By Tiana


@ the Amy’s Bar

Lorenzo gulped down the bottle of beer.

“You need more,” Amber smirked as she stroke his hair gently.
He was at the bar trying to forget about his pains.

“Don’t tell me you’re still bittered about it. Just forget about Nadine because it’s obvious Mr Josie will never allow his daughter close to you again.

Stop chasing empty shadows Enzo, am always here for you, ” Amber smile as she slowly pulled him into a hug.
” If only you can love me back and forget that girl,” she whispered.

” Everyone thinks am useless but I have to prove them wrong,” Lorenzo said sadly.

” Isn’t it obvious the Montes doesn’t even regard you as anything. Enzo if only you can listen to me… I love you why can’t you reciprocate, ” Amber said bitterly.

“No Amber, just let me be, ” Lorenzo stood up as he picked up his jacket and rushed out.
“I will get you someday Lorenzo,” Amber smirked.
She works at Amy’s bar and that’s where she get to know Lorenzo.

@ The Enersto’s Mansion•••
“No Enerstos takes NO for an answer. I don’t wanna keep chasing her, I want to marry her,” Leonard hit his fist on the table angrily.

” Calm down Leon. Josie will soon make our plan known to his daughter. Nadine is yours and yours alone, we don’t wanna rush things,” Enersto assured him.

” I hope so dad,” Leon said angrily as he walked back to his room.

Thinking about his last date with Nadine make him more angry that’s the first time he felt so rejected by a mere lady like Nadine. He quickly dressed up and make his way to the office.



@ The board meeting
“The presentation is accepted and we will look into it,” Nadine smile as she stood up and shook hands with some of their investors. They just concluded a meeting.

“Nadine, you should also look into the new project on line,” Josie said handing over some documents to her.

” It’s okay dad,” she smiled.
“You’ll work on it with Mr. Leonard Enerstos,” he said while she nodded. She just remembered her last date with him.

**I love you Nadine,*** Leon’s words echoes in her mind.
°° Just few minutes Later Leonard walked in looking so handsome in his black suit and white tie.

“Here comes you,” Nadine smile when she saw him walk in.
“About the Project line, I have submit it to the board members of Cloud waves,” he said as he collect the file from Nadine and they walked to the next office room.

He kept it on the table and sat down as he stare at Nadine, she wore a loose-fitting jumpsuit with a matching heels. Her long hair packed in a neat bun.

“You were a bit angry with me that day,” he started.
” Meaning..?
“During our date..,”
“That was all in the past. Can we now talk business,” Nadine said sternly with a straight face.

” Am sorry if you got irritated by what I said Nadine. But are you really sure we are just business partners like our parents wanted? He smirked.

“I don’t care about that Mr Leonard. All I know is that you’re just a business partner,” she said while he nodded feeling so angry how Nadine is really sounding formal with him, it shouldn’t be about work only but about their love life too.
” So who’s this person? He asked.
” Huh?
“The person you’re in love with? Leon asked.
“That’s a secret and beside you don’t have to know that person,” Nadine replied boldly.

” Is he better than Leonard Enerstos? Is he worthy of your love? Can he take good care of you? Who is he that wants to get entangled with the great Montes family and a rival to the Enerstos? He said while Nadine chuckle.

“Don’t be too proud Mr. Leonard. All what you mentioned isn’t necessary. All that matters is that he has captured my heart and I can’t stop loving him no matter what,” Nadine said with a straight face.

” Can we just stop talking about our personal lives. If you need me you know where to get me,” Nadine said and with that she walked out heading to her office.

“Too tough,” Leon thought. He hate the guts of Nadine. She’s still rejecting the all mighty Leonard.

“No one have ever reject the Enerstos, no one and it won’t start from you Nadine. I will do all it takes to have you right in my arms and on my bed,” he swore Wondering who might be the lucky guy Nadine is talking about.
Austin sat down in his office as he watched the news on his phone about Montes-Tech and £-cloud waves.

“Nadine is so lucky. Her father is so proud of her and he thinks so highly of her to make her manage the Montes-Tech and with Leonard Enerstos in the picture- that proud peacock,” he smirked as he click on his gallery and zoomed the picture of Nadine.

” You’ve blossom so beautiful Nadine,” he smirked staring at her beautiful picture. If only she will give him a chance, he thought.

“Leonard Enerstos with you in the picture everything will gonna be fun,” he laughed.
“Let see how Mr Josie will be proud of his lovely daughter again and even Miguel who thinks he has the best sister ever,” he smirked.
Lorenzo was busy in his studio drawing a beautiful protait when his phone beep. He removed his headphone and checked the message on his phone, he was surprised it’s from Nadine.
**💌 “Can we meet up, please? 💌
A smile escape his lips as he read the message and quickly replied texting her the address to his studio. He checked the time and noticed it 5:30 Pm
In a few minutes Lorenzo was happy when Nadine walked in.
“Wow,” she smile as she looked around, admiring each and every painting, drawing, sculpture and photography of many beautiful things.

“You never told me you own this place? She asked.
“You never care to know,” he shrugged.

“I knew you were the one that did that beautiful painting of myself,” she smiled while Lorenzo kept quiet.

” You should have called me out to give me instead of throwing it out at the gate,”

” I was there to give you that myself but I came at the wrong time. You were busy acting all lovey dovey with your boyfriend,” Lorenzo said bitterly.

” Boyfriend! Do you mean Leonard,” Nadine chuckle.
“He’s just a business partner,”
“A business partner! Don’t you realize how close you are to him even on TV everyone is pairing you together.

I thought you’re starting to forget me Nadine because ever since you came back from the US you have changed a lot,”

” Or maybe you’re the one that change. Till now you haven’t tell me why you didn’t showed up in my graduation and even during my welcome and victory party here in manila you choose not to show up. So tell me now Enzo how is that my fault?,” Nadine asked.

” Because I will only end up ruining things just they way i did on your Sixteen birthday.

It all ended in tears because I showed up. Your family hate me.. remember? and is obvious they will never accept me,” Lorenzo said.

” That doesn’t matter because it hasn’t changed my feelings for you, I still love you Enzo and am not giving up on you,” Nadine said as she pulled him into a hugged.

” Am sorry if my family are the one pushing you away. I promise to fight for our Love Enzo, am not letting you go for anything,” Nadine whisper trying to hold back her tears.
” I will be that kind of man your father want for his daughter.

I will do everything to be qualified to have you, I will do everything for you Nadine,” Lorenzo pulled her close wiping her tears and gently kssed her. They shared a long kss filled with so much love and estcasy.
“I love you Nadine and I won’t lose hope,” Lorenzo assured her.

“Am no longer the little Nadine dad use to know. I will still talk to him about that.

It’s you or no one and as for Leonard I have told him clearly that whatever we are doing is strictly business and nothing more to that,” Nadine said hugging Lorenzo so tight as if her life depend on.

” I’ve missed you so much Enzo. We can’t keep hiding this. It’s time I tell my dad,” Nadine said while Lorenzo nodded.
” Maybe with a little touch of blue it will more nice,” Nadine pout as she paint the drawing with a blue color.
“You just ruined everything, it’s looks so bad,” Lorenzo said.

“And this,” Nadine laughed as she put the blue paint on his cheeks.

” Well let see if you’ll still look so beautiful,” Lorenzo laughed as he rubbed the paint on her forehead.

“You’re not serious Enzo,” Nadine stood up as she ran to the other side of the large studio, she was shocked by what she saw.

“You did all these? She asked staring at the different painting and drawing of her picture.

‘sure,” Lorenzo smile hugging her from behind
He wrapped his arms around her as he kssed her neck.
“It’s so beautiful,” Nadine chuckle.

“And you never care for once to give me these,”
” that’s because i always have you right here in my heart, in my room, in my studio are all the pictures of your beautiful face,” he smile while Nadine turn to face him.

” I love you Enzo,” she kssed him fiercly, enjoying every bit of his touch. They got interrupted with a call on Nadine’s phone.

📞 “Mom.. ” Nadine called into the phone.
📞” My baby! You sound so happy. Lemme guess are you with Leon? She asked
📞” What! No mom,” Nadine said with a frown while Lorenzo looked at her.

📞 ” Okay. You know Miguel has went on a medical mission and your dad isn’t here as well. Am all alone. Just come home now dinner is ready,” Mrs Julianna enthused while Nadine smile.
📞Okay mom, am coming but with a visitor,”
“📞 Who’s that?
📞You will see,” she smirked as she hanged up then turn to Lorenzo.

“Am inviting you for a dinner with my mom this evening,” Nadine smiled.

“Miguel isn’t home and same thing with my dad,” she smiled.
” I will be glad to be there then,”. Lorenzo smiled.


In Few minutes Nadine drive with full speed to their mansion as they walked in.
“Mom, here comes the visitor,” Nadine announced as she walked to the large sitting room with Lorenzo behind her.

“Lorenzo,” Mrs Julianna called surprised to see him. It’s such a long time.
••Nadine excuse them as she went to have a quick shower and change into something first, while Mrs Julianna was discussing with Lorenzo.
“It’s been a while Lorenzo,” she smiled.

“Yes ma’am, am happy seeing you today,” he smiled back.
” It’s been a while I saw Nadine this happy. I thought you two aren’t getting in touch again?

“Am sorry Ma’am. But I love your daughter so much, it’s not just for fun or anything but I really do,” Lorenzo said.


” If only you can give me a chance I promise to love and take good care of her,” he added.

” I know Lorenzo. My daughter seems to like you too and you’re not that bad. But you and Nadine are two different people, you don’t have the same future, you’re two different people from a total different world,” Mrs Julianna said while Lorenzo just nodded in disappointed.

“It’s not by qualification ma’am. But I promise to be that man you’ve always wanted for your daughter. I might not deserve Nadine as you all think but I truly love your daughter genuinely…

“Am back. Let’s go have dinner,” Nadine said as she walked up to them.
“It’s okay Lorenzo, let see how it goes,” Mrs Julianna said calmly.
The three of them sat down round the large dining table as they have their dinner quietly and after dinner Mrs Julianna thank Lorenzo for coming.

“Always take care of my daughter as you promised Lorenzo, don’t ever break her heart,” she said sternly while Lorenzo nodded.


” Of course he will mom, he has always do that,” Nadine smile as she walk him to the gate.
” When next will I see you? Lorenzo asked.

“Anytime am free. I might get busy these days with work especially now that I have a project to handle in the office,”
” It’s okay,” he pulled her into a hugged.

” I will like to see your dad and brother,” he said while Nadine quickly disengage from the hug as her heart skip a beat.


“You know how much they don’t like you,” she quickly said.
“I don’t care Nadine. I will prove to them am worthy of your love,” he said.
” You don’t have to prove to anyone..

“No Nadine! No one will gonna take you away from me, no one at all. Life has took all the people I have always loved starting from my parents to mom Pinna and now the Universe is against us being together, I won’t allow that,” he said.

” And you have my full support Enzo. You’re mine and mine alone too,” she said in-between tears.

Mrs Julianna stood at the balcony as she watched the two love birds in each other arms she felt bad for them because she knew they won’t last long.

All she wanted was for her daughter to be happy and it seems like only Lorenzo can give her that happiness but then that isn’t how her life is planned out…
Poor Enzo and Nadine😥
Let’s give them a nickname?





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