nice”

“Really…. Then why didn’t you marry him instead”

“I wanted to, but I couldn’t…. You were my bethroned”

“Ooh! That means you love him”

“That was then but I only see him as my brother in-law and friend”

“I see”

And I picked the call cos he was still calling.

“Hey… How are you doing?” And he dragged the phone from my hand…

“But I thought I told you not to pick up. What the heck is wrong with you?”

“What the heck is wrong with me? I should be asking you that question. What grudge do you have with your brother? Tell me!” I half yelled.

“Its none of your business. Stay away from anything that concerns my brother and I!” He instructed.

“No wonder he calls you a Mon$ter” I said and hissed.

“What did you just say?”

“Its not my fault you didn’t hear what I said” I said and laid on the seat.

“You see what… I’m not taking you to any stupid park. I’m not taking you anywhere anymore. I’m not” he said and reversed the car around.

“I don’t care. I regret even marrying you in the first place”

“Really?” And he looked at me wide eyed.

“Yeah I do”

And he became quiet and he drove us back home.

Jeez! Just a little argument fussed him up. He’s really hot tempered and annoying. Super annoying, I wonder what he has with his twin that he won’t tell me.


“Hey, I want you to only eliminate the girl. Nothing should happen to Alfredo. Nothing should happen to him at all”

“Yes ma’am. Nothing would happen to him”

“They’re in Spain. So you’d go there and do the job. I’ll handle everything, both the travelling, accommodation, feeding and everything. I’ll be in charge”

“It isn’t part of our money right?”

“Not at all” I replied.

“We’ll be on it”

“Yeah!” I said and left them.


“Hey I ordered for a park of cigarette 🚬, why am I not seeing it here”

“Sorry but we don’t supply cigars to teens”

“Are you crazy? What the heck do you mean by that?”

“We’re only doing what we were paid for. We don’t supply cigarettes”

“Just get the fk out of my presence. Fool!” I said and watched her leave.

I’m not at home. I’m at a hotel or something, waiting for a friend… Anthony.

I met him online and we decided to see each other face to face so I chose the hotel instead.

Not like I wanna meet him face to face…. I just wanna see the stuff he’s made of and then go my own way😋

Then I heard a knock and I jumped up from my bed to go see whom was at the door.

I was only putting on a black see through pant and bra. I was kinda feeling horny and I unclad myslef.

I opened the door and my eyes met with his, I’ve seen his pictures already so I knew it was him.

Immediately he saw me,he looked at me and fixed his eyes on my round juicy b00bs…

“Hi!” I snapped him off his imagination land.

“Hey Juan…. You’re sxier than you are in pictures” he flattered and I laughed.

“Come in…”

I told him and he walked in while still staring at me


Time: 11pm

For some weird reasons I just couldn’t sleep. I kept turning from one place to another in the bed and yet sleep won’t still come.

Alfredo and I are kinda avoiding each other all because of the little misunderstanding we had and it kinda angers me. He doesn’t even wanna give me my phone and I’m already missing it.

I really don’t wanna talk to him.

Then I started hearing noises from the other room which he was in…. It was like footsteps.

“Nickyyyyy” l heard someone scream. That was Alfredo’s voice.

“Nickyyyyy” he kept screaming but I ignored him. Its obvious he wants to yell at me again or even beat me up.

Then the most unbelievable thing happened…. I heard a gunshot right from that room and my heart beat failed me and I collapsed in fright and shock.

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