No Choice But to Live With Him


💡Episode 47💡


🏩General Hospital🏩

I opened my eyes slowly and found my environment rather strange and unfamiliar.

Then it occurred to me that I was in the hospital and my mind went to Alfredo and the gunshot. Yes! I’m very certain it was a gun shot coming right from Alfredo’s room.

I hope he’s okay…. I hope he’s fine and I started panicking. Then the door opened and a Lady came in, the doctor perhaps.

“Hello. You’re finally awake” she said with a beaming smile.

“Where’s Alfredo, where’s my husband?” I said.

“He’s in the other room. You don’t need to worry he’s gonna be fine”

“Who brought us here?”

“Your neighbors…. That’s what they said”

“Oh! I need to see Alfredo now…. I need to see him”

“Calm down. You’re gonna hurt yourself. He’s fine”

“But I wanna see him. Please don’t tell me he was shot”

“Yes he was. But what really happened?”

“I don’t know. I was in a different room when I heard the gun shot and it made me collapse. I was so frightened. Please is he gonna survive”

“I’m not certain about that young lady. His condition is kinda critical. We’ll try our best”

“Pls do… I don’t wanna lose him” I said and bids of tears poured from my eyes.

“Don’t cry,I’ll make sure he lives”

“Pls do…”

“Besides wat are u guys doing here? You don’t look Spanish to me”

“Yeah! We only came here for our honeymoon”

“Woah! You guys are just married💍”

“Yeah, and that’s one reason I don’t wanna lose him”

“We’ll try our best …Why don’t you contact your family. I think that’ll help you calm down”

“Yes that’s true. But I’m not with my phone”

“You can go to the pay phone or maybe you can have mine, here!” She said and handed her phone to me. It was unlocked and I went to the phone book and quickly typed my mums number.

I have all my family numbers just at the tip of my fingers and its never difficult for me to reach them no matter where I was.

I dialed her no and she picked up at second ring….

📲Nicky,is that you?
📲Yes mum it is.
📲Is everything okay? You called me with a different line?
📲Mum everything is not okay…. Mum I’m at the hospital right now and Alfredo is in coma.
We were attacked right in our house last night.
📲Oh my God 😱…. Are you okay?
📲Yes mum… But Alfredo’s life is at stake, he was shot. I might lose him and I don’t wanna lose him. You guys should pls come over. And pls inform his parents…. Pls mum.
📲Sweet heart,I’ll do as u say. Pls be safe and protect ur self.
📲You guys should be quick pls….. And I ended the call.

“Here! Thanks”

“No problem… Now relax. Everything would be fine”

“I wanna see him now…. Pls”

“You can’t see him now. We’re operating on him, jxt keep your cool. He’d be fine”

“Okay” and I placed my head on my legs….

Its all my fault,I should have answered him when he called. I should have been there with him. Now he’s in a hospital bed fighting for his life.

Pls God he should make it. I don’t think I’ll ever be myself again if he dies. I really love him🥺😭


Oh my God…..


In coma?

How did that happen?

I kept asking myself as I quickly dressed up. We were going to Spain to go see him and Nicky, I know its really hard for her.

I have to be there to console her. I jxt pray nothing happens to my brother. He might be a mon$ter,but I really do love and adore him. Nothing should happen to him…

Then my phone rang and it was Francis my boyfriend. Jeez we have a date today and I can’t go. My brothers life is at stake. So as my relationship. But family comes first and I turned my phone off.

I have to d!tch our date, and I hope he understands.

I wore a jacket cos it’s really cold and then went downstairs to meet my family and IN-LAWS.

“Let’s go!” I said and we all went outside to enter our various cars and head to the airport.

We don’t need to book a flight,we have jets and we jxt command the pilot where to go and he obeys.


I’m not really bothered about Alfredo’s condition. I’ll be so happy if he dies. I really dislike him a lot,and I hope he dies.

And when he does,I’ll take Nicky in as my wife. I still love her and I’m sure she loves me to. She’ll wanna marry me and that’s very certain.

And I’ll make sure she gets pregnant🤰 for me cos I really love her and can’t wait to spend a night with her

Even though I know wat I’m doing is not right. I still can’t help it. I really want Nicky so badly. She’s the one meant for me. Yes she is….

We’re meant to be together🥰👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💘


What the fk?

What am I hearing?

Alfredo in coma?

How is that possible?

The boys haven’t gone to Spain yet and even if they went there without me being aware, I warned them strictly not to harm Alfredo.

Oh my God!

Why Alfredo?

Why him?

Who could have done that to him. Who could have shot hem like I heard…

But if no one was in that house with them that night, it only means one thing…. Nicky did, Nicky shot him

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