By Tiana

Episode 3

The bar was damn busy, buzzing with loud music. Everyone seems busy, some drinking, flirting and some were dancing.

Miguel smirk as he looked around ignoring the sexy stares of the girls at him.

It one of the cool evening he went out with his friends even thou he didn’t intend but Austin insisted on that.

“You don’t have to stuck yourself. You have nothing to loose Miguel, Kacey will definitely regret leaving, ” Austin said.

” She’ll come running back to you, ” Alan smile as he sip from his bottle of champagne
” I have gotten over everything, am fine,” Miguel smile.
“And what about Lorenzo? He asked

“That jerk! Austin laughed while Alan just shook his head
” Aren’t you gonna take any girl of your choice? Austin winked at Miguel and Alan as he stood up and signal one of the strlppers to him.

“Not… Interested,” Miguel blunt out finding everything there annoying.
” When are you going to quit your playboy life?

“See who’s talking, you’re the master at that… Remember, ” he smirked then held the girl as they walked away.

Miguel shook his head in disgust as he watch them leave.
“Aren’t you gonna follow him,” he asked Alan.

“Am perfectly okay here, I just wanna have fun…. with my drink,” he laugh
” Hhh… ¢razy people everywhere,” Miguel muttered.


Miguel settle in front of his keyboard that evening after coming back from the bar.

He smile sadly as his fingers expertly play on the keyboard. He felt so much at peace as he played it gently.

Music is now the only thing that can heal his broken soul.

****🎵 You’re the one that never let me sleep..🎶
🎵 To my mind.. Down to my soul you touch my lips
🎵 You’re the one that I can’t wait to see🎶
🎵You’re here by my side am in e¢stasy 🎶
🎶I am all alone without you..
🎵My days are dark without the glimpse of you..
🎵But now that you came into my life..

🎶I feel complete 🎶..
🎵the flowers blooms and my morning shines and I can see..🎶
🎵Your love is like a sun
🎵That lights up my whole world
🎵I feel the warmth inside…

Miguel sang the song perfectly playing the keyboard. Those bitter sweet memories kept flashing through his mind…
*I don’t love you anymore*
*You’re just so useless to me now*

Kacey’s words kept echoing through his mind and gradually he was getting angry, losing focus on the keyboard…
“Dmn you Kacey!!! Miguel yelled in frustration.

“You still love her don’t you? He heard a voice then stopped and stare at his dad who was watching him from the stairs.

“Tell me the truth Miguel, am your father and you can tell me anything,” Mr Josie insisted as he walked up to him

” You still can’t forget Kacey.. right? He asked simply while Miguel nodded he realised moving on wasn’t that easy as he usually say.

Miguel felt a heavy sI.ap on his cheeks making him look up only to see his father who was staring angry at him.

“And I will sI.ap you again if I had to to reset your memory.
“Forget about that woman Miguel. You are far more than this.

She’s not for you! so just accept that fact and moved on. Be a man and don’t keep stucking in the past. Move on! Mr Josie spoke out.

“One day you will thank me for this and instead of thinking about that woman why not think about your sister, tomorrow is her graduation you should channel all these energy in preparation to your sister’s victory,” Mr Josie said before heading to the stairs.

” Dmn it!! Miguel yelled through gritted teeth as he hit the keyboard then stood up.
“You’ll regret this Kacey, you will,” he sighed, then walked to his room.


Friday 18th July..

*Outside Boston in Cambridge Massachusetts**
Nadine stepped out of the car in a classic midi dress paired with a heels. She was holding a shiny golden purse and her long hair was packed in a neat bun leaving some few strands.

She look extremely beautiful with just a light make up on her pretty smooth face, her smile was something to die for.

“Mom, dad, Miguel,” she called so excited as she rush to them and hug them one after the other.

“i miss you big bro,” she laughed hugging Miguel so tight.

” Am glad you all came,” she smile trying to hold back her tears.

“This one of the most important event in our lives too,” Miguel smile.

“Woah… I think my sister is now the most beautiful woman in the whole world… just look at you Nadine, you’ve changed so much,” Miguel smile when they disengage from the hug.
“then am the luckiest,” she laughed.

“Happy graduation Nadine,” Mr Juliana smile hugging her daughter again.
” Am so proud of you,” she smiled.

” Am a proud father to have such beautiful and ambitious kids. Congratulations my little baby,” Mr Josie said and they all laughed.

” I love you Daddy,” Nadine gave him a warm hug again.
“The graduation is about to start I have to go and join the others graduates,” she smiled then rushed to her friends.

Few minutes Later the ceremony started in the large hall..


Hours Later…

After the ceremony they took a lot of pictures. Austin also came along and Nadine was happy to see him he indeed honor her invitation but she was worried because she hasn’t seen Lorenzo and she invited him to come when they last meet at UCB university of California Berkeley some few months ago.

Mr and Mrs Montes felt so fulfill and happy seeing their daughter graduate and the most happiest thing was that she emerge as one of the best students.

This time Mr Josie Montes is sure Nadine is smart and can handle the *Montes-Tech* even after his de.ath.


@Royal hall

Later that evening the Montes throw a big dinner party to celebrate Nadine. Lots of people were already trooping in, Nadine has invited a lot of her friends and everything seems to be going on fine.

“Nadine you never tell me you have such a perfect handsome brother,” Agata whisper to her staring at Miguel who was busy discussing with Austin.

“He’s so handsome. Dr Miguel.. awwwn,” Lisa said dreamily staring at him from afar.
” You girls can keep dreaming,” Nadine laughed.

“Just watch and see,” Agata smirked as she walked up to Miguel and Austin.
” Dr Miguel.. right? She asked se.ductively.

” Sure,” he nodded. He have been ignoring their stares lately cos it was so annoying to him.

“Can I snap just a selfie with you?

” Why not,” he shrugged while Agata smile and moved close to him making sure her boobs was touching his shoulder.

“Got it,” she smirk as she snap the picture then blew him a kss before leaving. Nadine watch the drama from a distance and shook her head.

“Woah… Such guts,” Austin said sarcastically while Miguel just smiled.

” Nadine has grown into a beautiful lady now and not just beautiful but hot and sxy,”

Austin smirk staring at Nadine from where she was seating.
” Get your eyes off my sis you playboy,” Miguel shook his head while Austin laughed.

“Am liking her already,” he silently said to himself.
Nadine check her phone and was glad to see a message from Lorenzo.

💌**Congratulations on your graduation. This is just the beginning Nadine indeed a brighter future awaits you**💌

She smiled as she read the message again, a frown crept on her face when she realised he hasn’t even mention why he hasn’t come. Maybe it because of her family.

“Come on Nadine.. Maybe he’s not just interested to come or Maybe he’s not just into you anymore…” Her subconscious said while she sigh then kept back the phone in her bag to attend to her guest.



@Adams Mansion

Lorenzo sat down quietly in front of his drawing board. He texted Nadine a simple text to wish her a happy graduation, he felt so bad for not being able to follow his brother Austin there.

Well that’s what Austin wanted and her family might as well not accept him there, he remember how he ruined her sixteen birthday party and didn’t want that to repeat itself in her graduation party.

He continued with his painting work as he dedicate all his time and energy just to make a beautiful painting of Nadine.
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