No Choice But to Live With Him


🦉Episode 51🦉



“Amber I don’t believe you. Alfredo loves me and he can’t marry you. He can’t, we love each other a lot and there’s no way he’d marry you”

“Really? Is that what you think. We two have slept with each other a couple of times so he loves me….”

“But just minutes ago u said sx doesn’t always prove love. The fact he’s sleeping with you doesn’t mean that he loves you” I said and she was a bit mute.

“Shut up! What do you know about love. He loves me…”

“In fact I’m done with your nonsense, get out of my room. Get out” I yelled and stood up from the bed.

“Get out!”

“I’m leaving. But remember what I said. He’ll surely marry me” she said with a giggle and left.

“She’s just only a bch. Don’t let wat she said bother you. Don’t let what she said bother you” I encouraged myself.

I laid back on my bed and continued with the story. I won’t let what she said bother me, Alfredo loves me and he has shown his love on too many occasions. I love him too and that’s what matters most.



She thinks she’s smart,I’ll teach her a lesson and show her who’s smarter.

I’ll make sure she and her family live here and I’ll be the only choice for Alfredo. I have to think of a plan,yes I have to. I can’t accept defeat and definitely not from that ba$tard commoner, we’ll see who’s smarter and even if plan A doesn’t work, there always a plan B and of that fails too, there’s 26 letters in the alphabet😁

I was coming down the stairs and by mistake I bumped into someone, let’s just say we both bump into each other. I looked up and it was……

“You?” He said.


“What are you doing here?” He said.

“I came to see Alfredo ” I replied.

“Really? So you guys can continue with what you started. Anyways that’s not my business. And where are you coming from?”

“I was Looking around” I replied and he looked at me suspiciously.

“Well, what ever you do stay away from Nicky cos if anything happens to her,I won’t take it lightly with you and I assure you that”

“Oh pls” I said and left.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you” he said and continued going upstairs.

“Idi©t! I really dislike him a lot. And that’s more reason I choose Alfredo instead”

I walked downstairs to go meet my soon to be mother in-law. She and that Nicky’s mum were conversing and they were speaking in low terms. I ignored it and then walked to one of the couches.

“Hey Amber, could you pls excuse us” Nicky’s mum said and I wanted to roll my eyes and say ‘Old lady if you wanna command people around, you can do that in your home which is like a pigs cage’ but I kept my cool and gently left.

•A week later•

“Joy, the doctors said he’s responding to treatment and that he’s gonna be fine”

“So you should stop bothering ur self. He’s gonna be fine” said Sarah

And a smile crossed her face and I was delighted to see that smile again.

“But wait I’m still in shock. Like how possible is it for criminals to make way into this place?” Amber asked.

“I don’t understand” Joy(Nicky) replied.

“Something is kinda fishy”

“Amber pls elaborate” I said.

“What I’m saying is that wat if Alfredo wasn’t shot by some hoodlums?”

“Meaning?” Abner said.

“Are you saying Nicky did it?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know” Amber said and rolled her eyes.

“Yeah! What if she did it? Like she wasn’t happy with the whole marriage preparations and I’m very sure she said she never wanted to marry him. Even when they were doing her welcoming party she wasn’t happy throughout the preparations…. There’s a tendency she committed the crime….”


“My daughter would never do that” her mum defended.

“Joy can’t do that. She’s not that kind of person”

“Amber one more word from that mouth of yours I’ll teach you a lesson of your life” said Abner.

“You wouldn’t dare”

“I’ll never do that” Nicky defended herself.

“Wat if she did. You guys should reason with me. They weren’t in good terms when they left Australia. Its obvious she shot him out of hatred” Amber kept saying and she was a bit making sense. Not like I’m believing what she’s saying but its obvious she might have done it.

“Joy is it true?” My mum asked.

“Mrs Dickson, there’s no way I’ll want to kill my husband. I can’t” she said and was almost crying.

“Crocodile tears” Amber mocked.

“Nicky can’t do something like that” Abner said.

“Why are u standing by her. Its obvious you still love her” Amber threw another bomb.

“Wat does that mean?” I asked

“Abner is in love with her. And I’m very sure I’ve seen them kss”

“Abner?” My mum said.

“That’s not true”

“Of course you’d deny it. You can ask Nicky or maybe her sister Sarah about it” she said with so much confidence.

⏳Flash back⏳

I was walking to my room one night after I went downstairs to get a bottle of water and I heard 2 people speaking in whispers. I was curious and followed the sound and it led to Nicky’s room. The door was a bit open and the lights were on, I tiptoed and went towards the door and leaned on it making sure I wasn’t seen. I adjusted myself and then positioned well on the door to listen to what the whispers was about.

“Sarah, I’m serious. We both have kssed before” I heard Nicky say.

“Are you sure?”

“Why would I lie to you. And what happened to his tongue was my doing, he kssed me forcefully and I bit his tongue living a hole on it. I was angry when he did, that was wat he was apologizing about when u came”…..

I’ve always known something was not right between those two.

“And he was my first kss. We kinda almost had sx one certain time but it never happened”

“What?” I heard Sarah. It was kinda louder.

“Lower your voice sis….” She said.

So many secrets to unfold🤫😱



That’s bad

NOTE: The next episodes aren’t edited.{Where ever you see u it means You, wat means What, ur means your and jxt neans just}

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