By Tiana

Episode 2

“Done! Lee and Tara you will be in charge to watch over her until she’s awake, ” Miguel ordered

” Yes sir, ” they chorused
“But doc, does she stand any chance of surviving? Tara asked curiously

“We have ensure her survival and I have already secure her breathing and circulation to maximize the amount of Oxygen that reaches the brain.

This is all as the result of the Injury in the brain,” he sigh
” I just hope she survives,” he said silently.

“What’s even her name and why hasn’t anyone showed up for her?

” Uhhh,,, we don’t know Doc but maybe you should try asking Nurse Steve,” Lee said while Miguel just nodded and walked out.

He checked his time and it was past five already.

“Welcome Doc,” Steve walked up to him and hand him a file. Miguel glance through it and sign on the file.

He’s booked for two surgery on Monday.
“I will have to attend to Senator Jave son first at France”

“That would be better, I hope he’s in a stable condition!
“And that reminds me who is she? The girl you called me to attend to..

I didn’t plan for any surgery today but due to the condition she is I have to try my best,” Miguel said

” We don’t know Doc. She was brought here by some old men who said to have found her alongside Columbia street,”
” You should have atleast ask of her name..

” They don’t know her too, they happen to find her there then rushed her to the hospital,”
” It more complicated than I thought and the worst thing is that no one showed up for her,” Miguel shrugged.

” So sad! The poor lady is there fighting for her life and no one even seems to care, not even her family! That’s so unfair,” Steve seethe angrily.
” I saw her will to survive.

I read through her face and realized she wasn’t happy and if she happens to die I believe her soul will only seek for justice and revenge because I some how believe this isn’t just an accident, someone has a hand in this,”
” And what if she survives? Steve asked.

” If she survives… Then she’s given another chance at life to start all over. Why are we even discussing about the unknown girl. Am so dmn tired I have to go now. Take care,” Miguel tap his shoulder.

” Okay doc, thanks!” Steven smiled back before leaving with the File.

Miguel sighed then walked out of the hospital and headed home straight.


Miguel sat down quietly in his study room busy typing something on his laptop, on that same desk were some huge text books in front of him.

Today has been so hectic for him but he needed to study to keep his mind and body so busy. The door went open while his mom walked in.

“You know how much I hate to be disturb mom,” he sighed
“Not by your own mother, ” she smiled, then sat down on a chair opposite to him.

“This house is dmn boring you know and you are so boring too Miguel. I miss Nadine and my husband,” she smiled

” Yeah am boring you can say that again and talking of that talkative Nadine am glad she’s not here atleast for once I can concentrate but it still the same thing cos here you are disturbing me again,”

” You must be so tired today. Am glad you’re trying to forget everything by occupying yourself with lots of things..

“Mom! if it’s about Kacey I guess you better not talk about her. I have moved on already,” he said with a straight face.

” It’s barely a week you broke up with Kacey and here you are bringing Ashely I saw her this morning when she was leaving. You don’t have to do this to yourself Miguel…

“I will be fine mom. Whatever happened between I and Ashely was just a mistake and I told her never to come again,”

” It better be. Everything will be fine son,” she smiled as she stretch out her hand to his on the desk while he smile.

“Thanks Mom, I appreciate,”
Miguel is just the replica of his mom. Handsome! he look so much like her having a perfect kller looks, cute dimples just as his mom.

His mom is also a doctor and ever since he was growing up he has that passion to be like his mother.

He loved his mother so much and What actually triggered him to be a Neurosurgeon was when he lose his childhood sweetheart at the age of sixteen.

She died of a brain trauma after falling off the bridge when they went for an excursion and before she was rushed to the hospital she gave up the ghost.

Miguel was so bittered about it, he cried wishing if he could bring her alive because she died right in his arms at the hospital and he felt so guilty because he couldn’t do anything to save her.

And ever since then he promised to pick up from wherever his mom will stop. He was glad he has a family that supported his dreams and Today he’s the one running the hospital with the help of his mother.

His Dad, Mr Josie Montes is a successful business tycoon who travel all round for business meetings and a lot of things, he owns the *Montes-Tech* known as “MT” .

It is one of the largest Technology company spread across of the global and of course one of the best company. Mr Josie is a very intelligent, innovative and strict. His indeed a gifted man with both magic hands and head.

Miguel’s younger sister Nadine took after her dad and for this he sent her to the US to one of the best Technology school known as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to study, she did her best and got a good grades.

She’s graduating in a few days and all the family will be there to share in her Joy.

Her dad promise to make her the manager of the *Montes-Tech* immediately after her graduation and of course Nadine is looking forward to that.

She’s a young ambitious lady with big dreams just as her dad.

And that all about the Montes family, very wealthy, influencial, ambitious and of course one of the strongest, respected and most admired family in the City of Manila.

“So that’s it mom” Miguel explain to her about the girl he treated earlier that day.
“Wow, I will like to see her. I hope she survives. That’s so pathetic you know,” she said sadly.

” You’re always the best at what you do am sure she will sail through this,” she added.
” Sure Mom,”

“your dad is coming next week Wednesday from his business trip,” she smile trying to change the topic.

” And I guess by Friday we have to rush down to the US, to see Nadine for her graduation,” Miguel smile. He missed his sister so much .

” Finally… My Nadine will be coming home,” Mrs Julianna smiled

“This house will be damn noisy again,” Miguel groan
“And that’s exactly what I wanted,” his mom laughed….

Awwnn .. How did you see the Montes family?
And why hasn’t anyone showed up for the poor girl in coma?


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