No Choice But to Live With Him


🎮Episode 71🎮


NO CHOICE BUT TO LIVE WITH HIM: Episode 71 to The End.

“Frances, I still can’t believe Alfredo would lose his child. I still can’t believe that after everything the child will still die.

I remember how much we fought about the gender of the baby and the name. We have even prepared the child’s room already and everything for his arrival is all set… But where is the child now? Dead!” I said and sniffed.

“Yeah, I too was waiting for the child. It’ll be a pleasure to be an uncle”

“Well everything has a reason”

“Yeah, maybe God is planning something big for them”

“Something very big”

“I want to pay Noah a visit”

“Let’s go then”

“Yeah” and we both left since we were all dressed in a nice outfit.


I was really not enjoying my stay in jail, but what can I do?

Its what I deserve. I haven’t even stayed a year here already and I’m already sick and tired of it. I was kept in a special room and its like my room back at home but I’m still not happy with all of it. I want to go home, earn my freedom and be able to work again.

My own cell is different from the rest, it has a soft comfortable bed, a TV, Netflix with full subscription, a fan and air conditioner, a study table, a desk top, a game station, a refrigerator, a bathroom and I’m also served anything of my choice etc

Everything is great but I miss my family and want to be with them again. The visit at times which I really adore and I’m really so anxious to know if Nicky had put to birth yet cos the last time she came her tummy had already popped out and she also told me that she was gonna deliver soon. So I hope she has and I really wanna know the gender of the child.


My cell door opened and I saw Jade and her husband Frances come in. Jade rushed to me and embraced me tightly.

“Noah!” She said and kissed me on the forehead.

“Jade, I’ve really missed you” I said and returned the kiss.

“Hi Frances”

“Hey” and we had a handshake🤝🏻

“So how are you doing Noah?”

“I’m good, you?”


“Your honeymoon isn’t over is it?”

“No, not yet. We returned cos of an emergency”


“Yeah, didn’t they tell you”

“No, I’m now a half member of the family now”

“Don’t say that, maybe they forgot”

“Forgot? Anyways what’s the emergency?”

“Nicky lost the child and it was a he” she said.

“What? You mean the baby is gone?”

“Yeah, she was involved in a home accident which resulted to the death of the child and she’s still in the hospital”

“That’s bad! How’s Alfredo doing?”


“I pity him, how terrible was the accident?”

“She fell on her tummy”

“Oh, Is she okay?”

“Yeah, She’s fine. She’s still attending to medications”

“Okay, did he die in her womb?”

“No, after he was operated out, he died 3 seconds later”

“They were really so happy and waiting for the child’s arrival”

“Yeah, they were. Well things have reasons”



I opened my eyes slowly and felt a sharp pain in my tummy, I tried sitting up but I couldn’t. I was on a blue gown and I just couldn’t feel the child that was growing in my tummy anymore. My mind was blank except the fact that I could remember clearly how I fell and apart from that I couldn’t remember any other thing that happened afterwards.

I touched my tummy and it was flat…

“Could it be that i have delivered already?” I said to myself and a smile filled my face….

“I’m a mother now” I whispered and my cheeks lit up in bubbles of smiles….

“I can’t wait to see her. I just can’t wait” I said and then the door opened.

I looked towards the direction and it was my lovely husband Alfredo😍

“Alfredo where’s our child? Are the nurses bathing her?” I asked him but he was quiet and he sat close to me.

“Its a girl right, I told you it’s was gonna be a girl”


Thank God Nicky is awake now, but she’s so happy. How would I tell her that she lost the child, how will she even take this.

Sweet Jesus, pls I need your help, I can’t do this alone.

“Darling, why are you quiet? Don’t tell me its a boy, cos I know it can’t be. It surely must be a girl, I’m sure of it”

“Nicky calm down”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, I’m so anxious to carry my baby girl. I bet she must be hungry, I desperately need to feed her”

“Tell the nurses to bring her to me, I’m perfectly okay. I’m fine now. Besides the fall wasn’t really that serious, I’m okay, so as my child” she kept saying and it was dividing my heart.

“Sweet heart, relax. Don’t take what ever I might say too close to your heart”

“Don’t tell me it’s a boy! Oh menh🤦, I want a female child as my first. I even want to name her Cinderella, you know how much I’m obsessed with that Cinderella show”

How will I break this news to her now, its all my fault. If only I listened to her, if only I was there when she needed me most…. All this would have been prevented😢🤦‍♂️


Poor Nicky I hope she doesn’t breakdown after the news 💔😢🤧

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